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Manufacturers of Finished Leather Goods
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 There Are 50 Leather Manufacturers Listed Here.

All Types of Leathergoods 19. / Saddles + Tack 7. / Repairs, Reproductions, Re-enactments, Rocking Horses 3. / Hand Carved Leathergoods 5. / Leather Clothing 5. / Desk Sets 1. / Holsters + Gun Equipment, Fishing Bags, etc 2. / Desk Tops, Insets 1. / Shoes + Boots 3. /
Plaited & Thonged Equipment & Tack 1. / Promotional Leathergoods 2. / Individual Designers 1.

These are all reliable & reputable manufacturers that offer excellent quality Leathergoods and prompt delivery. When contacting any Site Member
Please quote Ref: FB-M 'The Leather Connection'                                                                                                                                                                                                           

To Access details of Plainum, Gold, Silver & Bronze Members Click Here for The List. Then select a member & click for further details.

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An extensive list of 'Manufacturers of leathergoods' Some of these I have had contacts with for many years others have sent catalogues & samples, others I already knew about & contacted, others were recommended. The rest are large reputable companies that deal on a world wide basis. They are all reputable companies & provide excellent service as well as prompt delivery.

There are Five levels of listings available now 'Platinum, Gold, Silver & Broze Member' & 'Basic Listings' While the first four have a direct link to their site via their URL, A full description of their Company & Products. The Basic Listings only have Company name, email, & URL but no direct link or explanation. Members are listed first & Basic listings follow. All Basic Listings can change to full membership if they wish. There is a further Free Category of membership available to all purchasers of the 'Instruction Manuals'  Please contact us for further details relating to membership.


Boop Leathergoods. 55, Seago Street, Lowestoft Suffolk NR32 2DT. UK. Contact: John Temple. Tel:  01502 538486. E-mail: Click Here.

Aspinal of London - Makers of fine leather goods and leather gifts for men & women handmade in England

& tables) Lamps, Clothing, Bags, Chaps, Pillows), For Further Details Click Here.
Boop Leathergoods. (Contract Leatherwork/Made to Order/Commissions/Prototypes Promotional Leathergoods). For Further Details    Click Here.

(Platinum Members)

M.P.L Thailand Co. Ltd.  Handbags & Small Leathergoods Made from (Shagreen &  other ExoticSkins). For Further Details   Click Here

Roje Top Quality Leathergoods. Stinray Leather items For Further Details Click Here.

Ross Saddlery & Harness. (Saddles, Harness, Leathergoods). For Further Details  Click Here.

(Gold Members)

Trinity of London Ltd. (Leathergoods Manufacture) Top Quality Cases & Leathergoods. For further Details Click Here

Robert Cochrane. Fine Leathergoods Maker. (Vast Range of Leathergoods, Makes to Customers Order). For Further Details Click Here.

Colins (Germany). (Range of excellent Leathergoods by a talented Designer/Craftsman). For Further details Click Here

Franelli Ltd. Upholsterers.  (Member of the Association of Master Upholsterers).  Click Here

A.C.A Smith Leathercraft. A Leather Artist, Carved & Engraved Bags, Leather Engravings,. For more details Click Here.

www.Italian-Fashion.It. (Sandals & Shoes + Handbags). For Further Details Click Here

Evermove(H.K) Industry Group Co.Ltd Manufacturer of  Fashion Handbags & Light luggage.For more information Click Here

"Ottely" this small Company to take private orders & can email images of work completed.  For More info Click Here

Equusit Ltd. This Company produces traditional high quality hand made Leather Goods. For More Information Click Here

Simon Baker (Casemakers) Parkvilla, Strathdon, Abedeenshire, Traditional Hand Made Cases, Folios, etc. For more info Click Here

(Silver Members)

The Leather Man. Authentic Medieval Leather Bottles, Jugs, Tankards, Bags, etc. For more details Click Here.

'Em Are Leather' (Buckskin purses, bags, shopping totes, backpacks, duffle bags, leather clothing, chaps & leather pillows. For Further Details Click Here.

(Bronze Members)

Tyneside Leathercraft. Gun Cases & Fishing Cases & Equipment, Musical Instrument Cases, etc. For Further Details Click Here.

My Leathercraft. (Hand Crafted & Artistically Decorated Leathergoods). For Further Details. Click Here.

Cowboy Showcase. (Saddles Tack & Gear & Much More). For Further Details Click Here.

Buckskin Lady Leathers. (Furniture chairs). Click Here.

Lewis Saddle Shop. (Western Saddles, Gear & leathergoods). For Further Details            Click Here.

Mill Valley Shearling, Fur & Leather Coats, Co. (Leather Coats & Handbags, Brief Cases). For Further Details Click Here.

Hought Fine Art & Leather. (Braided Horse Tack & Equipment). For Further Details           Click Here.

West Bro's Saddlery. (Western Saddles,Barrel Saddles, Cowboy Saddles & Show Saddles, Saddle Trees). For Further Details Click Here.

Valerie Michael & Neil MacGregor Designer/Artisans (Leathergoods Individual Creations). For Further Details Click Here.

Fine Traditional English Rocking Horses. For Further Details Click Here.

Far East Leather Industriial Co. Supplier: of Ladies Shoes & Boots Including high fashion products, Mens quality footwear & Childrens Shoes. For Further Details Click Here.

Geoffrey H Gibson. Saddle Maker Including Side Saddles. (Also Classical Riding Instructor). For Further Details Click Here.

V-CREATION EXPORT.  Supplier of Wallets, Passport cases & Small Leathergoods.         Click Here

 Robert Steinke Artist, Author, Master Saddler. For more information Click Here.

Winmark International Supplier/Maker of Gift Ware; Wallets, Back Packs, Folios, Made to Order, etc. For Further Info,  Click Here

FARHAN SPORTS Manufacturers & Exporters of Leather Gloves, Leather Garments & Leather Accessories. For Further info, Click Here.

Sea Leather Wear. Canadian Fish Skin Provider with a range of Golf Gloves, Belts & Watch Straps; For more details Click Here.

Go Asia Leather Corporation Providing Handbags & Pattern Making Division, For Further Details Click Here

WINMARK INTERNATIONAL Motor cycle ware, Clothing, bag, Belts, gloves, Mats, etc. tor more details Click Here

TAINDI INDUSTRIAL LIMITED; Manufacturer of Leather Handbags, Holdalls & Light luggage. For more deails Click Here

Xocchi LLC -International Leather Salon: Will manufacture according to client specs, or they have designs to choose from. for more details Click Here

Members Contact Details Plus a Summary of their Activities. With a Direct link to their URL Visit are not recorded by this site, you are not included on a mailing list, Your email address is not passed on or sold to advertisers. You have in fact ' A Direct Leather Connection' On behalf of our members Thank you for visiting & we hope you find what you are looking for. When Contacting a site Member please quote Ref FB-M The Leather Connection

 Boop Leathergoods. 55, Seago Street, Lowestoft Suffolk NR32 2DT. UK. Contact: John Temple. Tel:  01502 538486. E-mail: 'The Leather Connection' is now able to offer a production service through this Affiliated Company which should satisfy the many requests from our visitors who require items made specifically for them. John will produce to customers requirements singly or in bulk.  Do you need a special item made? Made to your own design? An old favorite copied? Advertisers & Giftware providers Do you have problems getting your designs made up? Manufacturers do you need a Sub-contractor? Then contact John at the above address or e-mail him.

 (Platinum Member) M.P.L Thailand Co. Ltd. 120/526, moobaan Maneeya Ville, SOI 101/1,sukhumvit Road, Bang-Na, Bankok, 10260. Thailand. Tel: 662-3611626-8. Fax: 662-3611582. E-mail: Contact: Bavarawong. As well as supplying exotic Leather & Skins this company offers a vast range of Handbags & small leathergoods manufactured from these skins. To view some illustrations of the quality on offer please visit the 'For Sale & Wanted pages & click on the link in the details given. We are the Forwarding Agents for this company & can vouch for their reliability. Orders can be placed with us or direct to M.P.L You must quote Ref: FB-M if ordering direct as M.P.L will need to verify the order & we are you first point of contact if there is a shipping problem. Bulk orders only. Just Click Here To see the range of Leathergoods Available. (Note. The Leathergoods are made from Top Class skins which are a by-product of the local Fishing & Food Industry in that area). No endangered species are involved & the skins would be disposed of a waste if they were not usable by the Leathergoods Industry.

 (Gold Member)  www.Italian-Fashion.It.  Email: This company offers a choice of Finished Shoes, Belts & Handbags, etc. A visit is necessary to see what is currently available as they sell in bulk lots.  Pictures are available on site & prices are only quoted on request. This could be a source of supply for smaller shops, Market Traders, Gift Fair Stalls, etc. (See also 'Tanners & Leather Suppliers' & 'Trade Suppliers' & 'No.6 Import & Export'). Don't miss this one if you are looking for bargains. Find them at,

 (Gold Member). Trinity Of London Ltd.  Tel/Fax: 020-8297-4144. e-mail  A Brand New Company formed by three Talented Craftsmen who formed the nucleus of the now defunct Andrew Soos company that went out of business last year. The trio are: Tim Waters, Diogu Jayawardena & George Kenney.  they have already obtained some high class orders & have just completed an order of Gold Blocked Leather Boxes for the House of Lords. It is good to see craftsmen taking the bull by the horns & going it alone & we wish them ever success with their venture & look forward to reporting on them in the near future. with the shortage of skills & the lack of top quality craftsmen in the UK they should do well. This Site Member is a TLC Manual User.

 (Platinum Member). ROJE. 350 Bay Street, Suite 100-108, San Francisco, CA 94133 Tel: USA 877-401-6806. UK 02079932820. email: Contact: Jeremiah Kapp. The Company Roje (pronounced "roj-shay") offers a Massive line of fine stingray leather goods. Based in the USA, Roje wholesales and retails elegant stingray goods internationally. Roje proudly stands behind the quality of it's stingray leather goods. Stingray leather has been used for centuries by artisans to create fine crafts and jewelry. The contemporary style and durability of stingray leather makes it fashionable and suitable for all types of people in any climate. Roje is a top purveyor in the exotic leather industry, using the highest quality stingray skin and fashioned by artisans who have been designing and crafting products for over a decade. Product range: Notecases, Purses, Handbags, Briefcases, Folders, Belts, etc. There is also an exclusive selection of Handbags with Hand Painted Panels. (Don't miss this one), find them at,  When ordering From Roje Quote Ref: TLC & get a 5% Discount.

 (Bronze Member). Tyneside Leathercraft.  Shaftsbury Avenue, Simonside Industrial Estate, South Shields, Tyne & Wear, NE34 9PE. UK. Tel: +44 (0) 1914552756. Fax: +44 (0) 1914547064. email: (General Enquiries)  email: (Sales Enquires) This Company are Manufacturers of Heavy Textile & Leather Goods. The Products range from: Angling Luggage, Rugged Hunting Accessories, Musical Instrument Cases & Bags, Military Marching Band Regalia (Belts Slings Aprons etc), Thermally Insulated Delivery Bags, Electronics Cases, etc. Awards EFFTEX 2002 Milan (1st Prize Best New Product Competition -Accessories) For their Tweed Angling Luggage Range. The Company was established in 1937 & has a reputation for producing Quality & Bespoke Leathergoods & Specialist Equipment. Find them at,

 (Bronze Member). My Leathercraft. Corporate Office, 1801 Holeman Avenue, Covington, Kentuckey 41014. USA. Tel: 708-747-2757. E-mail: Contact: Blanche Byrne. This is an interesting site as it displays the work of other guild members as well as Blanche’s work. (Leather Crafters Guilds are popular in America featuring not only professional Artisans but talented amateurs as well.) Also featured, The Byrne Leather Craft Gallery, Highland Celtic Scotland, (one on this site of the pond). Ann Waters Gallery, Mark McMahone, Bob Ower’s ‘The Leather Horseshoe’ & Cori’s Leathercraft. This site is worth the visit if only to view the exquisite carving/tooling produced by Blanche. Find them at, (the link is not responding & I am at present unable to contact Blanche.)

 (Bronze Member). Cowboy Showcase. Home of the western Spirit. E-mail: Contact: Lee Raine. Showcase for the Cowboy way & the spirit of the west, featuring, stories, Cowboy lore, photos, Western saddles, tack & gear, Sourdough & Dutch oven cooking, horses & the Western lifestyle. It has similarities to this site & contains a list of members with direct links as well as a list of non members that are of particular interest. The listed members offer leather items as well as horse related gear. They are excellent Craftsmen/Artisans. What’s on offer, Music, poetry & sculpture are featured, There are also a collection of spectacular & excellent photographs. A great site & well worth a visit. Find them at,

 (Bronze Member). Buckskin Lady Leathers & Western Interiors. P. O. Box GG, Meeker, Colorado 81641. USA. Tel; 970-878-5135. Fax: 970-878-4680. E-mail: Contact: Barbara Goodrich. This site features linked members offering a wide selection of articles. From both Artisans & Artists, on offer, furniture (chairs & tables) lamps, clothing, bags, chaps, pillows, etc. All goods are custom made & there are illustrations of members work. Another excellent site & definitely worth a visit. Find them at, http;www.buckskinlady

 (Platinum Member). Ross Saddlery & Harness. St. Joe, Indiana 46785. USA. E-mail: Contact: Ron Ross. This Craftsman/Artisan  produces well made Western Saddles displaying some unique carving. There are some excellent illustrations of his work on the site. He is also a Harness Maker & there are illustrations of some well made harness. Belts & leathergoods are also produced by Ron & there is an example of his award winning entry. All his goods exhibit his own style of carving/tooling, & act as a recommendation for his patterns & books. (See also ‘Education & Training & check out his 'New Training Courses' also ‘Books’ & ‘Associated Sites’). See also his latest award oposite. Find him at,

 (Silver Member). 'Em Are Leather' 92 Cheatham Springs Road, Wartrace, TN USA 37183. Tel: 931-394-2610. E-mail: Contact: Wendy Green. Wendy produces a range of leather items made from Buckskin ranging from, purses, bags, shopping totes, backpacks, duffle bags, leather clothing, chaps & leather pillows. She is prepared to make to order if required. This is a leather Artisan with a unique style of her own, the leathergoods are well illustrated & presented on the site. There is also a strong element of design in the samples of purses & bags. Definitely a must to visit. Find her at,

 (Bronze Member). Lewis Saddle Shop.  520 W. Gracy, Hereford, Texas 79045. USA. Tel: 806-363-9003. email: Contact: Dallas L Tieking. The company was founded in the 1940’s. & is a working Saddlery with a Gift Shop where you can also purchase online. They make & supply the following, Western saddles (these are all top quality & either plain or ornately carved). Fittings bits & spurs. From the Gift Shop, belts, wallets, rope bags, etc. There are a range of books on the American Cowboy & his way of life plus some fantastic pictures & prints of Cowboys, Horses & Scenery. A great site for schools & libraries. Find them at,

 (Bronze Member). Mill Valley Shearling, Fur & Leather Coats, Co. P.O. Box 6478, 172 Center Street, Jackson. WY. USA. Tel: 307-739-1790. E-mail: This company manufactures a wide range of high quality leather coats in a huge range of styles from the more traditional leather coat to some very fashionable ones which provide full winter protection for, Ladies Men & Children. They also sell an extensive range of handbags & brief cases. They are situated at the top of the Rockies in 'Jackson Hole' Wyoming. See also 'Retail Outlets & Shopping Malls' & 'Associated Sites' This is definitely worth a visit Find them at,

 (Gold Member). Robert Cochrane. Fine Leathergoods Maker. 331 Abadan Place NE, Calgary, AB. T2A 6P3. Canada. Tel: 403-569-0080. Fax: 403-569-1713. E-mail: Contact: Robert Cochrane. Robert has recently Updated his site & the latest version is well worth a visit. There are some super pictures of his rang of Leathergoods Which demonstrate the quality of his products. Robert produces a range of high quality Leathergoods & Sporting Equipment. Only the best materials are used & great care is taken in the production of each article. He will make to customers specification thus providing a personal service. Find him at, (This Site Member is a TLC Manual Owner).

 (Bronze Member). Hought Fine Art & Leather. P.O. Box. 2115, McKinleyville, CA 95519. USA. Tel: 707-839-1164 / 1-800-839-1164. Fax: 1-707-839-1871. E-mail: Contact: Gail Hought. This Company supplies a variety of Horse Tack, with an emphasis on Endurance Tack made especially for this testing activity. Braided Tack is also available. Braiding Kits are also available for those wishing to try this form of Art & Craft themselves. The site also displays Paintings, Prints, Greetings Cards, all created by this talented Artisan. For further information visit the site at, (See also entries under: Manuals & Books For Sale, Books, Education & Training, Tanners & Leather Suppliers, Trade Suppliers & Associated Sites).

 (Gold Member). Colins. (Germany).  Tel: +49- 6224-921130. Fax: +49-6224-922230. e-mail: Contact: Tim Johl. Tim is a successful Designer/Craftsman manufacturing his own range of Leathergoods in Germany. They are made from Lambskin Napa & are fashionable & highly functional. The craftsmanship is also of a very high standard with the attention to detail a priority. (This do's not surprise me as Tim is an ex-student of mine from years ago at Cordwainers College, he was an excellent & meticulous student then). Visit his site to view a range of very stylish Small Leathergoods, Travelbags & Accessories. Don't miss this one, excellent work by an exceptional Designer Craftsman.

 (Bronze Member). West Bro's Saddlery. 5536 State Highway 7 W Centre, TX 75935. USA.
Tel/ Fax: (936) 598-2627. Email: Contact: Tommy R West A family operated saddlery producing Western saddles of an exceptionally high standard. (They have just produced a saddle for the President of  America). A lot of their work is custom made & they will incorporate customers own design features as well as matching tack. They produce their own Saddle Trees as well as metal fittings, (mainly in silver). Saddles featured on the site, Barrel Saddles, Cowboy Saddles & Show Saddles. This site is easy to navigate with plenty of pictures, these can all be enlarged to display the  fine detail in the carving & silver work. Don't miss this one its worthy of a visit to look at the Craftsmanship on display. Find them at, (See also their entry in the 'Trade Suppliers' Category for their sets of Silver Belt Buckles).

 (Bronze Member). Valerie Michael & Neil MacGregor. The Workshop, 37 Silver Street, Tetbury, Glos, GL8 8DL. UK. Tel/Fax: 01666502179. Email: Two very talented Artisans Producing both traditional & artistic designs in leather. These are extremely high quality & individual which can incorporate a range of delicate & artistic finishes that can equal & even surpass some of the efforts of the highly sought after West End Designers. (See also 'Education & Training' & 'Books & Publications').

 (Bronze Member). Fine Traditional English Rocking Horses. (By Appointment to HRH The Queen). Kings Lynn, Norfolk. UK. Tel: 01553-670500. Fax: 0871-6619108. email: Contact: Chris Ward. This expert & dedicated Craftsman produces some of the finest Rocking Horses I have ever seen in The traditional Victorian style. He uses top Quality leather for the saddles & bridles, real horse hair for the main & tail & the best brass fittings. A restoration service is also available for genuine Antique Rocking Horses. This site is definitely not one to miss. Find them at,  If you only want the restoration sevice use this URL:

 (Bronze Member). Far East Leather Industrial Co. 1902 North Tower, World Trade Centre, No.371-375 Huan Shi Dong Road, Guangzhou, China. 510095. Tel: 86-20-87699888 Ext: 125. Fax: 86-20-87621111. Email: Contact: Matthew Leung. This Large & Progressive company supplies a range of quality shoes which are on a par  any of the current fashion trends. They produce an extensive range of Ladies Fashionable shoes & boots, Men's Footwear & children's shoes At very competitive prices. When ordering please quote Reference FB-M Burhide. Find them at,

 (Bronze Member). Geoffrey H Gibson. Buddles Farm Cottage, Guist Road, Stibbard, Fakenham, Norfolk. Nr12 0Aq. Tel: 01328-829441. A Master Saddle Maker with over 35 years experience in the making of Saddles & Tack. This Craftsman is unique in that he is one of the few remaining experts on the making of Side Saddles. All types of Saddlery repairs are undertaken,. A Saddle Fitting service is also available (with emphasis on the Correct Fitting of a saddle avoiding injury to the horse culminating in lack of performance for both rider & the horse). Lectures on this subject & other areas are available in the UK & America Note. Geoffrey is also a Classical Ridding Instructor having studied extensively in Europe At the highest level.  

 (Bronze Member). V-CREATION EXPORT ADDRESS : 54/7C, DEVENDRA CHANDRA DEY ROAD KOLKATA – 700 015. W. BENGAL/INDIA. TEL : +91 33 2549 5145 FAX : +91 33 28580104. EMAIL : Or  Established : 1992. Contact:  Siddhartha Deb.    A Leathergoods Producer Of good quality Small leathergoods < Wallets, Passport cases, etc. No web site yet but there is one under Construction. To View a Picture Scroll the left side of this page.

 (Gold Member). Franelli Ltd. Upholsterers. Unit 18 Pier Road Industrial Estate Gillingham Kent ME7 1RZ Tel: 01634 577755. Email: Contact Franco Franelli. (Member of the Association of Master Upholsterers). A top Level Craftsman providing an excellent Service. (Upholstery Courses also available). Find them at, (This Site Member is a TLC Manual User).

 (Bronze Member). Robert Steinke Master Saddler. Carlough, Co. Curen, Rep. of Ireland. Tel: 049-9523956-1086-8657033. email:  Harness, Bridles & Saddles can be made to order. View Rob's site at: see also:  Leather Books & Publications & Leather Museums.

 (Bronze Member). Associate Site: Winmark International addressStreet4/300 Murray College Road, CitySialkot, 51310, placePunjab, Parkistan, Tel: 0092 300 8616638, 0092 52 4593056, Fax: 0092 52 4593396. email: Contact: Faisal Ali. This company specialises in leather Gift Ware, for special events & occasions. They are prepared to make items to order if a suitable gift is not in the advertised list. Leathergoods can be copied from a picture or diagram. For more information, View their site at,           http//:

 (Bronze Member). FARHAN SPORTS Adalat Ghara Old Near Eid Gha Ugoki Road Sialkot, Pakistan. Tel : + 92 - 0300 - 6170578  Fax : + 92 - 052 - 3254338 Email:  Contact:  The company is a manufacturers & exporters of Leather Gloves & Leather Garmens.  They have many years experience making and providing top quality products, they have become the main supplier of Leather Gloves , Leather Garments & all kinds of Leather Produsts in Parkistan & ensures that these prducts are of the highest quality. They are also prepared to send samples for customer evaluation. There are some clear pictures of their products on their site, click the following URL to view the products,

 (Bronze Member). Sea Leather Wear. Location: C/O Calgary E-Comerce Services, Unit 86, 201 86th Avenue Calgary, Alberta, Canada Phone: 403-689-4701 Email: This Company specialises in Tanning Fish Skins, (mainly Canadian Carp & Perch) in Glazed & Suede Finish in a Fantastic range of colours. (These fish are part of the Food Chain in this region & Are Not Fished or Farmed for their Skins). The skins are in fact a By-Product of the food chain. See also their range of Golf  Gloves, Belts & Watch Straps. To view their site use this link:

 (Gold Member). A.C.A Smith Leathercraft. CLEVEDON CRAFT CENTRE Moor Lane, Clevedon, Somerset, UK, BS21 6TD. Tel: (+44)01275 872149 email: Contact: David Smith. A UK based Leather Artists Carving & Embossing pictures & designs on a range of Leather Handbags. (See the picture in the Left Scholl Area) This is a Farther & Son business & Arnold Smith David's Father spent  25 years working as a Cartographic Draughtsman prior to taking up  Leather Work as A Craft. These Artisans make wallets & other Leathergoods with a wide range of designs. to view their site visit;
 (Silver Member). The Leather Man.  H. Phil & Deborah Quallington L.C.G.I.  email:  Phil Makes  Authentic Medieval Leather Bottles, Jugs, Tankards, Bags, etc. These are all hand made using traditional methods & are replicas of historic artifacts. Much research has gone into this work, Phil sell a lot of his work to Re-enactor groups. Phil was one of my Students at Cordwainers College back in 1983 -85 & was awarded  the Licentiateship of City & Guilds Institute in 1990. It is nice to see an ex-Student making good, welcome aboard Phil. To view his site go here.

 (Bronze Member). Go Asia Leather Corporation 32 Tasheng street Taichung City , Taiwan, R.O.C Tel: +886-4-23205001 extension 13. Fax: +886-4-23192548 Contact Matt Lee email: have opened a leather handbags division designing, developing and manufacturing ladies and men's leather fashion bags ...  URL They also have a division of the Company in China At: Go Asia Leather Corporation F1602 First International Yuanmei East Road New City center District , Dongguan , Guangdong 523073 Tel: _+86-769-2318 6790 Fax: +86-769-23186791

 (Bronze Member) WINMARK INTERNATIONAL 4/300 MURRAY COLLEGE ROAD SIALKOT  51310, PUNJAB, PAKISTAN PH:  +92 52 4593056, FAX:+92 52 4569151 E -mail: Yahoo Messenger: winmarkint     Skypee: winmarkint Contact; FAISAL ALI  Cell: +92 322 7455561. Garments: Motorbike Suits,Jacket,  Cordura Jacket & Pants, Western Style Suits, Tactical Vests ,Vest Jackets, Embroidery Garments,  Kilts , Fetish Garments, Lederhousen, Fashion Garment, Pants & Shirts, Skirts , Kilts,Frocks, Fleece Hoods, T shirts Rain Suits many more ….
Accessories:  Hand Cuff, Watch Bands, collar, Wrist Bands, Holsters, Knives Covers, Leather Laces, Natural Leather Many More ....
Bags: Saddle Bags, Horse Saddle Bags, Tool Bags, Sissy Bar Bags, Tank Bags, Bike Back Bags, Western Style Bags, Sports Bags , Sleeping Bags Instruments Bags many more…
Foot Wears: Footwear’s, sandal, motor bike shoes many more ........
Hand Wears: Winter Gloves, Sports Gloves, Motor Bike Gloves, Working Gloves, Cycle Gloves, many more….
Head Wears, Hat, Cap, many more….
Belts: Weight Lifting Belts, Neoprene Weight Lifting Belts,  Waist Belts, Title Belts, Buckles many more…. Find them at:

 (Bronze Member) TAINDI INDUSTRIAL LIMITED Renhe Town Industrial Park, Baiyun District,Guangzhou, China (Mainland) Mobile: +86-13710477643 Tel: +86-20-8603 1855
Fax: +86-20-8648 1747 Email/MSN: Contact:  Tain Xiao General Manager. This Company manufactures an exclusive range of; Handbags, Holdalls & Light Luggage. Find them at URL:

  (Gold Member) Evermove (H.K) Industry Group Co.Ltd, HK Office :Room E,20/F, Lucy Plaza, 315-321, Lockhart Road, wanchai, Honghong; Tel:00852-81209905; Fax:00852-81209912 Mainland mailing address:Floor 1th, Qi xiang Shi Hao, Zhong Yue, Heng Sha Cun, Jin Sha Zhou. Bai Yun District, GuangZhou City, China, PC510168;                                 Tel:0086-20-81004146 Fax:0086-20-81004146; Mobile 86-13697490745  Skype :limeihe123; Email addresses; & or Contact:   Sennie He Sales Manager. This company was estabished in March 2009 & was registered in Hong Kong with sewing factores located in South China . It is a family members group sewing  factories of which there are 7 factories all of them are professional in various bags and various material bags, & each of them have more than 80 workers. they also have long establish coperation with more than 10 oter sewing factories in China. Find them at;  

 (Gold Member) Ottely tel: 01452 771012 Email; Contact Tobias Thomas. (Web Site Under Construction) A skilled Artisan willing to undertake private orders, Make Prototypes & produce Industrial & Sales Sample Cases. This Site Member is a TLC Manual User .

 (Bronze Member)  Xocchi LLC -International Leather Salon email : or Xocchi LLC will manufacture according to client specs, or they can provide designs to choose from.  High-end leather and quality craftsmanship! Luggage, messenger bags, totes, backpacks, briefcases, belts, wallets, etc
Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with our leather mfg in India. Webster:
 (Gold Member) Equusit Ltd The Granary Kirkheaton Northumberland NE19 2DQ Tel;  0191 6408774  Email: Equus Leather is run by Charlie Trevor and Dawn McCormack from the heart of rural Northumberland in the UK. Charlie manages the leatherwork and creative side of the business and Dawn ably deals with the photography, administration and all things that make the business tick. Charlie has been producing leather and bridlework since 1995. Our products ship all over the world, They are proud to keep alive the traditions of the artisan craftsman. Everything we make is 100% hand crafted by them, using the best materials to create the best products for you. their items are designed using the skills and expertise of centuries old English traditions to give you beautiful leather goods that will last a lifetime. Find them at

 (Gold Member) Simon Baker (Casemakers) Parkvilla, Strathdon, Abedeenshire, AB36 8US email; Simon Baker has for over 20 years made some of the world's finest traditional hand-stitched Victorian quality luggage, including bridle-leather attachè & brief-cases; underarm document & folio cases: duffle bags, holdalls, sportsbags, toilet and other travel requisites. Also specialising in supplying state of the art portfolio books, portfolio bags and cases to professional photographers, graphic artists, advertising and multinational companies who are looking for superior quality with a design edge. Find him at;

Every item is hand-made by Simon Baker, so you are assured of personal attention. Because of this, all products can be tailored to your specific needs.

We have Established Links with all the above companies & can fully endorse them & vouch for their reliability & level of service.

The Companies in the following list are also reliable companies or they would not be included in our lists. They are not however full site members, but are included for the benefit of site visitors as a further source of supplies. When contacting any company on the following list. Please quote Ref: FB-M. The Leather Connection. Many of them will be assessing the responses & visits to enable them to decide on becoming a full member. Should you require further details about any company in this list Contact Francis.

 Basic Listings Please Scroll this list.

Sabiha Enterprises. ( Handcrafted Leathergoods, Handbags, Portfolios, Wallets, Belts, Luggage & Leather Garments. India. Tel: 91-22-3471068. Fax: 91-22-346796.

House of Patric Ltd. (Desk Sets) UK. Tel: +44 (0) 1992467579.  E-mail:

Ralph Shimon Co. (Saddles & Mule Saddles)  USA. Tel: 307-864-2274. http;//

Anira Exports. (Wallets, Purses, Handbags). India. Tel: + 91-22-3610814. Or /364766483.  E-mail:

Bowstock Ltd. (Leathergoods, Repairs, Reproductions). UK. Tel/Fax: 01562746316.

W M Brown Holster Co. (Vast range of western equipment + Saddles). USA. Tel: (520) 457-9208. E-mail:

Andy Hamilton Cowboy Saddlemaker. (Saddles & Western Equipment + Leathergoods). USA. Tel/Fax: 914-7548352. E-mail

Leathersmith Design Inc. (leathergoods & Promotional Products). Canada.
Tel: 1-902-434-9721. E-mail:

Tanner Krolle & Co. Ltd. (Leathergoods, Luggage). UK. Tel: 02074936302. E-mail:

Vp Ecommerce. Danier Leather Inc. (Clothing, Accessories, Handbags, Gloves, Hats, Luggage, etc. Canada. Tel: 1-416-762-8175. Fax: 1-416-762-4570.

Denis Doaty Leathercraft. (Hand Crafted & Tooled Leathergoods). USA.
Tel: (610) 375-1478. Fax: (603) 462_2336. E-mail:

Gary's Custom Saddlery & Silver. ( Western Saddles + Tack, Boots & Leathergoods). USA.
Tel: 1-714-526-6122. E-mail:

BAB Leather Products Intl. (Handbags,Backpacks, Computer Cases, Small Leathergoods). India. Tel: 0091-44-8321504. Fax: 0091-44-8270458.

Bill Amberg. (Desk Sets, Leathergoods + Interior Design). UK. Tel: 44 (0) 181-960-2000. E-mail:

The Jelling Dragon. (Celtic/Viking Belts, Buckles, Period Regalia Re-enactors). UK. Tel: +44 (0) 1945-430266. Or +44 (0) 7714-088132. E-mail:

Relics of Witney Leathers for Desks. (Leather Desk Inserts + Gold Blocking).UK. Tel/Fax: +44 (0) 1993-704611. E-mail:

Zahur Sancho PVT.(Leather Clothing). Pakistan. Tel: 92-21-5061786 to 90 = 5 lines.

Codizo. (Leather, Shoes,  Boots, Trainers). Portugal. Tel: +351-255-341105/6/7.

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