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Leather Organisations, All Types
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 This list currently contains 71 World Wide leather related Organisations.

All the Organisations that I am currently aware of that relate to this diverse industry have been included here they are all dedicated to the particular field that they support & the part they play in maintaining the industries & furthering their interests must be appreciated. They are all extremely helpful & approachable.
Why Cordwainers? In the Middle Ages The finest Shoe Leather came from Cordova in Spain & Shoe Makers in the UK became known as Cordwainers as  opposed to Shoe Repairers who where referred to as Cobblers.

No.1}  The Society of Master Saddlers Ltd. Contact:  Mrs Hazel Morley  Chief Executive Green Lane Farm, Stonham, Stowmarket, Suffolk, IP14 5DS Tel/Fax: 01449 711642  07774 113069 E-mail This is the main Saddlery association in the UK  & represents the majority of the Saddlery Industry as well as the rural Saddler. Anyone contemplating a career in this craft or starting a business should contact them. Find them at,

No.2}  BETA. British Equestrian Trade Association. Wortersome Grange, Bramham, Nr Wetherby, West Yorkshire LS23 6LY. UK. Tel: 01132892267. Fax: 01132893576. E-mail: This organisation embraces a much wider field than the Master Saddlers & their members are drawn from all other suppliers & manufacturers of horse related equipment. However some Saddlers belong to both organisations. Find them at,

No.3}  BLC. British Leather Council. An old established organisation representing The Tannery Industry The majority of UK Tanners as well as some from abroad belong to it. They have a database of all members. Find them at,

No.4}  BLC. Leather Technology Centre. The BLC have launched a new Leather Information Site. This is an excellent site & extremely easy to navigate. It provides information on the care, preservation & treatment of all types of leather. There are sections on Footwear, Upholstery, Accessories, Clothing, etc. Articles about, how to treat leather, clean leather, care for leather, identify types of leather, All the information given is factual, based on tried & tested techniques. There is also a submit your problems on-line form for posting requests for help. This site will be a fund of tips & information for both the industry & the visitor seeking information. I thoroughly recommend it. Find them at,

No.5}  The Association of Master Upholsterers & Soft Furnishers. This is an old established & well respected organisation  representing the UK Upholsterers & Soft Furnishers. Find them at,

No.6}  Crafts Artists Listing Site. A database of Artisans, Artists & craft workers. (Many other crafts as well as leather.) Find them at,

No.7}  BFA. British Footwear Association. 3 Burystead Place, Wellingborough, Northants NN8 1AH. UK. Tel: 01933229005. Fax: 01933225009. Contact: Denis Bowen (Company Secretary).  An old established & respected organisation, they provide support & information to the UK Footwear Industry. Such as, information on footwear brands, they also provide extensive services to  Footwear Exporters & Employers. Find them at,

No.8}  BLLA. British Luggage & Leathergoods Association. This is one of the main Leathergoods Associations an old & prestigious body. The majority of the remaining British Companies belong to it as well as some overseas members. Find them at,

No.9}  ICHSLTA. International Council of Hides Skin & Leather Traders Association. Douglas House, Douglas Road, Melrose, Roxburghshire TD6 9QT. Scotland. Tel: 01896822233. Fax: 01896823344. Another Highly prestigious body which supports the tanning industry & represents their interests. Involved with international standards & contracts. An excellent site, & a members list is displayed. Find them at,

No.10}  The Worshipful Company of Saddlers. 40 Gutter Lane, London EC2V 6BR. UK. Tel: 02077268661. Fax: 02076000386. E-mail Contact: David Corner. They were incorporated by charter of King Richard ll in 1395 & granted authority to control the saddlery trade in the City of London & a two mile radius beyond. Although the powers granted for this purpose have long since gone (the Company's right to burn defective saddlery in Cheapside having last been exercised in 1892). Find them at,

No.11}  The Worshipful Company of Cordwainers. Tel: 02073534309. They are one of the oldest of the City of London Guilds which subsequently became known as Livery Companies. It's first Ordinances were Granted by Henry lll in 1272 & incorporated by Royal Charter by Henry Vl in 1439.

No.12}  The Worshipful Company of Curriers. Tel: 020793963310. Their Charter was granted by James l in 1605. but were a Guild Fraternity in the reign of Edward lll. Standards of workmanship were regulated in AD 1300 & by the reign of Richard lll Curriers had adopted a distinctive livery. Find them at:

No.13}  The Worshipful Company of Loriners. Tel: 0207980652.. The Craft of Lorinery includes the making & selling or bits, spurs, stirrups, bridle parts & saddle trees. First recorded in 1261 during the reign or King Henry lll.

No.14}  The Worshipful Company of Coach Makers & Coach Harness Makers. Tel: 02073935394. The Company's first Charter was granted by Charles ll in 1677 & again in 1688. (this is one of the largest companies today for as well as including traditional Coach Makers members are drawn from makers of car & aircraft seating.

No.15}  The Worshipful Company of Leathersellers. Nean College. Tel: 016044715000. This Livery Company has its own college (see ‘Education & Training’). They were first granted ordinance to regulate their trade in 1372 & in 1444 achieved the grant of a Charter by Henry Vl with a revised Royal Charter in 1604.  Find them at,

No.16}  ALDA. American Luggage Dealers Association. 1114 State Street, Suite 316, Santa Barbera, CA 93101. USA. Tel: (805) 966-6909. Fax: (805) 966-5710. E-mail: Contact: Marion Jones Executive Director. A Large organisation with members from shops & stores selling all types of leathergoods. Find them at,

No.17}  FIA. Footwear Industries of America. 1601N Kent Street, STE 1200, Arlington, VA 22209. USA. Tel: 703-524-1864. Fax: 703-522-6741. E-mail: A large organisation to which the vast majority of American Footwear Manufacturers belong. Find them at,

No.18}  NLDA. National Luggage Dealers Association. 254 5th Avenue, New York, NY. USA. Tel: 212-684-160.. E-mail: A large organisation drawing its membership from shops & stores specializing in luggage. Find them at,

No.19}  ILRA. International Luggage Repair Association. E-mail: An organisation for shops specializing in luggage repairs, these are found at all major US Airports. Find them at,

No.20}  SATRA. Footwear Technology Centre. SATRA House, Rockingham Road, Kettering, Northamptonshire NN16 9JH. UK. Tel: +44 (0) 1536-4100000. Fax: +44 (0) 1536-410626. E-mail:  For Footwear & leathergoods this is the major source of technical development & testing for the leather industries. They publish a monthly magazine & run seminars & training sessions for the trade. Find them at,

No.21}  The Honorable Cordwainers Company. 616 SW Evergreen, Redmond, OR 97756. USA. E-mail Contact: D W Frommer ll (HCC Membership Coordinator). An international Trade Guild of bespoke shoe & boot makers & allied trades. Sponsors, The Crispin Colloquy. A web based discussion forum. Find them at,

No.22}  COTANCE. Confederation of National Associations of Tanners & Dressers of the European Community. 3 rue Belliard, B-1040, Bruxelles, Belgium. Tel: 32/2/5127703. Fax: 32/2/5129157. email: Contact: Gustavo Gonzalez-Quijano. This is the representative body for the European Leather Industry. (A non-profit organisation.) It promotes the interests of the European Tanning Industry in both European & international markets. Membership was limited to EC Member States but now includes, Switzerland, Norway, Slovekia & Hungary. Find them at,

No.23}  Northamptonshire Footwear Manufacturers Association. 3 Burystead Place, Northamptonshire NN8 1AH. UK. Tel: 01933-229005. Fax: 01933-229009. E-mail: Contact: Elaine Davis. Northamptonshire is the home of a large majority of the UK footwear companies which have their own local organisation.

No.24}  The Leather Apparel Association. 19 West 21st Street, Suite # 403, New York, NY 10010. USA. E-mail: This association which represents the interests of Manufacturers, Leather Cleaners, Tanners & Retailers nation wide. They have a large membership & promote leather fashion all the year round. Find them at,

No.25}  ALCA. American Leather Chemists Association. Texas Tech University. P.O. Box 45300, Lubbock, TX 794095300. USA. Tel: 1/806/742/7296.Fax: 1/806/742/7298. This association supports the interests of its members which in the main are drawn from the Tanning & Leather Production Industry. A guest book is provided for visitors. Find them at,

No.26}  The Association of Light Industry Enterprises of Lithuania. Tel: +370/2/790131. Fax: +370/2/721127. E-mail: Contact: Mr Vidmantas Viksraitis. General Director of the Association. This Association was formed in 1991 to promote the development of light industry enterprises in Lithuania. There is a large group of leather companies among their membership, Footwear, Fur, Leather & Leathergoods are represented. The main aim of the association is to represent its members particularly at Government level & assist in finding Organisations, Partners, Distributors & Training Services. Find them at, (this link has stopped responding but may help

No.27}  The Bookmark Collectors Club. 53 Thurston Avenue, Southend-on-Sea, Essex SS2 4UJ. UK. E-mail: Contact: Mr. R J Hart. Membership of the club is free, genuine collectors are welcome, there are overseas members. They operate a free swapping service for members. They will also purchase new lines or collections from manufacturers or suppliers. Find them at,

No.28}  LIAI. Leather Industries of America Inc. 1000 Thomas Jefferson Street NW, Suit 515, Washington DC 20007. USA. Tel: 202-342-8086. Fax: 202-342-9063. E-mail: Trade association representing the interests & concerns of the U.S. Leather Industry. Find them at,

No.29}  UK Crafts Council. 44a Pentonville Road, Islington, London N1 9BY. UK. Tel: +44/0171-2787700. Fax: +44/0171-8376891. E-mail: They promote The contemporary crafts in the UK. This is an independent organisation but Government funded, it now comes under the remit of the Arts Council. Visitors will find a Craft Gallery, Reference Library, Photo Library plus a Shop & Cafe. Admission is free but they are closed on Mondays. Among the many Craft Artists/Artisans there is a small group of Leather Artisans.  Those wishing to join must submit suitable evidence of their skills, contact them for information & forms. Find them at,

No.30}  American Crafts Council. 72 Spring Street, New York NY 10012-4019. USA. Tel: 212-274-0630. Fax: 212-274-0650. E-mail: This organisation was founded in 1943, it is regarded as the leading voice related to the Crafts in America with many gifted Artists & Artisans as members. A Library is available, a Gallery is due shortly, a Craft Calendar, a list of Craft Shows & Markets is available. All listed members are at the top of their chosen craft & leather Artisans will be among them. They welcome applications for membership & information on joining is available on application. Find them at.

No.31}  Indian Council For Leather Exports. A lead body for the Industry. Leather Companies are included (see also ‘Imports & Exports’). Find them at,

No.32}  Ontario Crafts Council. 170 Bedford Road, Suite 300, Toronto, ON M5R 2K9 Canada. E-mail: Founded in 1976, they have two retail & exhibition locations, the Guild Shop & Gallery. They list 2,700 Professional Craft Artists & Artisans & in edition, Educators, Collectors, Members of the Art community & Members of the general public. Their Resource Centre offers a Craft Directory, Guide, & Annual Craft Show book. There are 300 shows, Exhibitions, & Retail Venues. Leather Artists & Artisans are among their listed Members. Find them at,

No.33}  Vermont Craft Council. Tel: 802-223-3380. E-mail: Contact: Martha Fitch. This site offers links to Artisans by region, name & media. Links to enhanced Artisans pages which provide more details, (a nice touch). Also, membership information, craft events & resources. There is a Market web site (another good innovation). This is an interesting site & well worth a visit. There are a group of Leather Artisans among their members. Find them at,

No.34}  American Furniture Manufacturers Association. 305 W High Street, 10th Floor, P.O. Box HP7, High Point NC 27261. USA. Tel: 336-884-500.  Fax: 336-884-5303. This Association promotes the interests of the American Furniture Makers & will include Upholsterers making Leather Furniture. Find them at,

No.35}  Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council. Tel: 902-423-3837. E-mail: Founded in 1973, they have a mandate to encourage & promote Crafts plus increase public awareness & appreciation of the Crafts. They organise Retail Craft Markets, & publish a quarterly News Letter. There are a group of Leather Artisans among their members. Find them at, Unable to link as yet.

No.36}  The Crafts Centre Washington. 1001 Connecticut Avenue, Suite 525, Washington DC 20036. USA. Tel: 202-728-9630. Fax: 202-296-2452.  E-mail: Contact: Emily Sloat Shaw.  The organisation was founded in 1986 to support Artisans around the World working in all types of Crafts. They endeavour to connect Artisans to potential buyers, create demand for & appreciation of handcrafts. They offer the following services: Database, News, Publications, Education & information on setting up Craft Co-operatives. There is a Library with a 1,000 Books + Periodicals & Video’s. There are Leather Artisans on their database. Find them at,

No'37}  Alberta Craft Council. Tel: (780) 488-6611. Ext: 221. (Toll free in (Alberta 1-800-DO-CRAFT).). Fax: (780) 488-8855. E-mail: Contact: Erica M Ratzlaff. The site is under construction & I will update as soon as possible. Available now, an online Magazine, (bimonthly,) shopping & Members Portfolio, (buy direct from Members a good feature.) Events, Craft Shows, Fairs, Markets, Exhibitions, Studio Tours, & Home Sales. Courses, Lectures & Conferences. There are search facilities for the above & provision to add you own. Find them at,

No.38}  Manitoba Crafts Council. Craftspace Gallery, 390 academy Road, Winnipeg MB R3N 0B8. Canada. Tel: 9204) 487-6114. E-mail: Their mandate is to promote the Contemporary Arts, Promote Artisans & increase community awareness of their members. They publish A bimonthly bulletin, Assist with education & marketing & creating a CV + portfolio. There are Leather Artisans among their members & they can be found on the database. Find them at,

No.39}  NSRA. National Shoe Retailers Association. Founded in 1912 it provides members with practical information & business services, how to operate their stores for maximum profitably. It also serves as an advocate for the independent Shoe Retailing Community. Find them at,
No.40}  American Fur Industry, 363 7th Avenue, New York NY 10001. USA. Tel: (212) 564-5133.

No.41}  ALAD. American Leather Accessory Designers. 392 5th Avenue, New York NY 10018. USA. Tel: (212) 971-0906.
No.42}  Footwear Retailers Of America. 1420 K Street, NW Washington DC 20005. USA. Tel: (202) 789-1420.
No.43}  Fur Information & Fashion Council. 363 7th Avenue, New York NY 10001. USA. Tel: (202) 564-5133.

No.44}  Shoe Retailers League. 275 Madison Avenue, New York NY 10016. USA. Tel: (212) 889-7920.

No.45}  Euro Info Centres-Europe. ‘Closer to Business’ These Info Centres inform, advise & assist Businesses in all community matters. One Stop Internet Shop for Business. Information on trading in the E.U. Help on finding a partner, E.U. Publications, Papers, etc. This site provides information about the E.U.  for all businesses. UK Leather Related Companies not yet trading in the E.U. but intending to in the future would be well advised to visit this site. The information contained should prove interesting for schools, libraries & all researchers. Find them at,

No.46}  The Worshipful Company of Glovers of London. Clerk, Monique Hood. This Company traces its history back to 1349. The site provides a resume of their history, (this makes it another useful site for research). See also ‘Museums for their collection of Historic Gloves. E-mail Find them at,

 No.47}  Associated Site. IILG. International Internet Leathercrafters Guild. E-mail: Contact: Dave Torix. This organisation is truly international in scope & there are many benefits to joining. The largest Guild of its kind offering, an opportunity to exchange ideas, tips, a knowledge base & many other features to numerous to list here. There are links with ‘Leather Crafters’ Rings, Leather Magazines, etc. The emphasis is on the individual Artisan but like this site there are categories for Suppliers, Trade Organisations, Training, Manufacturers, etc. Well worth joining as a member & well worth a visit. Find them at,

No.48}  French Leather Confederation. 109 rue du Faubourg Saint Honor’e 75373, Paris Cedex 08. France. Tel: 33 (0) 1-43-59-05-69. Fax: 33 (0) 1-43-59-30-02. Information on the French Leather Industry with links to the ‘French Hide & Skin Association’ & ‘French Leather Industry’ Also included, Leather Suppliers, Tanners, Exhibitions, Business Opportunities, etc. They have extensive links with other European Leather Organisations. Find them at,

No.49}  The Polish Chamber of Tanners, Leather Producers & Trade. E-mail: Contact: Karolina Wirowska. They represent the Leather & Shoe Industry in Poland There is information on their industry, plus Trading Statistics since 1990. There is much material here for researchers. Find them at,

No.50}  Spanish Leather Chemists Association. Gran Via de les Corts, Cotalanes 608-8, C 08007. Barcelona Spain. Tel: +34-93-3024893. Fax: +34-93-3426395. E-mail: This organisation protects the interests of the Spanish Tanning Industry. A non profit entity established in 1950. Their President is Dr D Agusti Morsal. They are themselves members of the IULTCS. International Union of  Leather Technologists of Chemists Societies. English & Spanish available on the site but the publications available all appear to be in Spanish only. See also Education & Training. Find them at,

No.51}  Hidemarket. Com. (Barnet Trading Inc). 217 Humphrey Street, Marblehead, MA 01945-1620. USA. Tel: 781-639-0725. Fax: 781-639-4356. E-mail: They deal in Cattle Hides & offer: Prices & Statistical Data. News, from the industry. Information about Hides. types, sizes, weight & general description. Hide & Leather Terminology: A Glossary of Terms, etc. Exporting Standards, Rules & Regulations & International Agreements. Directory: Of USA & Canadian Tanners. Leather Associations, Trade Fairs, Leather Dealers & Craft Suppliers. A Directory of Shoe Companies & a List of Leather Publications. Another useful site full of information & recommended for research purposes. Find them at,

No.52}  International Council of Tanners. Head Office: ICT Leather Trade House, Kings Park Road, Moulton Park, Northampton NN3 6JD. UK. Tel: +44-01604-679917. Fax: +44-01604-679998. E-mail: The aims & purpose of the ICT is to represent the interests of the leather industry on an international level & liaise with all other Leather Associations & Organisations. President: Mr Tony Mossop. The Executive Committee is also listed plus their addresses, E-mail addresses & the areas they represent on a global basis. The ICT are together with other Organisations involved in; setting international contracts, codes of practice, measurement institutes, arbitration centres, freedom of trade, etc. The introduction of a pre-forma Environmental Impact & Safety Compliance Statement & the launch of an ECO-TOX Label for Leather. A Glossary of Leather terms is also included. Find them at,

No.53}  Leather Research Laboratory. At the University of Cincinnati. 5997 Center Hill Avenue, Building C, Cincinnati, OH 45224 USA. Tel: 513-242-6300. Fax: 513-242-9797. E-mail: Located at the University of Cincinnati, the Lab offers performance testing for the leather Upholstery & Leathergoods Industries. Information seminars & workshops on leather technology are also provided with sophisticated consulting & research services. Find them at,

No.54}  Philadelphia Hide Brokerage Corporation. 1000 Lenola Road, Suite 201 Maple Shade, New Jersey 08052. USA. Tel: (856) 439-0707. Fax: (856) 439-1155.  E-mail: They provide: A comprehensive Market Report ( sales of hides in America & World wide). Industry & Hide users, connections to other useful links, Leather Fairs, Shoe Industry, etc. The current prices of hides & Statistics, Articles on the industry are also provided as & when available. There are some interesting old photos of cattle & Cowboys. Find them at,

No.55}  United States Department of Commerce. E-mail: Voluntary Product Standard. (Draft V.1.0. Date: 1/8/99). United States Saddle Standard. A lengthy document laying out the standards agreed & required. Many illustrations, covering making & fitting. (reference to English type saddles as well). One to visit. Find them at,

No.56}  Eastern Regional Research Center. Fats, Oils &  Animal Coproducts Research Unit. USDA, ARS, Eastern, Regional Research Center, 600 East Mermaid Lane, Wyndmoor, PA 19038. USA. Tel: 215-233-6585. Fax: 215-233-6795. E-mail: Contact: William N. Marmer, PhD. (Research Leader). The program is part of a broader one looking to add value to hides, fats & oils & wool. This is done at the ERRC under the banner of the Fats, Oils & Animal Coproducts Research Unit. The mission of the unit is to foster utilisation of these animal coproducts by application of chemistry & biotechnology to add value to these materials, establish new uses & overcome environmental impediments to domestic processing. (See also Training). Find them at,

No.57}  Central Research Laboratories. (Showcase International). Update on Leather Terminology. An interesting list of leather terms & classifications this is proceeded by an explanation of the new laws & requirements relating to the descriptions permitted regarding the labeling of, Leather, Artificial Leather (Reconstituted Leather) Plastics & Leatherette, etc. This needs to be taken into consideration by Manufacturers of Finished Goods as well as Retailers. There is a move to introduce this as a World Standard. Find this at,

No.58}  An Associated Site. Shoe Infonet. A large Organisation providing extensive information on all aspects of the leather industries. This ranges from, magazines, comprehensive lists of shoe suppliers, leathergoods suppliers, books, articles & publications, leather companies on a World wide basis, registration for membership, statistics, etc. This is a great source of information for those involved in the industry & a massive source of information for the researcher, don’t miss this one but remember there are strict laws of copyright & articles must not be reproduced  without express permission. However students are usually able to use facts & information from such sources but it is polite to ask permission first. See also, ‘Books & Publications’ lists, ‘Education & Training’ lists & ‘Associated Sites’ lists. Find them at,  E-mail:

No.59}  CSIRO. Textile & Fibre Technology. Location: Corner Princes Hwy & Henry Street, Belmont, Geelong, Victoria, Australia. Address: P.O. Box. 21, Belmont, Victoria 3216 Australia. Tel: +61-3-5246-4000. Fax: + 61-3-5246-4057. E-mail: Textile news supplied on line. Find information on both textiles & leather. They provide a list of comprehensive reports on a wide range of topics. It is also possible to sign up for their on-line news letter. Two specific reports that should interest manufacturers are those on Sheepskins & Kangaroo leather. Definitely worth A visit. Find them at,

No.60}  Fabrics.Net. ‘Ask Andy’ Contact, Fabrics.Net, 507 E, 10th, Spokane, WA 99202. USA. E-mail: Tel: (509)624-4795. A very useful site, questions & answers provided & can be found on your behalf on every aspect relating to the supply & use of fabrics. If you have a query or problem they will find an answer. Find them at,

No.61}  TDC. Trade .com. Hong Kong Trade Development Council. (HKTDC).  E-mail: They are mainly involved in sourcing Trade & Business in the Asia - Pacific region & the development of Hong Kong as the gateway to mainland China. There is a most informative page devoted to the Leather Industry Plus the use of leather & fashion accessories. Find them at,

 No.62}  S.Com. E-mail: Contact: Frank Jones. This Site is a much more commercial site & deals specifically with the Footwear industry. The site supplies information on this large & important industry. Select from the following: Shoe news from around the world, (Including Archives), a huge directory of Shoe Manufacturers, (you can search by company name or or style of shoes or gender as well as country). Shoe Making Basics, this section supplies on-line information on manufacturing techniques. Frank like me was a City & Guilds Moderator for the old Craft Courses & used to tour the colleges offering those courses. He has moved on now & is writing books on his subject, (he is considered a leading expert in his field). He provides training, seminars & lectures world wide regularly visiting America & other parts of the globe. Find him at,

 No.63}  Associated Site. Indian Shoe Bazaar. E-mail: Contact: Prem Mehani. This is a large site which deals mainly with the Shoe Industry in the Far East. To use their own description. " Ours is an objective information site about footwear & related industries with a Directory of Footwear Companies, Profiles, Links, Glossary, Sizing Charts, Fairs info, Experts Talk & more..." They are very professional. Find them at,

No.64}  FLNTO Ltd. The National Training Organisation for the Footwear, Leather Production, Leathergoods & Shoe Repair Industries. A useful site for all Companies & individuals that require information provided within the above industries. All the current training within the UK is listed together with Qualifications available. Funding is also covered & an on-line form for entering your information & details. For a fuller explanation please see 'Education & Training' Category. email: Find them at

No.65}  FNL. The Dutch Federation of Tanners. FNL. P.O. Box  90154 - 5000 LG, Tilburg,Netherlands. Tel: + (31)13-5944778. Fax: + (31)13-5944749.  Email: This organisation has represented companies in the Dutch leather industry for the last 75 years. (Founded in 1927). It concentrates & provides leadership on major issues such as, environment issues, waste management, market development, etc. Members lists, news from their region, links to other organisations, etc. Find them at,

No.66}  The Union of Russian Tanners. 74 Pyatnitskaya Street, Moscow. 113184. Russia. Tel/Fax: (095) 237-44-82-953-38-38.  Email:  A very prestigious body they provide information on the following areas: Scientific Research, Institutions, Higher Education, Tanneries, Machinery, Chemical Products, etc. Companies are listed together with information & statistics. Find them at,  Note. This URL will only open information in Russian But if you enter their title in a search engine an English version is shown. Once we sort this out the link will be activated.

No.67}  VDL. The German Leather Federation. Tel: 49-(0)-69-97-84-31-41. Fax: 49-(0)-69-78-80-00-09. Email: Contact: Reinhard Schneider.  Headquarters of the leather producing industry in Germany. It's main areas of activity include: Research, Environment issues, Standardization, Hide Markets, Hide Improvements, Economic Issues, Leather Promotion, Foreign Trade, Fairs, Statistics, Market Data, etc. They also include information on the Leather Manufacturing Industry. Find them at,

 No.68} The Company of Cordwainers of The City of York. This is one of 7 Guilds in York & was like most Guilds founded in medieval times to serve the shoe making companies within the city. It was disbanded however in about 1880 due to a decline in the status of Guilds. It was refounded in 1977 & is once again a vibrant part of civil functions within the city having resurrected the majority of their historic activities observed. A Charter Weekend is  held in May each year. There is also an on-line calendar showing their monthly activities. For membership details & further information contact the Clerk: S. Mark Burn Esq, Burn & Co,11 Lendal, York. YO1 8AQ. UK. Find them at,

 No. 69}  International Trade Centre UNCTAD/WTO. Leather Line.  International Trade Centre, Palais des Nations, 1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland. Tel: +41 22 730 0471 Fax: +41 22 730 0580 e-mail Contact: Pamela ALBA VARGAS, Consultant Market Development Section. ITC's Leather Unit has recently launched a website, called "Leatherline" that we invite you to visit at the following URL: This site aims at facilitating access to information for all those involved in the leather industry worldwide, especially from developing countries, and contains a large spectrum of data, ranging from business contacts to information and bibliographic reference on topics related to the multilateral trading system, quality, environment and marketing. It also provides useful links such as references to leather trade-related organizations, associations, training and research institutes and leather portals,

 No.70} The 'Knife Web Guide' Associated Site A research & Reference Site for Knives, & Accessories. Address: Cutlers Cove,P.O. Box 3171, San Angelo, Texas USA. Tel: 325-659-1404. Fax: 325-655-4839. Contact: Byron Rogers. A new & expanded guide with 76 categories & 2,000 links. To; information, magazines, knife manufacturers, knife collecting, swords, sheaths, books, shows, exhibitions, etc.This comprehensive site is a must for dedicated campers, country folk, etc to whom the carrying of a knife is essential. Find them at,

No.71}  Corium Solutions Ltd. 20 Alexandra Road, Stoneygate, Leicester, LE2 2BB. UK.
Tel: +44(0)116-270-1354. Fax: +44(0)116-270-3367. E-mail: Contact: Byron Dixon. This Company supplies, leather lacquers, dressings, repair products and ancillaries such as spray guns, adhesives etc. They Offer their clients cost effective & innovative ways to, purchase, utalise & explore the full potential of one of natures most beautiful & natural commodities - Leather. They also offer 0n-site technical help, chemicals to specification, testing facilities &  aftercare, so that merchandise their clients manufacture will be to recommended specifications. Their 'Training Courses' are informative, clients will have a better appreciation of where leather comes from, how it is made, what it can & cant do.  Delegates Will: Understand leather better, gain product knowledge, recognise & identify diffent leather types. To Sumarise: Corium offer a range of solutions to enhance & achieve maximum utalisation of this unique raw material. which includes: development, training, testing, & retail solutions. They use small teams of highly skilled leather & business specialists to deliver innovative & practical results. Contact them for a diagnosis at,

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