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Leather Trade Suppliers
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There are 40 companies listed here.

 Fittings &Tools +Leather 12. / Tools & Fittings 10. / Machinery 5/
Materials 4. / Leather Preservatives & Chemicals 5. / Adhesives 1./ Thread 1. / Leather Repairs 2.

All these suppliers offer prompt service and only supply the best materials & they are all well respected by the Leather industry. When contacting any member Please quote Ref: FB-M 'The Leather Connection'

To Access details of Plainum, Gold, Silver & Bronze Members Click Here for The List. Then select a member & click for further details.

To Access the Basic Listings Click Here & Scroll the list.

An extensive list of 'Trade Suppliers' Some of these I have used myself others have sent catalogues & samples, others I already knew about & contacted, others were recommended. The rest are large reputable companies that deal on a world wide basis. They are all reliable companies & provide excellent service as well as prompt delivery. (If they did not they Would Not be in this list).

There are Five levels of listings available now 'Platinum, Gold, Silver & Broze Member' & 'Basic Listings' While While the first four have a direct link to their site via their URL, A full description of their Company & Products. The Basic Listings only have Company name, email, & URL but no direct link or explanation. Full Members are listed first & Basic listings follow. All Basic Listings can change to full membership if they wish. There is a further Free Category of membership available to all purchasers of the 'Instruction Manuals'  Please contact us for further details relating to membership.


(Platinum Members)

 Furniture Clinic. Furniture Care Products Specialist. Click Here

(Gold Members)

Obenauf's Leather Preservatives. (Leather Treatments). For Further Details, Click Here.

 Talas. Teflon Bone Folders. (Tools). For Further Details, Click Here.

 Talas.  Bookbinding & Conservation Supplies. For Further Details, Click Here.

 Phineas Products, Shoe hanger and display solutions (Retail, Shops). For Further Details, Click Here.

 www. Italian-Fashion.It. (Fittings, Machinery, Zips, Thread, etc). For Further Details,     Click Here

(Bronze Members)

 J T Bachelor & Co. Ltd. (Fittings & Tools + Leather). For Further Details, Click Here.

 Stadex Industries. (Adhesives). For Further Details, Click Here.

( J Hewit & Sons Ltd. (Fittings Tools + Leather). For Further Details, Click Here.

 H Webber & Sons Ltd. (Tools). For Further Details, Click Here.

Hought Fine Art & Leather. (Fittings Tools + Leather). For Further Details, Click Here.

 West Bro's Saddlery. (Saddle Fittings & Belt Fittings) For Further Details, Click Here

Gleave Co. Ltd. Tool Supplier. Tool sourcing facilities. For further Details, Click Here.

Tomkins (Wood Turners) Make Saddlers Sewing Clamps. For further details Click Here.

The Leather Training & Technical Dept. Ltd.  A range of Leather cleaning, Treatment & Care Products. For further details Click Here.

G.L Murphy Ltd.  Tannery Machinary Supplier. For further details Click Here.

Somac Threads. Supplier of all types of Machine & Hand Sewing Thread. Click Here.

Corium Solutions Ltd. suppliers 0f leather lacquers, dressings, repair products and ancillaries such as spray guns, For further details Click Here., Looking for Textiles Or Deacriptions of Textiles Then Click Here.

M. L. ENGINEERING WORKS. (Makers of Leather Skiving Knife & Machine Spares.         Click Here

Leather Revive: Leather repair, Leather Treatment. Cars, Furniture, etc. For further details Click Here.

Artisan Sewing Supplies Inc: Sewing Machines, Skiving Machines, Clicking Presses, Splitting Machines, Strap Cutters, etc. Click Here

Pro Series. Hand Made Leather Carving Tools By Robert Beard. For More Information   Click Here.

Platimum, Gold, Silver & Bronze Members Contact Details Plus a Summary of their Activities. With a Direct link to their URL Visits are not recorded by this site, you are not included on a mailing list, Your email address is not passed on or sold to advertisers. You have in fact ' A Direct Leather Connection' To all visitors on behalf of our members Thank you for visiting & we hope you find what you are looking for. When Contacting a site Member please quote. Ref FB-M 'The Leather Connection'

 (Bronze Member). Fittings & Tools +Leather. J T Bachelor & Co. Ltd. 9-10 Culford Mews, London N1. UK. Tel: 02082542962. Or 02082548521. A reliable company, tools, fittings, sundries plus carving & tooling equipment. (See also ‘Tanners & Leather Suppliers).

 (Bronze Member). Adhesive. Stadex Industries. Coed Aben Road, Wrexham Industrial, Estate, Wrexham, Clwyd LL13 9UL. UK. Suppliers of PVA Adhesives. They are extremely helpful & operate a prompt delivery service (Having personally dealt with them I can't speak to highly of them.) They will supply large or small drums of adhesive.

 (Bronze Member). Fittings, Tools & Sundries + Leather. J Hewit & Sons Ltd. Unit 28, Park Royal Metro Centre, Britannia Way, London NW10 7PR. UK. Tel: +44 (0) 20-8965-5377. Fax: +44 (0) 20-8453-0414. E-mail: This company is a welcome addition to this section as they provide a source of components previously missing. Supplies available: Adhesives (PVA), Boards, Bindery Equipment & Machinery , Bookbinding & gold Blocking Tools, Hand Made Paper, Machine made End Papers, Marble Papers, Sewing Materials & Thread, Gold Leaf & Gold Foil, etc. (The boards for reinforcements & lining papers plus another source of PVA are very useful). A price list & Product Fact Sheet are available for download on the site. See also: Tanners & Leather Suppliers, Education & Training & Books & Publications lists. Find them at,

 Bronze Member). Tools. H Webber&Sons Ltd. Bridge House, Station Road, Gomshall, Surrey. GU5 9NP. UK. Tel: 01483-202963. Fax: 01483-203223. email: Contact: J Webber. Managing Director. One of the leading suppliers of  Craft Tools in the UK. They will dispatch an excellent & well presented Catalog on request, this is fully illustrated with plenty of information on all tools & fittings. (There are also some diagrams explaining the use of some tools). I especially recommend this company to all beginners & purchasers of my 'Instruction Manuals' Find them at,

 (Gold Member). Obenauf's Leather Preservatives. 9075 Donnybrook Ct. Boise, Idaho, 83709, USA. Tel: 208-484-1372. Contact: Robert Grover Obenauf's Online This company offers high quality Leather Preservatives & Leather Oils which contain Beeswax & Propolis as part of their formula. The products were originally formulated to preserve the boots of American Firefighters as conventional treatments were not effective due to the hot ash encountered in most fires. The preservative repels, water, acids, petroleum, salt, & chemicals, restores dry leather, resists mildew premature cracking & is odorless after application. The Leather Oil is effective on dress boots, saddles & tack, garments, upholstery, etc. An interesting & most informative site. Stop Press I have been testing samples of their product & can fully recommend it (See a fuller explanation in 'News & Press Releases'). They now offer Leather Furniture Treatments. Find them at

 (Bronze Member). Hought Fine Art & Leather.  P.O. Box. 2115, McKinleyville, CA 95519. Tel: 707-839-1164 / 1-800-839-1164. Fax: 1-707-839-1871. E-mail: Contact: Gail Hought. Supplying, Tools, Equipment, Leather Treatment & Kits for Projects (suitable for beginners). All that is required to prepare & finish Strips for the Artistic Art of Braiding. (Of special interest for those purchasing Gails Books). Find her at, (See also Manuals & Books For Sale, Books, Education & Training, Tanners & Leather Suppliers, Manufacturers of Finished Goods.

  (Platinum Member) Furniture Clinic. 9 Oakfield Road Whickham Newcastle Upon Tyne NE16 5HG Tel: +44 (0)191 4403179. or 0191 4403179 UK customers. Email:  Contacts: Ben or Keith Staerck. This company offers a wide range of exclusive cleaning products previously only available to the trade. All our products have been tried and tested for years now by professionals and consumers alike, so ensuring total product quality, which yield perfect results every time. Find them at,

 (Gold Member). Talas. Teflon Bone Folders. 3719 Mill Street, Marion. NY. 14505. USA. Tel: (315) 926-0229. Fax: 1-585-482-7870. Email: Contact: Earl Vroman. Marketing Director. This company manufactures & supplies Teflon Bone Folders for the Bookbinding & Leathergoods Industries. There are two standard sizes, large & small. They are stronger & more substantial than the  bone folders normally available as well as being easier to keep clear of adhesive. They inform me that they will gladly make their bone folders to customers requirements. I have one of each of the two standard sizes on test. (See my comments on the 'News & Publications' page & their the price list). Find Them at,

 Gold Member). Talas. Bookbinding & Conservation Supplies. 568 Broadway, New York, NY 10012. USA. Tel: 212-219-0770. Fax: 212-219-0735.  Email: Contact Earl Vroman. This division of the company supplies every thing required by the Bookbinding Industry & the Conservationist as well as the Hobbyist. The list of supplies are to long to be included here, But for a brief summary :- Tools, Machinery, Adhesive, Fabrics, Boards, Papers, Fabrics, Leather, Velum, Parchment, Gold Blocking Foil, etc. You name it they supply it. An on-line catalogue is available in PDF format. This is an excellent site & very easy to navigate. 'Don't miss this one' Find them at,

  (Bronze Member). West Bro's Saddlery. 5536 State Highway 7 W Centre, TX 75935. USA.
Tel/Fax: (936) 598-2627. Email: Contact Tommy R West. Email: A Family run Saddlery Company that make their own saddle fittings also offer a range of very high quality Sets of Belt Fittings produced in Silver.  There are also a selection of the popular large square peg type belt fittings. They are all decorated with some intricate & attractive designs which are well illustrated by pictures on the site. These are also capable of being enlarged. These buckles are not cheap but if you want the finest quality gear then look no further. Find them at, (Also see their entry in the 'Manufacturers of Finished Goods' Category for their range of fine Saddles).

 (Silver Member). Italian-Fashion.It. Email: This Company offers Tools, Fittings, & Machinery for the Leather Industry. Fittings are in Bulk Lots & include Bag & Case Fittings, Zips & Thread. There is a wide & varied choice available. The pictures of the fittings are large & clear & give a good indication of what is available. The machinery varies from Sewing Machines, Skiving Machines, Cutters, Splitters, etc. These pictures are small but can be enlarged by clicking on them. No prices & you must contact them for a quote. Again Ideal for Trainees & students. (See 'Tanners & Leather Suppliers' & 'Manufacturers of Finished Goods' & 'Import & Export' Find them at,

  (Bronze Member). Gleave Co. Ltd. Tool Supplier. This is a large general tool supplier capable of supplying in bulk. They mainly deal with woodworking tools & equipment. (So why add them to a list of Leather trade suppliers?) They offer a unique service, they will source any equipment required. They have a massive Data-Base & will find any tool required, who supplies it & where to  get it. If you are looking for a hard to find tool or equipment then try them. Contact: Vincent Elgey. View site at, (Example they had a request for a quantity of 'Saddlers Clamps' & contacted the Leather Connection. By the time I had searched my data-base & got back to them they had found a manufacturer). Anyone wanting Saddlers Clamps that source is listed below.

 (Bronze Member).Tomkins (Wood Turners) Based in Walsall Make & supply the Saddlery industry with 'Sewing Clamps' Should anyone want the old version (more rounded edges & made from solid wood). they can still do it at a price. No site or e-mail given. Tel: 0192262238.

 (Bronze Member). The Leather Training & Technical Dept. Ltd. Longdale House, 105,B Weatherby Road, Harrogate. HG2 7SH. UK. Tel: 01423-881027. Fax: 01423-887324. Email: Contact: Business Director Judy Bass. This company apart from providing Technicians Training Courses also provide an extensive range of leather care & treatment products. These are mainly for Professional Technicians use as liberal use by the general public is not advisable without adequate training. Find them at,

 (Bronze Member). G.L Murphy Ltd.  Imperial Works, Bradford Road, Menston, Nr Ilkley, West Yorkshire. LS29 6AA. UK. Tel: 01943-873132. Fax: 01943-870232. Email: Contact: Neil Murphy. Specialists in the manufacture of leather tanning and reclamation machinery since 1930. Fully reconditioned Bramley and Turner tanning machinery with a huge selection of spare parts. Machine knives, shaving and fleshing. Also available: new cable strippers and rag cutters. Pictures, product information and contact details available from the site. Exports worldwide. Find them at,

 (Bronze Member). Somac Threads.  Unit 2, Brymau, 4 River Lane, Saltney, Nr Chester. CH4 8RF. UK. Tel: +44 (01244) 680506. Fax: +44 (01244) 680202. E-mail:
This company is one of the largest thread suppliers to the Textile & Leathergoods Industries both in the UK & World Wide. a huge range of sewing machine threads are available in; nylon, polyester, linen, etc. For Hand Stitching (Leathergoods & Saddlery a selection of coloured linen threads are available. (See picture opposite) also visit their site at,

 (Bronze Member). Corium Solutions Ltd. 20 Alexandra Road, Stoneygate, Leicester, LE2 2BB. UK. Tel: +44(0)116-270-1354. Fax: +44(0)116-270-3367. E-mail: Contact: Byron Dixon. This Company supplies, leather lacquers, dressings, repair products and ancillaries such as spray guns, adhesives etc. They Offer their clients cost effective & innovative ways to, purchase, utalise & explore the full potential of one of natures most beautiful & natural commodities - Leather. They also offer 0n-site technical help, chemicals to specification, testing facilities &  aftercare, so that merchandise their clients manufacture will be to recommended specifications. Their 'Training Courses' are informative, clients will have a better appreciation of where leather comes from, how it is made, what it can & cant do.  Delegates Will: Understand leather better, gain product knowledge, recognise & identify diffent leather types. To Sumarise: Corium offer a range of solutions to enhance & achieve maximum utalisation of this unique raw material. which includes: development, training, testing, & retail solutions. They use small teams of highly skilled leather & business specialists to deliver innovative & practical results. Contact them for a diagnosis at,

 (Bronze Member)., if you are Looking for Textiles Or Descriptions of Textiles this is the site to visit. There are huge lists, so you should find what you require. Contact: Narsi Santhanam. There is not much else to say except that it is a fantastic Research & Reference site related to every conceivable type of material. Find it at,  http: //
 (Bronze Member).  M. L. ENGINEERING WORKS. Address : 10, Old Idgah Colony Agra UP INDIA Mfg.Unit - Industrial site, Dhanoli, Agra UP India. Contact:  C.E. - Rajesh Kul. Makers of Leather Skiving Knife & Machine Spares. The Company is constructing A web site & we will provide & URL & a review once it is available.

 Bronze Member). Leather Revive:  9 Avery Gardens Poulton -Le-Fylde Lancashire FY6 7UP Tel: 01253 893 935. or 07941 797 464. email: Leather repairs: Leather furniture, Car leather repair, Leather Garment repair, Aeroplane & boat leather repair, Commercial leather repair Pubs nightclubs seating repairs, Leather restoration,  Leather care kit, etc. Find them at,
Note. This is the most comprehensive Repair service I have yet seen & the examples on their site look excellent. Well worth contacting.

 (Bronze Member). Artisan Sewing Supplies Inc: 6470 Corvette Street, Commerce, CA 90040 U.S.A. Toll Free: (888) 838-1408 - Toll Free Fax: (866) 838-1508 International Tel: 01-323-838-1408 - Fax: 01-323-838-1508 E-Mail: This is an American, family owned and operated company. Four generations of our family have helped thousands of people invest in the proper sewing and leather working machines for their exact requirements. We will help you choose the correct machinery for all your sewing, stitching or cutting projects. Sewing Machines, Skiving Machines, Clicking Presses, Splitting Machines, Strap Cutters, etc. find them at;

 (Bronze Member). Pro Series. Hand Made Leather Carving Tools. 36 Road 5243 Farmington, NM 87401 USA .Tel: (505) 632-7039  Fax: (505) 632-7038 email: Contact; Robert Beard. All Pro-Series tools are individually and personally hand crafted, leather carving instruments, in order to achieve the finest, sharpest, cleanest images possible for the most discerning leather artisan. High carbon tool steel is used, which is heat treated and tempered to Rockwell 58 in hardness. This simply means that these are the hardest and toughest tools that have ever been available, offering decades of reliable service. A tutorial page available on the site. Find him at;

 (Gold Member) Phineas Products Ltd, Unit 1, Hebron House Sion Road, Bedminster  Bristol UK BS3 3BD. Tel: + 44 (0) 845 838 6333 Fax: + 44 (0) 845838 1613 Email:  Description: Shoe hanger and display solutions available from helping retailers in the footwear industry maximise sales. a innovative and dynamic UK company, totally focused on the design and supply of shoe hangers and shoe display products to retailers world-wide.They are passionate about helping client's maximise sales of their footwear products. selling a large portfolio of tried and tested products held in stock and also offer an effective bespoke design and manufacture service for our multi-retailer customers.

We have Established Links with all the above companies & can fully endorse them & vouch for their reliability & level of service.

The Companies in the following list are also reliable companies or they would not be included in our lists. They are not however full site members, but are included for the benefit of site visitors as a further source of supplies. When contacting any company on the following list. Please quote Ref: FB-M 'The Leather Connection' Many of them will be assessing the responses & visits to enable them to decide on becoming a full member.

 Basic Listings Please Scroll this list.

(Fittings, Tools +Leather. Abbey Saddlery & Crafts Ltd. UK. Tel: 015650343.
E-mail: URL:

Supplier.Tandy. USA. Tel: 1-888-890-1611. E-mail: URL:

Fittings & Tools. Clpw Leather Co. Memphis, USA. Catalogue available. URL:

Fittings & Tools. Standing Bears Trading Post. USA. URL:

Thread. Coates Barbour Threads Ltd. UK. Tel: (44) 1162-460-120.
Fax: (44) 1162-460-470.

Care & Restoration. Leather Magic. USA. Tel: 1-800-232-4092 & +704-283-5078.

Fittings & Sundries. Kersen . Com. UK. Fax: +44 (0) 20-8440-4334.

Fittings & Buckles. Gary’s Custom Saddlery & Silver. USA. Tel: 1-714-526-6122.

Plastic & PVC. Mo So CA. Italian Company. Supplying, fabrics, plastics & PVC

Machinery & Press Knives. Samco Strong Ltd. UK. Tel: 01162610444.

Rivets. Rivetfast Ltd. UK. Tel: +44 (0) 1213269884. Fax: +44 (0) 1213280197.

Fittings & Tools. Bowstock Ltd. UK. Tel/Fax: 01562746316.

Fittings & Tools. Leathersmith Designs Inc. Canada. Tel: 1-902-434-9721.

Manufacturing Machinery. Randall Leather Machinery Corp. USA. Tel: 800-223-6018./ 718-361-2427. E-mail:

Fittings & Sundries. Kersen . Com. UK. Fax: +44 (0) 20-8440-4334.

Buckles. The Jelling Dragon. UK. Tel: +44 (0) 1945-430266. Or +44 (0) 7714-088132. E-mail:

Tools, Dyes, Tannins, Patterns, etc. USA Tel: (541) 592-3693.

Tool Manufacturer. C.S. Osborne & Co. USA. email:

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