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Leather Retail Outlets & Shopping Malls
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 There are 63 Retail Outlets listed here Supplying Leathergoods, Saddlery & Shoes Plus 1 Advertising Site with a large section on Leathergoods.

Department Stores 2. / Shopping Malls 47. / Shops 13. / Corporate Gifts 1.

All Businesses in this list are reliable Companies, all offer a safe & secure shopping environment with prompt delivery. When contacting any Site Members, please quote Ref: FB-M 'The Leather Connection'

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An extensive list of 'Retail Outlets' Some of these I have had earlier contact with, others have sent catalogues & samples, others I already knew about & contacted, others were recommended. The rest are large reputable companies that deal on a world wide basis. They are all reputable companies & provide excellent service as well as prompt delivery.

There are Five levels of listings available now 'Platinum, Gold, Silver & Broze Member' & 'Basic Listings' While the first four have a direct link to their site via their URL, A full description of their Company & Products. The Basic Listings only have Company name, email, & URL but no direct link or explanation. Members are listed first & Basic listings follow. All Basic Listings can change to full membership if they wish. There is a further Free Category of membership available to all purchasers of the 'Instruction Manuals'  Please contact us for further details relating to membership.


Free Classifieds - Post free classified ads in a variety of categories and get exposure to your product, service, or affiliate link.

(Platinum Members) Store & Shopping Mall. Top Quality Leathergoods. For Further Details Click Here.

Roje Top Quality Leathergoods. For Further Details Click Here.

Boop Leathergoods. Leather Goods of all types Made to order & Contract work. For Further Details. Click Here

(Gold Members)

SageBrown Piccadilly, London. Shop, Top Quality range of Leathergoods For further Details Click Here

Briefcase Direct. Leather briefcases, laptop and travel bags For Further Details Click Here.

(S.K.McLauclan Luxury Gifts, Bags, Cushions, Blankets, Name Plates/Samplers For Further Details Click Here

Custom Cushions, Personalised Embroidered Gifts, For More Details Click Here

leather NXG. An on-line Leather Clothing Store: Ladies & Gents, Coats, Jackets, Pants, Skirts, etc. For more details Click Here.

Bay Area Bags, Designer Bags Online, Upper Class Handbags Lower Class Prices, Click Here, Are selling athletic Sneakers, Nike etc. ClickHere

Kareems Kicks.Com, All the top styles of Sneakers on offer Clike Here, Find all the latest Pool & Billiards equipment & Information. Click Here

 Throw Back Guy.Com  NFL Football, MLB Baseball, NBA Basketball, or NHL Hockey jerseys. Click Here

Brown Leather Handbags, Description: A collection of quality new and used brown leather handbags to suit you needs, taste and budget. Click Here

(Silver Members)

Cowboy Showcase.  Saddles Tack & Gear (& Much More). For Further Details,
 Click Here.  Horses, Horse Tack, & everything for the Cowboy Comunity.  For Further Details  Click here  

 Styles Creative Ltd. Top Quality leather sofa. To learn more & Visit the Site. Click Here                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Bronze Members)

Corporate Gifts Co. Quality Silver Gifts & Leathergoods. For Further Details, Click Here.

Made In Firenze. Shopping Mall. Leathergoods & Giftware of all types. For Further Details, Click Here.

Viking Bags. supplier of top Quality Leather Motor Cycle Saddle Bags. Select fron an Extensive Range. For More Details Click Here

Buckskin Lady Leathers. Furniture (chairs & tables) Lamps, Clothing, Bags, Chaps, Pillows, For Further Details, Click Here.

Leather Brands. Supplier of Leather Clothing, Jackets & Motor Cycle Clothing. For Further Details Click Here

Bill Amberg Shops. Selling Leathergoods From this high Class Designer. For Further Details, Click Here.

Mill Valley Shearling, Fur & Leather Coats, Co. Leather Coats For Arctic Conditions. For Further Details, Click Here.

The Fine Leather Shop. Quality Leathergoods. Business, Leisure & Travel. For Further Details, Click Here.

Rama Goods Inc. Quality Leathergoods Business & Fashion. For Further Details, Click Here.

Bachelor Furniture. Furniture, Lighting, Home Office, etc. For Further Details Click Here. Leather Motor Cycle Gear, Clothing, Chaps, Boots, Helmets, etc. for more info, Click Here

The 'Knife Web Guide' A research & Reference Site for Knives, & Accessories. For Further Details. Click Here.

Pampas Trading. Horse Tack, Shoes, Clothing, etc. For Further Details. Click Here.

Arrow Gift Shop. Shoes, Moccasins, Gifts, Hats, Toys. etc. For Further Details Click Here.

Breeze Outlet. Leathergoods, Clothing, Toys, Electronic, Household Goods, etc. For Further Details.
 Click Here.

Luxury Leather Goods. Handbags, Evening Bags, Jewel Boxes, etc. For Further Details. Click Here.

LeatherUp Large Range of Motor Cycle Helmets, Clothing & Accessories, For More Information Click Here

HERALDIC INDUSTRIES Leather Clothing & Gloves. For Further Details Click Here.

Hats By The Hundred. Australian Bush Hats, Ladies Hats, Oilskin Leather Coats, Ugg Boots. For Further Details Click Here.

Mephisto Place.Com. Selling the World Famous Mephisto Wallking Shoes. For Further Details Click Here. (This Domain is up for Sale).

Affordable Leather Goods. Wide range of Leather Clothing, Leathergoods, & Giftware. For Further Details Click Here

Seek Ostrich Goods. Find a Range of Quality Wallets, Handbags, etc. made from Top Quality Ostrich Leather. For Further Details, Click Here.

Exotic Skins U.S.  Find extensive Range of Top Quality Wallets, Handbags, Jewelry, etc. (Shagreen) For further details ,    Click Here.

leather shoe solutions. Manufacturer and supplier of the finest leather shoes and boots. For Further Details Click Here

Maxwell Scott Bags. Extensive range of fine quality luxury leather handbags, briefcases, luggage and accessories. For Further Details Click Here.

A Group of 4 related Motorcycle Sites Offering an extensive range of Biker Gear. For Further Details,
Click Here

Mail About Town. An extensive range, from Leathergoods, Bike Wear, Hats, Hunting Gear, Knives, Home Decor, Pet Gear, Cookware, Collectable's, & Much Much more. For Further Details, Click Here

 Sea Leather Wear. Canadian Fish Skin Provider with a range of Golf Gloves, Belts & Watch Straps; For more details click here

Giordana Clothing Indie Bike. American Based Cyclist Clothing Supplier, all the Top Brands available. For more information Click Here.

Charlotte Home Furnishings. Tapestries & Tapestry Handbags. For more details,            Click Here.

Leather Bags Online. Ladies & Mens Leather Bags, Luggage, Purses & Wallets, Gift Ware. For Further Details Click Here.

Leather Clothing Online Com. Leather Tops, Jackets, Kids Jackets, Handbags, Belts, etc. For More Details Click Here

Unique Home Store.  Specialising in Childrens 7 Baby Shoes. For More Details Click Here

Best4Leather.. On-Line Site for Established Leather Store, Top Quality Products from Top of the Range Manufacturers. For Further Details Click Here.

 Daily sneaker news and information from various shoe brands at: Bay Area Kicks Click Here Now.

Associate Members & Members Contact Details Plus a Summary of their Activities. With a Direct link to their URL You visit is not recorded by this site, you are not included on a mailing list, Your email address is not passed on or sold to advertisers. You have in fact ' A Direct Leather Connection' On behalf of our members Thank you for visiting & we hope you find what you are looking for. When Contacting a site Member please quote Ref FB-M 'The Leather Connection'

 (Platinum Member). 121 Dorethy CT, Island Lake, Illinois 60042. USA. Tel: 1-800-792-7002. (Toll free USA Plus free Shipping). E-mail: Contact: Jacqueline Berger, (President). An Online Store & an extensive range of Top Class leathergoods & giftware: Brief Cases, Computer Carrying Cases, Business Accessories (jotters, agendas, notepad cases, PDA cases, etc.), all manner of Sling Bags, Duffle Bags, Handbags, Wallets (Ladies & Gents), Sports Bags. From top of the range Designers & Manufacturers The choice is so wide it is impossible to list them all. One cant fail to find something of interest from this vast range of high quality leathergoods. There is also an option to purchase by Designer name which includes a personal profile of the Designer, a nice touch. Find them at,

 (Bronze Member). Corporate Gifts Co  2 Swan Development, Avenue Farm, Stratford-On-Aven, CV37 0HR. UK. Tel: +44 (0) 1789-262-900. Fax: +44 (0) 1789-262-555. Email: Contact Daniel Vince. This company supplies very high quality Corporate Gifts, made from silver as well as quality Leathergoods. All items can be supplied with your company name/logo. An excellent site & well worth a visit. Find them at,

 (Bronze Member). Made In Firenze. Via Colletta 30, 50100 Firenze FI Italy. E-mail: This is an online Arts & Crafts Shopping Mall. They only market goods made by Italian Artisans. The leather handbags, purses, plus other leathergoods are made by ‘Cosci’ they also sell Craft Items other than leathergoods such as Ceramics & Furniture. A safe shopping site. Find them at,

 (Bronze Member). Viking Bags. 5730 N Willard Ave Unit # 16 San Gabriel ,Ca 91775 USA. Tel: 323 679 3301. Fax::1800 457 3245. Email: Supplier of an extensive range of high quality Motorcycle Saddlebags Viking motorcycle saddlebags are made of premium quality leather. The motorcycle saddlebags produced at this company have been designed to last longer, look better and provide all the conveniences that a motorcycle rider needs. For example our motorcycle saddlebags are lockable; they come with hardware and have quick release buckles. View this site at;

 (Silver Member). Associated site. Cowboy Showcase. Home of the western Spirit.
E-mail: Contact: Lee Raine. Showcase for the Cowboy way & the spirit of the west, featuring, stories, Cowboy lore, photos, Western saddles, tack & gear, Sourdough & Dutch oven cooking, horses & the Western lifestyle. It has similarities to this site & contains a list of members with direct links as well as a list of non members that are of particular interest. The listed members offer leather items as well as horse related gear. They are excellent Craftsmen/Artisans. What’s on offer, Music, poetry & sculpture are featured, There are also a collection of spectacular & excellent photographs. A great site & well worth a visit. Find them at,

 (Bronze Member). Buckskin Lady Leathers & Western Interiors. P. O. Box GG, Meeker, Colorado 81641. USA. Tel; 970-878-5135. Fax: 970-878-4680. E-mail: Contact: Barbara Goodrich. This site features linked members offering a wide selection of articles. From both Artisans & Artists, on offer, furniture (chairs & tables) lamps, clothing, bags, chaps, pillows, etc. All goods are custom made & there are illustrations of members work. Another excellent site & definitely worth a visit. Find them at, http;

 (Bronze Member). Leather Brands. 5730 N Willard Ave Unit # 16 San Gabriel ,Ca 91775 Tel: 323 679 3301. Fax: 1800 457 3245. Email: Leather Jackets & Motor Cycle clothing, They offer the largest selection of quality leather merchandise at the lowest prices. Buy directly from the manufacturer at and your savings will be significant with discounts as high as 65% off all premium leather merchandise. they also offer the largest selection online of brand name leather products at the lowest prices. Visit the site at:

 (Bronze Member). Bill Amberg Shops. There are two shops selling this companies extensive & exclusive range of high quality & own designed Leathergoods all manufactured in the UK. London Shop. 10 Cheepstow Road, London W2 5BD. UK. Tel: +44 (0) 20-7727-3560. Fax: +44 (0) 20-7727-2541. E-mail;
American Shop. 230 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY 10012. USA.
Tel: +1-212-625-8556. Fax: +1-212-625-9685. E-mail:

 (Bronze Member). Mill Valley Shearling, Fur & Leather Coats, Co. P.O. Box 6478, 172 Center Street, Jackson.WY. USA. Tel: 307-739 1790. E-mail: This Factory Direct on-line Store provides a huge range of leather coats for Ladies, Men & Children in traditional styles with some being very fashion able. Just the thing for those long hard winters. They offer a range of prepared skins suitable for rugs etc. There is also an extensive range of good quality handbags & brief cases. They are situated right on top of the Rockies in 'Jackson Hole' Wyoming. If you are looking for a good quality coat to protect you this winter you will find it here. (Nylon Fur Coats look good on a Model on a Cat Walk & may well be suitable for crossing a city street. But they won't keep out Arctic conditions if Eskimos had to wear them they would soon become extinct). See also 'Manufacturers of Finished Goods' & 'Associated Sites'. Find them at,

 (Bronze Member). The Fine Leather Shop. 'Fine Leather Products From Piel' BR Tabacco, 6225 N Lamar, Austen. Tx 78752. USA.  Tel: 1-800-962-5003. Fax: 512-454-6810. E-mail: Contact: Ric Gloubinger.  This Store with secure on-line shopping offers an extensive range of  high quality Leathergoods, listed under the following headings: 'Valdez'  'Fashion Avenue'  'Entrepreneur'  'Golf'  'Travel'  'Adventure'  they are all Fine Columbian Leather Products for, business, recreation & travel which includes, portfolios, suitcases, backpacks, handbags, golf bags, fannypacks, garment bags, duffel bags, etc. I can give this company my full recommendations. Find them at,

 (Bronze Member). Rama Goods Inc.  8524 Hwy 6 North, Houston, Texas. 77095. Tel: (281) 770-0970. Fax: (832) 201-8645. Email: Contact: Anthony Willoughby (President). The company supplies the design specifications then imports & markets A range of leathergoods Manufactured in Thailand. They also exercise authority over the Thailand subsidiary with regard to Quality Control. The products range from: Handbags, Belts, Wallets, Backpacks, Cases, etc. But the interesting thing about these leathergoods is the choice of leather used in the manufacture. It is 'Stingray' leather Described as 'Stingray Hide' The skin of this fish is proving to be one of the most durable leathers available. The Company can also quote for & produce to customer specifications as well as copy existing designs. All the goods can be enhanced by the addition of silver worked motives which gives the goods an Oriental look. Definitely not one to miss. Find them at,  

Note. (Observation by Francis). The Stingray skins used in the above leathergoods are a by-product of the fishing industry in that region as they are caught for food. Until  they were utilized for manufacture they were discarded as waste.

Dorm Furniture - Dorm Furniture: Fill your college dorm room or bachelor pad apartment with dorm furniture from this site. They sell metal futons, bean bag chairs, leather recliners, mini fridges, massage chairs, storage trunks, modern lamps, novelty lamps and more.
(bronze Member). Contact: Alex Noe Tel: 617-407-6078. E-Mail: To visit the site Click on Dorm Furnitur Above. They offer some excellent furniture, lighting, home office furniture, etc. there are some innovative designs on offer. This USA based site is well worth a visit if you are looking for something special.

 (Platinum Member). Boop Leathergoods. 27 Norwich Road, Thelveton, Diss, Norfolk IP21 4NG. UK. Contact John Temple. Tel: 01379-740845. E-mail: 'The Leather Connection' is now able to offer a production service through this Affiliated Company which should satisfy the many requests from our visitors who require items made specifically for them. John will produce to customers requirements singly or in bulk.  Do you need a special item made? Made to your own design? An old favorite copied? Advertisers & Giftware providers Do you have problems getting your designs made up? Manufacturers do you need a Sub-contractor? Then contact John at the above address or e-mail him.

 Bronze Member).  Headquarters & Sales 2200 S. Fort Apache Rd. Suite 2036 Las Vegas, NV 89117. Tel: Toll Free:,1-800-846-6010 Phone: (213) 763-6185. FAX US: (213) 763-0528. Online Store selling Leather Motor Cycle Gear, Clothing, Chaps, Boots, Helmets, etc To view this extensive range go Here,

  (Silver Member). Cowboy .com.  Web Internet Technology P.O. Box 6106 Sheridan, WY 82801. Tel: (307) 673-1382. Fax: (307) 673-1391. email:  (Billed as "America's favorite Market Place") well it is certainly one of the largest on-line presence for everything connected with the Western Scene. Find: Horses, Western Tack & Saddles, Holsters, Chaps, Farm Real Estate, Horse Stalls & Stables, Hunting & Fishing, Art, Apparel, Furniture, & much, much more. This site is certainly worth a visit as there is too much to list here. Find them at,

 (Bronze Member). The 'Knife Web Guide' A research & Reference Site for Knives, & Accessories. Address: Cutlers Cove,P.O. Box 3171, San Angelo, Texas USA. Tel: 325-659-1404. Fax: 325-655-4839.Contact: Byron Rogers. A new & expanded guide with 76 categories & 2,000 links. To; information, magazines, knife manufacturers, knife collecting, swords, sheaths, books, shows, exhibitions, etc. This comprehensive site is a must for dedicated campers, country folk, etc to whom the carrying of a knife is essential. Find them at,

 Bronze Member). Pampas Trading. (South American Saddlery). Buenos Aires, Argentina. E-mail: Contact: Gonzalo. M. Palacios. This company began exporting Native Argentine Crafts in 1978.  They offer a nice range of Polo Saddles & Boots as well as the following; horse tack, riding apparel, wallets, clothing, shoes, & various other leathergoods. This is a very interesting site with lots of unusual goodies for anyone looking for something different. Find them at, (Their link is not working & they may have changed it).

 (Bronze Member).. Arrow Gift Shop. 201East Wall Street,Eagle River, Wisconsin. (Shop). To Write; The Arrow Gift Shop, P.O. Box 94, Eagle River, WI 54521. USA. Tel: (715) 479-4903. E-mail: Contact: John & Katie Hays. This shop is a virtual Aladdins Cave, select from the following; Ladies & Men's Shoes, (the famous Mannelonka Moccasins), There are some great Hats (Fur & Cowboy), Gifts, Leathergoods, Toys (which includes a unique selection of Indian Dolls all in authentic Native Dress). representing most of the tribes, (Great for collectors). Find them at, URL:  

 (Bronze Member). Breeze Outlet. City Smyrna, Zip 30080. Tel: 404-510-5604. email: Contact Ivy Farkas. A great Shopping Mall & very easy to navigate. there is a massive choice of goods on offer, in fact too many to list fully here. Obviously there is a good selection of leathergoods at very competitive prices. Among the other items on offer are: Electrical Goods, Cameras, Playstations, Giftware, Clothing, Perfume, Toys, etc. Hey !! there is even some free stuff. In fact there is so much here I can't list it all, you will just have to go look for yourself. Find them at,

 (Bronze Member). Luxury Leather Goods. 6 Watson Road, Fordhouses, Wolverhampton. WV10 6SB. UK. Tel: 01902-579423. Email: Contact: Hannah Bartram. A UK On-line Shopping Mall, specialising in a well chosen range of good quality leathergoods at affordable prices. Select from the following: Handbags, Evening Bags, Jewelry Boxes, etc. There are some innovative designs illustrated. Find them at,

 (Bronze Member). LeatherUp Headquarters & Sales 2200 S. Fort Apache Rd. Suite 2036 Las Vegas, NV 89117. Tel: Toll Free: 1-800-846-6010 Phone: (213) 763-6185. FAX US: (213) 763-0528. Huge Range of Motor cycle Helmets, They also stock an extensive range of Leather Clothing & Motor Cycle Accessories Find Them At,

 (Bronze Member).  HERALDIC INDUSTRIES Postal Address: P.O. Box No. 1872, Sialkot 51310, Pakistan Factory Address: Model Town, Jinnah Street, Sialkot-51310, Pakistan
Telephone No's: +92-523-559010-559020 Office:  +92-523-559030-559030
Emails: Contact: C.E.O. NISAR A. BHUTTA. Products: Tanners, Manufacturers and Exporters of Leather Garments and Gloves An old established Company With an extensive range of fashionable leather clothing. See also: 'Leather Importers &Exporters' & 'Leather Tanners & Leather Suppliers' & 'Manufacturers Of Finished Leather Goods' Find them at, (This Link no longer works Try Contacting them by email)

 (Platinum Member). ROJE. 350 Bay Street, Suite 100-108, San Francisco, CA 94133 Tel: USA 877-401-6806. UK 02079932820. email: Contact: Jeremiah Kapp. The Company Roje (pronounced "roj-shay") offers a Massive line of fine stingray leather goods. Based in the USA, Roje wholesales and retails elegant stingray goods internationally. Roje proudly stands behind the quality of it's stingray leather goods. Stingray leather has been used for centuries by artisans to create fine crafts and jewelry. The contemporary style and durability of stingray leather makes it fashionable and suitable for all types of people in any climate. Roje is a top purveyor in the exotic leather industry, using the highest quality stingray skin and fashioned by artisans who have been designing and crafting products for over a decade. Product range: Notecases, Purses, Handbags, Briefcases, Folders, Belts, etc. There is also an exclusive selection of Handbags with Hand Painted Panels. (Don't miss this one), find them at,  When ordering From Roje Quote Ref: TLC & get a 5% Discount.

 Bronze Member). Hats By The Hundred:  4/18 Strathaird Road, Bundall, Queensland 4217. Australia. Tel/Fax: 61-7-5538-9811. The company offers an extensive range of traditional Australian Bush Hats, Ladies Hats, Leather Coats & the World famous Ugg Boot. Select from the following: Australian Akubra Felt, Outback Barmah Leather & Canvas, Top Show Casual, Tilley Unisex, Drizabone Oilskin Leather Coats & Ugg Boots. They have been in business since 1984 & sold over 1,000.000 Hats World Wide. Only the highest Quality Water Proofed Kangaroo Skin is used. Example the Sundowner Roo Hat is thin strong & Crushable & will fit a coat pocket. Great Prices & Excellent Service at this secure site. Find them at

 (Bronze Member). Mephisto Place. Com. Address: Polaris Fashion Place Mall, Columbus, Ohio. USA. Tel: 1-800-426-7885. Contacts: Tim & Thomas. This store stocks the full range of Ladies & Gents, Mephisto Walking Shoes. Available in all styles, select from: Fashion, Trainers, Sandals, Hiking Boots, etc. Free shipping USA & Free leather protectant supplied with all shoes purchased. This site is worth a visit to view the quality shoes available at affordable prices. Find them at,  (Domain Up For Sale)

 (Bronze Member). Affordable Leather Goods. email: A well designed site offering a wide selection of affordable leathergoods. Select From: Men's Women's & Children's Coats & Jackets. Leather Vests & Chaps, Leather Skirts & Tops. Leather Handbags & Wallets, Leather Backpacks & Brief Cases & Totes. Leather Hats & Gloves. Leather Giftware. Leather Motorcycle Accessories. Leather Luggage. This site is easy to navigate, all pictures can be enlarged for a better view. It also has an easy to use Shopping Cart. Find them at, (This Link is not working).

 (Bronze Member). Seek Ostrich Goods. This On-line Shopping Mall Specialises in Wallets, Handbags, etc. Made from Top Quality Ostrich Leather, (Farmed for Meat). There is some useful information provided on Qualify, Grading, Finish & the Durability of Ostrich leather which also includes colour charts. Other small leathergoods are also available made from Nile Talapia, (Fish Skins). The Quality of all the Leathergoods on display is of a very high Standard & considering this the prices quoted are very reasonable. The site itself is easy to use & well laid out. Find them at,

 (Bronze Member). leather shoe solutions. Single Solutions Callywhite Lane Dronfield S18 2XN Telephone: 01246 581695Fax: 01246 581666 Email:  Contact Alan Hopkinson (Webmaster) A selection of the finest premium grade Men's Leather Shoes available direct from the manufacturer to you Select from a classic range of handmade patent leather footwear from the Samuel Windsor Collection These beautifully constructed leather shoes are handmade by craftsmen utilising Goodyear Welted Construction which secures the leather upper, leather sole, leather lining and leather insole to the leather welt by individual, open-channel hand-stitching. The exception to this being the Loafer which is hand-crafted using a true moccasin construction Receive a FREE GIFT with each pair of Samuel Windsor Shoes consisting of shoetrees, a shoehorn, spare laces and smart individual shoe bags. For every pair of Handmade Leather Shoes you buy for £99.95, you will be able to choose another pair for FREE! Find them at, (This Link is not Working)

 (Bronze Member). Exotic Skins U.S. 398 Columbus Ave Suite 311 Boston, MA. 02116. Tel: 617.959.5531. email: Contact: Jason Tam. Exotic Skins U.S are proud to present the highest quality luxurious exotic leather.  they maintain relationships with production facilities in Thailand, Italy, India, and in China where all their products are made by hand. the company is a wholesaler and retailer of exotic leather products. Made from; genuine Alligator, Stingray, Snake, Ostrich, Shark and Tilapia skin products retail and wholesale. All purchases on their web site are made on secure payment server and use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology for customer protection. Shopping with is 100% secure. Wholesale orders of large, medium and small quantities are welcomed. Find them At,

 (Bronze Member). Maxwell Scott Bags. Unit B204, Faircharm Trading Estate, 8-12 Creekside, London SE8 3DX. England. Tel: 0044 (0)870 24 24 684. email: Contact:  William Forshaw.  The “Maxwell Scott” label was launched with the philosophy of providing fine quality luxury leather handbags, briefcases, luggage and accessories to suit today’s demanding needs. Each and every product is exquisitely hand crafted to the highest standard, using only premium full grain vegetable tanned Italian leather. To view the quality of each product, please click through to an individual product and then view the images to the right hand side of the main picture. This shows our tremendous attention to detail and the careful selection of materials, which help create authentic and timeless masterpieces. The influential Maxwell Scott brand has become synonymous with stylish leather handbags and luggage, and the latest range seems set to build on the success of previous collections thanks to a host of new creations. Find them at,

 (Bronze Members). All Together Leather.  motorcycle & fashion Leather apparel. 4 interconnected sites for the modern biker
Site No. 1) (Motorcycle Accessories)  USA. Tel: (516) 409-6185. E-mail: Everything For the Biker.
Site No. 2) Again everything necessary for Fashion Conscious must have Biker
Site No. 3)  Every type of Motorcycle boot imaginable as well as cowboy & western Boots.
Site No.4 Another extensive range of Motorcycle clothing as well as fashionable & stylish Leather Jackets.

 (Bronze member). Mail About Town. 138 County Road 444 Athens, TN 37303 USA. Tel: 423.506.3810. email: They want to provide a shopping experience that meets all your needs & have very little overhead, & are therefore able to keep costs low, which in turn keeps you, the customer's cost low. They also offer a guarantee on every product sold. The Range of goods offered covers an extensive range & will be impossible to deal with adequately in this presentation. Select from the following range:  The Home ranging from; furniture to Kitchen Equipment, Knives; from Hunting & Fishing to Kitchen Knives. Leathergoods from; Clothing& Biking to luggage & Small Leathergoods. Home Decor ranging from; art objects Western & Oriental to Garden Statues, Urns, etc. You Name it they sell it. Find them at:

 (Bronze Member). Sea Leather Wear. Location: C/O Calgary E-Comerce Services, Unit 86, 201 86th Avenue Calgary, Alberta, Canada Phone: 403-689-4701 Email: This Company specialises in Tanning Fish Skins, (mainly Canadian Carp & Perch) in Glazed & Suede Finish in a Fantastic range of colours. (These fish are part of the Food Chain in this region & Are Not Fished or Farmed for their Skins). The skins are in fact a By-Product of the food chain. See also their range of Golf  Gloves, Belts & Watch Straps. To view their site use this link:

 (Bronze Member). Giordana Clothing Indie Bike. 652 East 52nd Street Indianapolis, IN 46205 USA. Tel: 317.536.5765. Email: Indie Bike is a cycling apparel shop. & they are cyclists themselves. (Not Motorbikes). Every type of cyclists Apparel is stocked including all the Top Brands. they are popular among recreational cyclists as well as professionals for high-quality goods & Customer service. Find them at;

 (Bronze Member). Charlotte Home Furnishings. 141-6200 McKay Avenue, Suite 909, Barnaby, BC. V5H 4M9. Canada. Tel: 1866-439-9200 email: This company supplies Tapestries & Belgian tapestry handbags, fashion hand bags and bags – large selection at affordable prices. the tapestry handbags are beautiful reproduction of the famous Flemish tapestries. Belgian tapestry handbags are available at wholesale prices. These Belgian tapestry handbags are cleverly woven by Craftsmen in Flemish artisan workshops. The genuine leather and the waterproof treatment make the tapestry bags the most sought after- worldwide. Belgian tapestry handbags are shipped free worldwide. Find them at;

 (Bronze Member). Leather Bags Online. Leather and logics Pvt Ltd D-80, Ist and IInd floor, Old Masjit road,Near Karachi Airport Karachi,563954, Pakistan. email:  Contact: Mohammad Yusuf Khan. An exporter and manufacturers of all kind of leather bags, they are market leader in exporting leather bags from India to other part of the world. All type of leather products including leather bags for all purpose like leather laptop bags, leather executive bags, leather camera cases and ladies leather handbags and purse and portfolio bags.This is an authorized organization for the exporting leather products from India. With 5 year of manufacturing & exporting experience providing a World Wide service.

 (Bronze Member). Leather Clothing Online Com. Leather and logics Pvt Ltd D-80, Ist and IInd floor, Old Masjit road,Near Karachi Airport Karachi,563954, Pakistan Email: Contact: Mohammad Yusuf Khan. This is a leather clothing web portal by leather clothing manufacturers in India. With its vast experienced and well established organization selling leather men’s and ladies leather accessories and clothing. They Provide a wide range of leather clothing & are leading leather clothing manufacturers and exporter in India & export our leather clothing all around the World. Bulk orders undertaken. (Link Not Working)

 (Bronze Member). Unique Home Store.  Looking for kids shoes, Stride Rite, Primigi, Naturino, Ecco, Merrell, Skechers, L'Amour Shoes or Heelys then we have the perfect online shoe store for you. Shopping for kids' footwear will never be easier....  The Utimate site for your Childrens Shoes. Find Them at,

 (Bronze Member). Best4Leather.  13 - 15 Warner Street, Accrington, Lancashire, BB5 1HN UK. Tel: 01254 231879 Fax: 01254 231879. Email: Best4Leather is a trading name of Marsdens Leather Shop. Established in 1948, we are a family business with nearly 60 years experience in selling only the finest quality leathergoods and gifts. We pride ourselves on our friendly, helpful service. You can buy online a great range of Quality Leather Goods and Gifts. Why not pay them a visit if you are in the area? To view this site use this live URL;

 (Bronze Member). Bay Area Kicks Com. Contact Murris at; This is more of a Blog than a Web Site. its subject is footwear. Not just any type of footwear   as it is dedicated to Trainers & Sports Shoes. You get an in-depth description of all the latest designs from top manufactures plus a picture Some of these items are way out & "Must Have Gear" If you love this style of footwear you have got to       visit this Site/Blog. Click this URL

 (Gold Member) SageBrown 17, Princes Arcade, Piccadilly, London. SW1Y 6DS. Tel: 020 7287 5757 Fax: 020 7287 5758 E mail: SageBrown in the heart of Piccadilly, London, is proud to present our collection of beautiful handmade luxury leather goods, gifts and accessories for ladies and gentlemen. They have built our trustworthy reputation as a purveyor of luxurious leather goods by offering unsurpassable customer service. A Shop on line service is available from this easy to use site. Find them at;

 (Gold Member) Briefcase Direct 12 Anniesland Cr. Knightswood Glasgow G14 0YQ UK. Tel: 07784516159
email:  Leather briefcases, laptop and travel bags. They pride themselves in stocking the finest Briefcases, Travel bags, laptop cases and accessories. Only products that are stylish, durable and perfect for purpose have made it into their catalogue. Order with the confidence you are buying the best. Click now for special discounts but do quote ref;FB-M To view this site,

 (Gold Member)  S.K.McLauclan Tel: +44(0)1292 477 944. Shirley Is a B.A. in Textile Design from Glasgow School of Art M.A in Textiles from St. Martin's School of Art, London Partner in the successful "Kim & Clark Design" studio for 10 years, selling to major textile manufacturers in London, New York, Paris, Japan, and Italy. She has created her own unique collection of hand stitched designs, all produced on 100% vintage Scottish woolen blanket material and hand embellished with all wool or cotton. To view  the site

 (Gold Member) Custom Cushions, Toat Hill House Slinfold West Sussex RH13 0RL UK. Tel: 01403 790264. email: Contact: Miranda. Personalised Embroidered Gifts - Custom Cushions - Cushions, embroidered gifts and custom cushions with witty sayings and motifs. ready made cushions, fun cushions, cushion covers, cushion designs, embroidered cushions designed by order. personalised cushions for every occasion by Miranda Godman. To view this site,

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 (Gold Member) Brown Leather All the Top Brands. Besides black, brown leather handbags are a key piece to any woman's handbag collection. It tends to match with a lot of clothes and is forgiving when it comes to dirt and wear.  While it may seem that it is a simple purchase, there are many name brands to choose from and buying the perfect bag, or bags in my case, can be daunting. Find them Here.

 (Silver Member) Styles Creative Ltd Midland House, Wharf Road Stratford-upon-Avon,
Warwickshire CV37 0AD email:  Nothing says quality, style and comfort in the sofa world as much as a fine leather sofa. With so much choice in lounge seating these days, it’s still no surprise that a leather sofa is at the top of most people’s wish list. The epitome of grandeur, a leather sofa captures the imagination and conjures images of Victorian elegance, combining traditional materials with contemporary, skilled craftsmanship

We have strong links with all the above companies & can fully endorse them & vouch for their reliability & level of service.

The Companies in the following list are also reliable companies or they would not be included in our lists. They are not however site members, but are included for the benefit of site visitors as a further source of supplies. When contacting any company on the following list. Please quote, Ref: FB-M 'The Leather Connection' Many of them will be assessing the responses & visits to enable them to decide on becoming a full member.

 Basic Listings Please Scroll this list.

 Online Leather UK.  URL:
Description: Charm Leather UK provides online leather including gents leather jackets, ladies leather jackets, leather handbags, leather luggage and other accessories. 10% off on all items for a limited time

Sports Mart. ‘The Online Sports Shop’ Head Office, Unit 21, Lockett Street, Manchester M8 8EG. UK. Tel:+44-161-834-9755. Fax: +44-161-834-4940. E-mail: Contact Jayne Palin.

Bentley’s Stores. Bentley’s Luggage & Gifts. USA.

Western Mall. Western Style Leather Clothing & Leathergoods, USA.
Tel: Home/Office (843) 225-0323.  E-mail:

VP Ecommerce. Danier Leather Inc. Fashionable Leather Clothing & Accessories. Canada. Tel: 416-762-8175. E-mail: (The dot com shopping mall.) Leather Biker & Fashion Clothing for Adults & Children USA. Tel/Fax: 718-265-1377. E-mail:

Nile Commerce International.  Leathergoods. Rugs, Furniture & Jewellery. Egypt.
Tel: +202-309-9693. E-mail:

Adam Leathers inc. Leather Clothing, Leather Accessories  USA. Tel: (9717) 737-1900. E-mail:  http;//

Isole. hand made leather luggage USA. Tel: +1-781-756-0076. E-mail:

Ayers Leather Shops. Leathergoods, Quality Luggage & Repair Service USA.
Tel: 864-232-9463. E-mail:

Denis Doaty Leathercraft. Hand Tooled Leathergoods. USA. Tel: (610) 375-1478.

‘Em are Leather’ Leathergoods, Clothing, etc. (Made from Buckskin). USA.
Tel: 931-394-2610. E-mail;

Gary's Custom Saddlery & Silver. Belts, Saddles & Tack, Chaps, Boots, etc. USA.
Tel: 1-714-526-6122.  E-mail:

Sports Mart. Sports Shoes & Sports Bags. UK. Tel:+44-161-834-9755.

The Jelling Dragon. Leather Belts (Celtic) Re-enacters. UK. Tel: +44 (0) 1945-430266. Or +44 (0) 7714-088132. E-mail: Western Clothes, Hats, Bags, Moccasins USA. Tel: (541) 592-3693.

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