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Leather Books & Publications
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 This list currently contains 35 World Wide Leather Books, Manuals, Publications & Magazines.

I have included books that I own & have read as well as some I have discovered on the Internet. Have I missed any? Do you know of one I should read or add to my collection? Have you written a leather book or published a leather book? Send me details or a copy so that I can review it & add it to this list. I am also selling my own Instruction Manuals as well as those written by Ron Ross A leading exponent of the famous Sheridan Style of Carving. See example opposite as well as 'Manuals & Books For Sale' page. Also Books on Braiding by Gail Hought a very talented Artisan.

Instruction Manual No.1 Straps, Belts, Handles, & Basic Skills. By Francis Burdett-Mills MCIPD. Ideal for Students, Beginners, Teachers & Trainers. It contains all the basic techniques, plus essential cutting & costing information. Price $97 Payment by PayPal To order Click Here

Instruction Manual No. 2 Light Leathergoods. Wallets, Notecases & Purses. By Francis Burdett-Mills MCIPD. This manual is ideal for all stages of development but is still easily understood by the beginner. It deals with all types of construction from, Cut Edge, Semi Solid, & Turned Edge. Price $97 Payment by PayPal To order Click Here

Instruction Manual No. 3 Light Leathergoods, (Gift Ware). Desk Items: Pen Holder, Blotters. Games Items: Dice Shaker (Cylindrical Work), Playing Card Box, (Variation on 'Built up Work'). Traveling Photo Frame, Jewel Boxes, Cigarette Box, Trinket Box, (Built up Work), Moulded Work, Zipped Items, Folders, etc. This Manual moves on from Manual No. 2 & deals with more intricate methods of construction, including some that are little used these days as they take considerable time to prepare & make. Modern manufacturing methods & costs prohibit this, however neglect of these construction methods can restrict the ability of 'Designer Craftsmen' to develop their ideas. If for instance you are able to construct the basic carcase that a box is built from for your initial prototype you can afterwards have quantities made ready for covering. Price $97 Payment by PayPal To order Click Here

Instruction Manual No.4  Handbags & Hand Luggage, etc. All the various styles, construction methods, types of gussets, etc Too much to include here but examples of all techniques will be fully covered here. Small Luggage. From Hand Luggage, Portfolios, Sports Bags, Brief Cases, Executive Cases, Cartridge Bags, etc. Some old & nearly forgotten styles & construction methods included here. (Now Finished). Price $97 Payment by PayPal To order Click Here

The above Instruction Manuals are my own & are part of an ongoing series. Instruction Manual No.4 (Subject Bags) is now being written and will be added to this list when it is finished. For further information regarding it's contents please contact me.

Books by Other Authors, Magazines etc.

No.1} Leather Braiding. By Bruce Grant, Published by Cornell Press Inc. Centraville, Maryland. USA. This is a comprehensive book on all types of braiding (platting). Supplied by Tandy, This is a must for your library, If you are into braiding then this is your Bible.

 No.2} Bridle Work. By Robert H Steink, published in the UK by J A Allen & Co. Ltd. 1. Lower Grovenor Place, Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1 0LE. Also by the same author, Repair Your Own Saddlery & Harness, Care & repair of Rugs, Harness Making, The Care & Repair of Saddlery, The Care & Repair of Harness. These are very comprehensive books & essential reading for saddlery students. To contact Rob email: Visit his site to purchase the books at: I must add the following warning. The layman & the untutored should not attempt to repair articles for other riders, remember there are severe risks involved,  if you are unskilled & repair an article & a rider is maimed or killed you are liable to police charges & compensation claims. A registered saddler will carry adequate insurance for this possibility or should I say probability.

 No.3} The Leather Working Handbook. By Valerie Michael, published in the UK by Cassel, Wellington House, 125 Strand, London WC2 0BB. Or contact Valerie direct: The Workshop, 37 Silver Street, Tetbury, Glos. GL8 8DL.. UK. Tel/Fax: 01666502179. Email: An interesting book by a talented Atisan, with lots of projects for the beginner to try out. (Who Knows you might get a signed copy). See also 'Education & Training & 'Manufacturers of Finished Goods'

No.4}  Leathergoods Manufacture. By G C Moseley. This book is out of print but copies were obtainable from Cordwainers College London. George was a previous Head of Department at the college & an excellent craftsman, this book is for the trainee or student, a beginner would find it hard going.

No.5} Design  & Construction of Handbags. By W C Double. Also out of print & again an ex H O D from the same college. Wally was also an excellent & meticulous Craftsman, his book would prove even more difficult for a beginner but essential reading for the student involved in Pattern Making & Design.

No.6} Craft Tool Tech Tips. By Al Stolman. Copyright 1969. Crafttool Co. Ft Worth, Texas. USA. This booklet is available from Tandy & is essential reading for those who intend to decorate or stamp the surface of leather, well illustrated & easy to follow.

No.7} Stamping With The Basics. By Tony Laier. Another helpful booklet from Tandy. This is for those contemplating tooling on leather as it provides some easily understood information.

No.8} Lucky Eight Belt Book. No publisher listed, it is available from Bachelors of London. This booklet is confined to tooling & making belts. This again is ideal for beginners.

No.9}  World Leather Magazine. Head Office, 36 Crosby Road, North Liverpool. L22 0QN. UK. Tel: +44 151-9289288. Fax: + 44 151-9284190. Email: A technical trade publication mainly for Tanneries. Find them at,

No.10} Associated Site. (Magazine.) ShoeMaking News. Contact: Frank Jones. Tel: +44 (0) 1706-211181. Email: They provide information for the Shoe Industry. Find them at, See also entry No.13 in the Associated Sites List for more detailed information.

No.11} Tanning Bibliography. Tel: (240)416-7835. Fax: (301)592-0618. This compilation of books & research gathered together by David Rotenstein is an extremely useful reference site for anyone researching tanning & it's development. Go to the Site Map & scroll to Leather Bibliography. The site has been revamped.
E-mail: Find him at,

No.12} The Strozier Library. Florida State University.   West Tennessee Street, Highway 90, Tallahassee. USA. Tel: (850)644-5211. (No email address found)  ‘An Exhibition of Fine Bindings’ This section of the site supplies links & helpful information to their collection of books & publications on the subject of Bookbinding. Plenty of material for research on this subject. A very useful site, find them at,

No.13} The Saddler. By Sidney A Davis. Published by Shire Publications Ltd, Cromwell House, Church Street, Princes Risborough, Aylesbury, Bucks. HP17 9AJ. UK. This is only a small book consisting of 62 pages but it is written by an expert saddler & contains some excellent photo's showing the basic techniques used in both saddlery & leathergoods. It is also written in a simple & easy to understand format. This would be  an ideal complementary book to use in conjunction with my training
manual No.1.

No.14} Publication. Indian Leather Digest. 120 Vepery High Road, Pereamet, Chennai-600 India. Tel: 91-44-5386566. Fax: 91-44-4612685. E-mail This is a technical publication relating to the Leather, Footwear & Allied Industries. It publishes news on, technical seminars, new products, international leather fairs, etc. Find them at,

No.15} Publication. Leather Technology. E-mail: This is of particular interest to all Tanners as it deals with the processing of leather. There are features on, machinery, it is strong on environmental issues. It also includes reports from experts in this field. The site has changed considerably & now offers Contact lists of Italian Shoe Manufacturers & Shoe Machinery Suppliers. Find them at,

 No16} Associated Site. A Leather Carving Pattern Book. Title ‘East of Sheridan’ By Ron Ross. Of, Ross Saddles & Harness, St Joe, Indiana 46785. USA. For copies of this pattern book contact Ron Ross. E-mail To see examples from this book visit the web site, there are some excellent patterns in this book together with instructions & a list of tools used to produce each example. This is definitely one for the student or beginner. Separate designs are also available from this talented Artisan under the title ‘Sheridan Designs’ This site should interest schools, art teachers & libraries. See also his New Training Courses under 'Education & Training' Or even buy the books see also 'Manuals & Books For Sale' Find Ron at,

No.17} Rush Rhees Library. University Of Rochester.  Rochester, NY 14627. USA. Tel: (716) 275-2052. Fax: (716) 756-4425. E-mail  (History Department). This University displays information regarding, ‘Gadey’s Ladies book’ Philadelphia Nov. 1850. Extracts from this book are available describing the making of leaves & flowers from leather scraps. An interesting site, one for the researcher. Could also be of interest to schools. Find them at,

No.18} Saddlery. By E Hartley Edwards. Published by J A Allen & CO. LTD. 1. Lower Grovenor Place, London. SW1. UK. This book is held in high esteem by both Saddlers & Riders. It doe's not give actual making instructions but each piece of equipment is described in full detail, what it is designed for, how it works, etc. There are plenty of detailed illustrations to back up the explanations.

No.19} 'Skin Deep' News Letter.  (Two per year). Produced by J Hewit & Sons Ltd. Unit 28, Park Royal Metro Centre, Britannia Way, London. NW10 7PR. UK. Tel: +44 (0) 20-8965-5377. Fax: +44 (0) 20-8453-0414. E-mail: Contact: David M Lanning. (Director). E-mail: This Tanner & supplier of Bookbinding tools & materials, etc. produces a highly informative Publication & newsletter, The newsletter will be sent to your E-mail address on request the Publication is available for download on their site (back issues also available). Subjects: Education Available, Company News, Letters & Feedback, Dates for Your Diary, Leather related articles, etc. This should not be missed, a must for the industry & definitely one for all schools & libraries. To download current version visit, To be added to mailing list for the news letter contact David M Lanning at the above E-mail address. To visit their site,

No20} Shoe Trades Publishing Company. 61 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02474, USA. Tel: 781-648-8160. Fax: 781-646-9832. E-mail: A publishing company specializing in the Leather Industry They produce Magazines, Books, Directories, Videos, etc. Magazines: American Shoemaking, World Sports, Activewear, World Leather, Leather Manufacturer & World Footwear. Directories: Shoe Factory Source Guide & Tannery Source Guide. A large selection Books: On the following subjects, Design, Colour Guides, Colour Planner, etc. Footwear: Footnotes on Shoes, Shoes, etc. Glossary: Six Language Glossary of Shoe & Leather, Leather Technologists Pocket Book, Sitting Comfortably (Upholstery) Statistics: Various selection. Leathergoods: The House of Gucci, Bags, etc. Videos: When the Shoe Fits & The Brendan Voyage. The story of a 6th century voyage by Irish Monks in a leather boat. There is so much here, A must for researchers, schools & Libraries & much to interest the world leather industry. Find them at,

No.21} The Koninklyke Bibliotheck. National Library of The Netherlands.   Prins Willem-Alexanderhof 5, 2595 BE The Hague, The Netherlands. Tel: +31-70-3140911. Email:  A Collection of books On Bookbinding from this historic Dutch Library. These range from the 14th century to 1986. A search facility is provided to find subjects & titles, this takes you to an index & profile on each publication. The information is in English. An ideal site for those wishing to research this subject & a good site for schools & libraries. Find them at,

No.22} The Koninklyke Bibliotheck. National Library of The Netherlands.  (Address, Telephone & Email the same as the above Site).  Another site & further information on the subject of Bookbinding from the above famous Dutch Library. Entitled, Guidelines for the Conservation of Leather & Parchment Bookbinding's. (Chapters 11 & 2). This deals with aspects of conservation: An overview of leather & parchment manufacture, treatment, causes of decay & damage, procedures & formula's, tests, storage & handling, etc. This again is a must for libraries, restorers, researchers & those working in this industry. Find this at,

No.23} Seattle P-I. com Lifestyle. (Article Published Sept 23, 1999). Hide ‘N’ seat: Email: Few beefs about leather furnishings, this informed report by Susan Phinney (Seattle Post Intelligencer Reporter). Covers the increase in the use of leather for upholstery, it's increase in choice by the purchasing public as well as the improvements in modern tanning methods which have helped to increase the popularity of leather. To view this article. Enter the URL, enter the title of the report in search, click find, then click on the article title listed for the full report,

No.24} Envir Sense.  New technique to Degrease Sheep skin with Freon. (Case Study CS445. Dated 1995). Emal: Contact: Myles Morse. Information relating to the safe use of chemicals related to the tanning of leather. (Environmental issues), plus list of contacts & telephone numbers given on the site. Mainly of interest to Tanners, Leather Chemists & Researchers. Enter URL Enter the Title or the Article to access the report.

No.25} Fenice. SPA, Via del Lavoro,1. 36078 Valdagno, VI. Italy. Tel: +39-0445-424888. Fax: +39-0445-403607. Email: An interesting article supplied by this Company. Entitled, ‘College & Brush Off' About the treatment of leather & production of Suede Leather, a long & informative article. Find it at.

No.26} CoOL Conservation Online. CoOL, is a project of the Preservation Department at, Stanford Universities, Libraries Department, Stanford. CA. 94305-6004. USA.  Tel: 650-723-9381. Email: Contact: Walter Henry. It provides conservation information on a wide selection of topics relating to the preservation of books & library collections. Using the  following URL will take you to their main site. This offers the following options, clicking on ‘Bibliographies & Resource Guides’ which provides a list of articles on the preservation of books, papers & other materials including the Author of the article. Clicking Dictionaries will also provide further information, relating to, dictionaries, thesauri, glossaries, abbreviations, lists, etc. Internet Courses on Paper Preservation are available, ( see Education & Training). There are direct links to other sites with relevant information. Select: Book Repair & Pamphlet Binding Unit, at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Contact Norma Linton. NEDCC Northeast Document Conservation Centre. The University of California, San Diego. ‘Preservations of Library Collections, a Staff Education Program & the Northwestern University Library ‘Care & Handling of Books’ Also at CoOL using this URL will take you to Bookbinding & The Conservation of Books, ‘A Dictionary of Descriptive Technology’ You are offered an alphabet on the left, Select. & scroll to Spanish Leather for information on Cordovan type leather & its history, Etherington & Roberts Dictionary Select, ‘B’ to find reference on all aspects of Bookbinding. Select, ‘L’ for all leather references. But other descriptions will also be found under other letters. Lastly there is also a very useful Conversion Table for Leather Thickness, Inches, Ounces, Irons, & millimeters it is worth the visit for this information alone.

No.27} Stefan's Florilegium. Go to: or (Use target Name). Then on the left click crafts, scroll & select: Lea-Bladders, tanning cleaning dressing animal bladders. Lea-Tooling, decorating leather. Lea-Tanning, how to tan leather types of leather. Lea-Dyeing, dyeing & painting leather. Leather, working with leather.  Leather-Bib, bibliography on leather & leathergoods. Leather 2 Bib, leather bibliography by Vilyehm the Merchant. All these consist of postings on the Internet, questions & answers which should interest researchers. At the end of each section there are lists of books relating to the subjects.  One or two are already listed by me, but there was references to books by John Waterer, he was considered the leading authority on leather in my youth. & I never expected to be one of those filling his shoes. Definitely worth a visit.

No28} Medieval Leather Working Techniques. Go to. that can find it, (but not always). Or go to MSN enter "Medieval Leather Working Techniques" & click search, (a long way round). But this should not be missed at any cost. There are pages of reference to old tools & practices. Illustrations of tools & information regarding their usage. Most subjects are covered from Tanning to the production of finished articles. Most tools are still the same today & most practices have stood the test of time & in the case of hand made & hand sewn leather articles it is remarkably similar to what we older craftsmen still do. (There are always regional differences & different practices in other countries). I noticed a reference to Pricking Wheels being used to space stitches, all those I have seen in the UK had plain points to just mark the position for each stitch. They follow this with a short reference to Pricking Irons with a comment that they seemed to be little used, but here in the UK Saddlers & Leatherworkers use them extensively. These Irons have sloping teeth which leave a mark which gives the stitches a slant, (Harness Iron & Harness Stitch). I had a wheel myself inherited from my Great Grandfather but never used it. Well worth visiting it is a lengthy article but should not be missed.

 No.29} Associated Site. Shoe Infonet. This site contains one of the most extensive lists of Shoe & Leathergoods Companies. I have included them in this section as they  provide some well written publications, reports & books. Scroll the list on the left of the screen & select: Shoe History, for, ‘History of Your Shoes' This is an informative guide with plenty of illustrations which takes you through the development of shoes over  the centuries. (Don't miss this one.) ‘History of The Western Boot’ By D W Frommer, another excellent & well produced article on the origin & development of boots in the USA. ‘The Patron Saint of Shoemakers’ again informative & not to be missed. Lastly a link to ‘The Development of The Lasting Machine’ (Sorry about that pun) This is of more interest to members of the industry or technically minded buffs. (Also part of the Industrial Revolution). See also, ‘Education & Training’ lists, ‘Organisations’ lists & ‘Associated Sites’ lists. Find them at, E-mail:

No30} 10398, Takilma Road, Cave Junction, OR 97523. USA. Tel: (541)592-3693. e-mail: Contact: Matt Richards. This site provides a veritable feast of information. there are books on all aspects relating to the tanning & production of leather, from the de-hairing to tanning by various methods including Bark Tanning, a directory of Tanners & a Bibliography. See also the list of Recent Reviews: Native American Beadwork, etc. There are videos as well on the subject of leather tanning. All this is ideal material for those contemplating tanning their own hides. There is an Online Forum to exchange ideas & info. plus a list of Web Rings. (See also ‘Education & Training’ ‘Tanners & Leather Suppliers’ ‘Trade Suppliers’ & ‘Retail Outlets & Shopping Malls’ For further information & offers. Find them at,

 No.31} Associated Site Hought Fine ArtNo.31} Associated Site Hought Fine Art & Leather.  P.O. Box 2115. McKinleyville, CA 95519. USA. Tel: 707-839-1164 / 1-800-839-1164. Fax: 1-707-839-1871. E-mail: A series of Books by Gail Hought Subject: Braiding (Plaiting) to produce a large variety of items, particularly with regard to horse equipment There are four Books available: 'Art of Braiding, The Basics' (Black & White edition). 'The Art of Braiding The Basics - Revised Edition'. 'The Art of Braiding Bosal 1' & 'The Art of Braiding Bosal 2. The last three are beautifully illustrated by this talented Artisan & are a 'must have' for those aspiring to produce work of this quality. Gails talents do not stop there as she is also an Artist of some considerable talent. see the Paintings, Water Colours, Prints & Greetings Cards, also for sale on the site. Find her at, (Also see the following categories: 'Education & Training' 'Manuals For Sale' 'Tanners & Leather Suppliers' 'Trade Suppliers' Manufacturers of Finished Goods' & Associated Sites').

 No.32} Magazine. 'Turkish Leather Fashion'. Address: CAN International Publications, Baglarbasi MAH, Kooperatif Cod. Cuhadaroglu Apt, No: 30, D: 5, 81530. Maltepe-Istanbul. Turkey. Tel/Fax:+ 90-216-352-13-92. email: Contact: Mr Hasan Gulveren. Publisher/Editor. This is the Leading Fashion Magazine In Turkey as well as this expanding region. They provide full coverage & an insight into the Turkish Leather Fashion Industry. Features: Current News from their region & World Wide, Reports relating to, Tanneries, Apparel, Leathergoods, Footwear. Other Directories: Synthetics, Chemicals, Machinery,, Associations, Trade Leads A Trade Fairs in the region. A very Fashion Orientated Magazine that compares well with any other Magazine from Europe. Informative & well worth a visit. Find them at,

No.33} A Gazetteer Of Lock & Key Makers.  An On-line article relating to the history & demise in some instances of UK Lock Manufacturers. This in particular refers to the loss of lock providers to the UK luggage industry with the demise of companies like Hodges & Listons. Find it at, To access the information: Go to Locks & Safes, then use alphabetical indexes to find the companies listed.

No.34} Basic Bookbinding - By A.W. Lewis. Re-published by Dover - Paperback from the 1952 Edition. 144 pages, 261 black & white illustrations. 13.5cm x 20.5cm Basic Bookbinding avoids intricate techniques and elaborate equipment. Mr. Lewis, twice first prize-winner in national competition, presents the Subject with the clarity born of many years of experience in teaching bookbinding. email:
Only £6.95
This book may be ordered Online - (subject to shipping charges where applicable) From: Hewit & Sons Ltd.

No.35} Hand Bookbinding, A Manual of Instruction - By Aldren A. Watson. Published by Dover - Paperback 160 pages, 273 black & white illustrations. Clearly written and easy to follow, this manual will be indispensable to anyone wishing to create high-quality handcrafted bindings themselves; it will also serve as a valuable reference for students and professionals in publishing and its allied trades. email:
Only £11.95
This book may be ordered Online  (subject to shipping charges where applicable) From: Hewit & Sons Ltd.

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