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Leather Tanners & Leather Suppliers
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There are 39 leather Companies listed here.

 Tanners 16./Leather Suppliers 17./Curriers 1./Synthetics 1./
Tanning Chemicals 1./ Tanning Machinary 1./

All Tanners & Leather Suppliers listed here are long established & reliable Companies & they all belong to their respective Trade Associations. When contacting any Site Member Please quote Ref: FB-M 'The Leather Connection'

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An extensive list of Tanners & leather Suppliers. Most of them I had prior knowledge of before including them in these lists. In fact most of the UK ones I have dealt with & purchased leather from during my working life & can vouch for their integrity.  The rest are large reputable companies that deal on a world wide basis while other smaller suppliers have been recommended by friends & fellow Artisans abroad.

There are Five levels of listings available now 'Platinum, Gold, Silver & Broze Member' & 'Basic Listings' While the first four have a direct link to their site via their URL, A full description of their Company & Products. The Basic Listings only have Company name, email, & URL but no direct link or explanation. Full Members are listed first & Basic listings follow. All Basic Listings can change to full membership if they wish. There is a further Free Category of membership available to all purchasers of the 'Instruction Manuals'  Please contact us for further details relating to membership.


(Platinum Members)

 M.P.L. (Thailand) CO Ltd. (Supplier) Exotics ('Shagreen' etc). For Further Details,     Click Here

(Gold Members)

 Metropolitan Leather Co. Ltd. (Supplier) For Further Details, Click Here

 Hanson Tower Ltd. (Supplier) For Further Details, Click Here

Tanner Clyde Leather Company, producing fine suedes & pigmented splits & industrial leathers. (No minimum order). Click Here

Mfuleni Nile Crocodile Ranch, South Africa. For more information about: Wholesale, Nile Crocodile Hides, Nile Crocodile Leather Nile Crocodile Meat. For more info, Click Here

( Silver Members)

 Italian Fashion It. (Supplier) For Further Details, .Click Here

( Bronze Members)

 Andrew Muirhead & Son Ltd. (Tanner) For Further Details, Click Here

 Hewit & Sons Ltd. (Tanner) For Further Details, Click Here

 Whitmore Bacon Group. (Tanner) For Further Details, Click Here

Hought Fine Art & Leather. (Supplier) For Further Details, Click Here

 G.H Leathers Ltd. Associate Company. (Supplier) Including Exotics from Thailand. For Further Details, Click Here

 KershawsTannery. Top Quality Clothing Leather. For Further Details,
Click Here

 G.L. Murphy Ltd. Tannery Machinery Supplier. For Further Details,
Click Here

 HERALDIC INDUSTRIES Leather Clothing & Gloves. For Further Details. Click Here.

 M&W Leathers LTD.  Leather & Sheep Skin Supplier, (Small Quantities, Schools etc).     Click Here.

 Seek Ostrich Goods. Find  Quality Ostrich Skins in a veriety of Coloures. For more information. Click Here.

 Sea Leather Wear. Tanner of Fish Skins (Carp & Perch) Location Canada. For more information. Click Here

Tanner Clyde Leather Company,  producing fine suedes & pigmented splits & industrial leathers. (No minimum order). Click Here

Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze Members Contact Details. Plus a Summary of their Activities. With a Direct link to their URL You visit is not recorded by this site, you are not included on a mailing list, Your email address is not passed on or sold to advertisers. You have in fact ' A Direct Leather Connection' On behalf of our members Thank you for visiting & we hope you find what you are looking for. When Contacting a site Member please quote  Ref FB-M

 (Gold Member). Supplier. Metropolitan Leather Co. Ltd. Unit 1B, Cottingham Way, Thrapston, Northants, NN14 4PL. UK. Tel: 01832732216. Contact: Roy Winnard. This is a good & reliable company offering a wide range of leather to the Saddlery, Leathergoods & Upholstery Industries they are completely reliable. Find them at,

 (Gold Member). Supplier. Hanson Tower Ltd. Hanson House, Knights Road, Strood, Rochester, Kent ME2 2JH. UK. Tel: 01634-713363. Fax: 01634-721099. E-mail Contact: Paul Hanson. This reliable company offers a wide choice of hides for the Saddlery & Leathergoods Industry. They supply reputable companies such as Tanner & Krolle. The following leathers are available, bridle leather, russet, bag & cloak hide. They are noted for their reliability & only supply quality leather. Find them at,

 (Bronze Member). Tanner. Andrew Muirhead & Son Ltd. Dalmarnock Leather Works, 273-289 Dunn Street, Glasgow, Scotland G40 3EA. Tel: =44 (0) 141-554-3724. Fax: +44 (0) 141-554-4741. E-mail: Contact: James Lang. The company is a member of the Scottish Tanning Industries Group. They produce a vast range of specialist furnishing leathers. They offer a standard collection, (over a 100 shades & will sell 1 hide up to any quantity). Can't find what you want then they will make it. They provide cutting facilities, foil or blind blocking for designs up to 1000 x 500 mm. Sampling available on line. Find them at,

 (Bronze Member). Tanner. Hewit & Sons Ltd. Kinauld Leather Works, Currie, Edinburgh. EH14 5RS. UK. Tel: +44 (0) 131-449-2206. Fax: +44 (0) 131-451-5081. E-mail: This Tanners & Leather Dressers Produces high quality leather for both the Bookbinding & leathergoods industry (Vegetable Tanned & special finishes). Calf, Goat, Skiver (Sheep, etc. Are available in a variety of colours. They now sell in square metres & a useful conversion table is available to convert to square feet. This is an excellent company I have dealt with them in the past & can vouch for their reliability. see also ‘Trade Suppliers, Education & Training & Books & Publications. Find them at,

 (Bronze Member). Tanner. Whitmore Bacon Group.  The Tannery, West Hill, Milborn Port, Sherborne, Dorset. DT9 5HL.UK. Tel: +44 (0) 1963-250620. Fax: +44 (0) 1963-250627.
E-mail: Contact:Julian Bacon. The Tannery  Wingrove Edge. Produces, Shoe Upper leather, Belt & Bookbinding leather, plus Clothing Leather. They will also produce leather to customers specifications. Marlborough Leathers. Provides, Finished Leathers from, France, Italy, India, & other World Wide suppliers. Uppers. This division specialises in Sourcing Uppers from overseas Manufacturers. Trading. Contact for their Export Services for wet blue or raw hides. The Company holds large stocks, of leather with a choice from theTannery of, cow, goat, pig, horse, & sheep. & From Marlborough Leathers, French calf, Italian suede, Chinese pigskin, Indian lining leather, They have a library of over 100 embossing plates including exotic & are able to emboss to order. This Company is worth a visit as there is such a wide range of leathers on offer. Find them at,

  (Bronze Member). Hought Fine Art & Leather. P.O. Box. 2115 McKinleyville, CA 95519. Tel: 707-839-1164 / 1-800-839-1164. Fax: 1-707-839-1871. E-Mail hought@ Contact: Gail Hought. Supplying Kangaroo Hides Specially prepared & Suitable for cutting into Braiding strips. (Can also be supplied ready cut in the form of  Kits for Projects. (Ideal for beginners). Find her at, (See also the following entries: Books, Education & Training, Manuals & Books for Sale, Trade Suppliers, Manufacturers of Finished Goods & Associated Sites).

 ( Silver Member) www.Italian-Fashion.It. email: This company specializes in offering Stock Lots of Leather & Shoe Components. This is constantly changing  so a regular visit is recommended. Leather is available in lots, Small pieces in large bags & large pieces & full skins by weight strapped to pallets. (Pictures of a selection of prepared pallet loads are viewable on site). Note. It is not possible to purchase individual skins or hides. The shoe components also vary but mainly refer to soles & again purchase is by bulk. There is a large variety of coloures & types of leather in each batch of leather & it could be useful to Colleges, Schools & Training establishments. Another option is for a group of Amateur Leather Workers to share a Pallet of leather. Prices are available from them. Quote Ref: FB-M (See also 'Trade Suppliers' & 'Manufacturers of Finished Goods' & 'No.6. Import & Export' As Tools, Machinery & Finished Leathergoods & Shoes are also available). Find them at,

 (Platinum Member). M.P.L. Thailand Co. Ltd. 120/526, moobaan Maneeya Ville, SOI 101/1,sukhumvit Road, Bang-Na, Bankok, 10260. Thailand. Tel: 662-3611626-8. Fax: 662-3611582. E-mail: Contact: Bavarawong. This company can supply a large selection of exotic leathers from the Far East. Colour Charts, Samples from the following: Shagreen (stingray) Shark, Snake, Ostrich, etc. For further Details see 'For Sale & Wanted' We are the UK Forwarding Agent for this company you can either contact us or M.P.L direct. When placing an order in your own interests please Quote Ref: FB-M. this is essential, if there is a delay in shipment we are your first point of contact. Also M.P.L will need to contact us to verify the details of the company placing the order. ( Note. These are top class skins & are a by-product of the Fishing Industry & food chain of that area. These skins would be discarded as waste if they were not used to make leathergoods).
To view Colour Chart Click Here

 (Bronze Member). G.H Leathers Ltd. Associate Company. Rectory Road, Rushden, Northants, NN10 0AG. UK. Tel: +44 (0) 1933311116. Fax: +44 (0) 1933311176. E-mail: Contacts: Ian, Amos, or John. This go-ahead modern company was only founded in 1998 but has rapidly grown into a major supplier of a vast range of leathers. They supply leather for clothing, shoes, upholstery, interior design, etc. They also provide leather for colleges, schools, universities offering fashion & design courses & diplomas. Their main specialty is Sheepskin & they offer a wide selection from many countries. They are now stocking a new range of exotic leathers from MPL in Thailand & will in future offer the entire range. Find them at,

 (Bronze Member). Kershaws Tannery. Water Street, Portwood, Stockport SK1 2BP. UK.
Tel: +44-161-480-3423. Fax: +44-161-480-8106. E-mail: Contact: Edward Kershaw. This company is one of the last tanneries still operating in the UK. It was established in 1855& specialises in 'Clothing Leather' which is produced to a very high standard using only the finest nappa's, aniline & nubuck. They also produce a range of high quality Sheepskin Rugs & Throws. This company also produces chrome-free leather which is especially suitable for clothing & children's shoes. They offer a consultancy service to 'All' their customers, The quality & suppleness of their skins is evident when you look at the lightweight jackets worn by the models. ( 'Comment by Francis' The workmanship displayed by the manufacturer of the clothing is also of an exceptional standard & can be seen to advantage when the Thumbnails are enlarged). Find them at,

 (Bronze Member). G.L Murphy Ltd.  Imperial Works, Bradford Road, Menston, Nr Ilkley,
West Yorkshire. LS29 6AA. UK. Tel: 01943-873132. Fax: 01943-870232.
Email: Contact: Neil Murphy. Specialists in the manufacture of leather tanning and reclamation machinery since 1930. Fully reconditioned Bramley and Turner tanning machinery with a huge selection of spare parts. Machine knives, shaving and fleshing. Also available: new cable strippers and rag cutters. Pictures, product information and contact details available from the site. Exports worldwide. Find them at,

 (Bronze Member). HERALDIC INDUSTRIES Postal Address: P.O. Box No. 1872, Sialkot 51310, Pakistan Factory Address: Model Town, Jinnah Street, Sialkot-51310, Pakistan
Telephone No's: +92-523-559010-559020 Office:  +92-523-559030-559030
Emails: Contact: C.E.O. NISAR A. BHUTTA. Products: Tanners, Manufacturers and Exporters of Leather Garments and Gloves An old established Company With an extensive range of fashionable leather clothing. See also: 'Leather Importers & Exporters ' & 'Leather Retail Outlets & Shopping Malls' & 'Manufacturers Of Finished Leather Goods' Find them at,

 (Bronze Member). M&W Leathers LTD. 13 Wilkinson close Rottingdean East Sussex. UK Tel 01273 300369 Fax 01273 884134 email:  Contact Claude White. We are a family business which has been established over the last 30 years in the south east of England, supplying a wide variety of leathers and sheepskin for a complete cross section of trades. We have no minimum order quantities and have well established links with clothing manufacturers, local schools and colleges offering design courses. We are ecologically sound and only offer leathers derived as a by-product. (A Web Site is under construction & we will add it as soon as we get the details).

 (Bronze Member). Associated Site, Seek Ostrich Goods. email; This is mainly A site supplying High Quality finished Leather goods But they also supply Ostrich Skins in a selection of colours. 1st, 2nd & 3rd grade skins are available & the difference in grades is effectively illustrated by pictures. It is easy to visulise the cutting area that is available on skins with minor defects. However The price of the 1st Grade skins is not excessive & for top quality Ostrich you wont get a better selection. An excellent resource & site. Find them at,

 (Bronze Member). Associate Member Sea Leather Wear. Location: C/O Calgary E-Comerce Services, Unit 86, 201 86th Avenue Calgary, Alberta, Canada Phone: 403-689-4701 Email: This Company specialises in Tanning Fish Skins, (mainly Canadian Carp & Perch) in Glazed & Suede Finish in a Fantastic range of colours. (These fish are part of the Food Chain in this region & Are Not Fished or Farmed for their Skins). The skins are in fact a By-Product of the food chain. To view their site use this link:

 (Bronze Member). Tanner Clyde Leather Company, Broadlie Works, Neilston, Glasgow G78 3AB Tel. 0141-881-4558 Fax 0141-881-0522 Email Contact; Paul Harris The Company has been producing fine suedes & pigmented splits since the 1950’s. Specialising in high quality split leathers we offer the following; Leathers and suede's; for belts, shoes, fancy goods, keyfobs, highland dress, slippers, dance shoes, orthopedic leathers, leathergoods, industrial leathers. We supply leather for colleges universities schools & scouting groups. With over 100 embossing plates we have a design that matches most including exotic animal prints. We have no minimum order quantities either a single bend (6-9sq feet) or a whole butt (16-22sq feet) With substances from 0.9mm to a massive 3.5mm

 (Gold Member) Wenzhou Taili Leather Co.,Ltd. E-mail: Tel:0086-577-56993771 Fax:0086-577-56763604 Add: Pingyang county, Wenzhou city, China. Zip: 325405 Contact: Jenny Ma. A Tannery supplying pig lining; pig grain lining, pig split lining, pig split glazed (resined), pig coated leather for shoes, and pig suede, pig split suede, pig Napa, embossed leather for garments. They also offer an extensive range of leather belts Company founded in 2001. For more information, you can log on to their website

 (Gold Member) Mfuleni Nile Crocodile Ranch, South Africa. Tel. no.: +27(0)15-7933088. For more information about: Exceptional wholesale, Nile Crocodile Hides, Nile Crocodile Leather Nile Crocodile Meat.  A Section of Mfuleni-Farm is in Karongwe Game Reserve: (Vist this site to view some sunning pictures) To view the Mfuleni Crocodile ranch site Go Here:

We have Established Links with all the above companies & can fully endorse them & vouch for their reliability & level of service.

 The Companies in the following list are also reliable companies or they would not be included in our lists. They are not however site members, but are included for the benefit of site visitors as a further source of supplies. When contacting any company on the following list. Please quote Ref: FB-M The Leather Connection. Many of them will be assessing the responses & visits to enable them to decide on becoming a full member.

Basic Listings Please Scroll this list.  

Supplier. Abbey Saddlery & Crafts Ltd. UK. Tel: 015650343. E-mail: URL:

Supplier.Tandy. USA. Tel: 1-888-890-1611. E-mail: URL:

Tanner/Supplier. Eagle Ottawa. 2930 USA. Tel: 1-248-853-3122.

Supplier. Clpw Leather Co. USA. URL:

Supplier. Standing Bears Trading Post. USA. URL:

Tanner. Pittards Plc. UK

Supplier. UK Hide Co.  UK. Tel: +44 (0) 12768578877. E-mail:

Tanner. Assbel BV. Holland.  Tel: (31) 162-371-371. E-mail:

Supplier. Leathersmith Designs Inc.  Canada. Tel: 1-902-434-9721.

Supplier. Buckskin Fur & Leather Co.  Canada. Tel: (403) 253-3459.

Supplier. Leather Suede, Skins, Inc.  USA. Tel: # (212) 967-6616. E-mail

Tanner. Harmatan Leather Ltd. UK. Tel: +44 (0) 1933-412151

Tanner. BAB Leather Products Intl. India. Tel: 0091-44-8321504.
Fax: 0091-44-8270458. E-mail:

Supplier Synthetics. Shin Her Mian Enterprises Co. Ltd. Tel: 886-2-29543898-9. Or
886-2-29582221.  E-mail:

Supplier. Relics Of Witney Leathers for Desks. UK. Tel/Fax: +44 (0) 1993-704611.

Tanner. Zahur Sancho Pvt. Parkistan. Tell: 92-21-5061786 to 90 = 5 lines.
E-mail: USA.  Tel: (541) 592-3693. E-mail:

Tanner. Joseph Clayton & Sons (Chesterfield) Ltd. UK.  Tel: + 44 (0) 1246-232863.

Curriers. Samuel Sharp (Curriers) Ltd. UK.  Tel: 01908-560179. Fax: 01908-260285.

Supplier Bowstock Ltd. UK. Tel/Fax: 01562746316.

Supplier M & M Al-Kassmy Syria. Tel: +963-112248300/01. Fax: +963-112246043.

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