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Note. As new entries occur news items disappear down this list. I recommend you spend a few moments scrolling this list as it will give a broad idea of the varied contents of the research categories.

 Posted 26/7/12  The following report was compiled from a thread posted on a Linkedin Leather group & replies by myself & other group members. However I must stress that the views expressed regarding Politicians & their administrators (of all creeds & colours) are my own.

Download the PDF File Here............

 Posted 9/11/10 Letters to the Press.

This one was published

I sent the following letter to a national paper, they reproduced it under the heading "Spare us the crocodile tears over animal skin fashions"

Your article in Mondays Daily Mail regarding the use of Exotic Skins by Liz Jones in regard to the production of designs by Victoria Becham being Unethical does not deserved to go unchallenged. The vast majority of animal skins that are treated in Tanneries these days are the by-product of the World Wide food chain and they would be incinerated with the rest of the offal if they had no commercial value.

Crocodiles are farmed in Australia for both their meat and skins. In the Far East many different species are killed and eaten in that area, the same applies to the exotic fish caught and eaten the skins from which all find their way into National Tanneries.

There are also a few species that are killed under licence, most of these are a danger to the public and are killed to keep the numbers down. These include some snakes, salt water crocodiles which can and do eat unwary villagers. But they are all killed under licence Tanneries do not take individual skins or take skins from unlicensed traders and must show proof that they were legally obtained (CITES which she does mention).

The point I am making is that 99% of the skins & hides produced and used to make shoes, leather goods, etc. are just part of the waste product of the World Wide meat trade. Homo Sapiens like his near cousin the Chimpanzee has always been omnivorous. if we stopped using leather tomorrow it would not save a single creature as they would still all get eaten.

It would be an impossible task to persuade the human race not to eat meat and if you managed to do it there would not be enough cereals to sustain an over populated World.

This One was not published.

My letter was intended for publication, It was an attempt to address the misconception of journalists like Liz Jones with regard to the use of leather, there is no comparison with the unnecessary killing of animals that are inedible to produce Fur. Having said that some animals that provide fur are also eaten.

The use of exotic fur's to make coats for women to wear in moderate climates is not essential as artificial fur is adequate, however the Inuit race, (Eskimo's) are an exception as only real fur will protect them from their hostile environment.

A lot of other misconceptions by journalists providing copy for the Daily Mail have been published. The two main ones: It was reported that rabbits were being bred in China to provide fur for Ugg Boots rabbits are bred in many countries specifically for the meat industry. a small proportion of the skins are used by the clothing industry the remainder are incinerated along with the rest of the offal. In northern China they were breeding an Arctic rabbit which changed it's colour to white in the winter.

The rabbits still got eaten but the farmers made a bit more money by delaying killing them until their coats changed colour as their fur was and still is in great demand for white fur trimmings. If that demand ceased the rabbits would still be killed and eaten.

The second report was a more serious mistaken assumption by a report that calves were being taken from their mothers to provide calf skins for the leather industry. The killing of young calves in the UK was to provide Veal and was stopped many years ago.

The term Cow Hide is used by the industry to denote leather from older cattle which would have a firm grain, in fact the vast majority of skins in this category would be males killed to provide beef as cows would be kept to provide milk and for breeding.

the name Calf Skin was chosen to denote skins derived from fully grown young cattle between 1 and 2 years old killed to provide the prime cuts of meat, (all males). these skins would be still soft and supple ideal for leather clothing etc.

It is a pity journalists don't research subjects before writing reports a quick phone call to Nean College to verify leather facts with The Worshipful Company of Leathersellers would not come amiss

 Posted 6/10/09 A Clear Out Sale by Blanche Byrne

Dear Francis, Thanks for the help, as to prices I am totally at a loss on the autographed Doodle pages, the Hackbarth (only 3 left) and RBS have been selling for $15. Dave Reis said for the 270 mags. from 56 to 2002 (270) I should not go under $1,000.

The Doodle Club tools (never sold to general public-1956/1957) should go for around $20 each I'm told, and I have 20 plus 5 extras. I'll have to go back and see what I posted and then get back to you---of course, I am always happy to recommend your site. My recreation room looks like a leather store,even set up a card table,have the bar top filled and "stuff" in plastic containers---I made a wreck of the rec. room LOL.

Think I also have all of the Doodle pages in addition to the ones autographed---also don't know what price to put on those, hate to part with them since autographed by people I was close to and brings memories but if I get the bucket before selling my kids won't know where to start. I spent 3 weeks going over old catalogs as far back as 62 to find prices on the kits and etc and the kids won't have that kind of time plus figuring out what all the antiques I have are worth--afraid the dumpster might get too many things!!!! Take care, Love 'ya, Blanche.

Comments by Francis!!
The Above Sale is a Clear Out by Blanche Byrne <> A lovely Lady who I have had the good fortune to have corresponded with for many years. Blanche is an artistic & talented lady from the States with her own unique & delicate style of what we term in the UK Leather Carving. A lot of her stuff has already gone so if you are into this type of Leather Work you need to move fast.

Posted 12/8/09 Hey Don't Miss This! A New Page on This Site We Have A Brand New Feature You can now Purchase Direct From an Established & Reliable Manufacturer of Shagreen Leathergoods using PayPal Buttons Direct From this Site. That means you can now get Top Class Designer Goods, (The Type you see in those Glossy Magazines) You can also see those highly paid Footballers & their Wags sporting them or having them in their Homes. What's That you say "You area Footballer & you can't afford that sort of Gear" Well you can Now!! For more Info: Click Here

29/8/08 News from Robert Stenke (Ireland) To The Leather Connection.

Hi and thanks for featuring my books and our Museum of the Master Saddler in Ireland.
Could I bring you up to date with a couple of developments

We now have a blog up and running which will give a tour of the museum in partwork. Log onto

here you will also find out about the museum being on Irish TV last week.
AND if you are feeling a little lighthearted, log on to my other blog: an account of the life of a horse in rural Ireland...from his point of view!!

Regards, ROB,
Note: I cant link to those two Blog's with my sites FTP Up-loader. Anyone wanting to view them will have to copy & paste them into their title bar, Francis

3/2/08  An Inquiry can anyone help:
I just got a used landis American shoe stitcher and having some problems with it. Cant figure out exactly how to thread etc. Is there an owners manual somewhere I can get? Thanks a lot Sender:
Question answered 0n the 3/2/08 by Ron Ross:

Click The Highlighted Text To vist this site
Aspinal of London one of England's fastest growing new luxury leather goods Brand are pleased to announce the opening of their first store at Aspinal at Selfridges ground Floor. The new concession opened in early October to much acclaim. Aspinal designs and manufacturers a wide range of leather photo albums , wedding albums , leather guest books, leather diaries, men's leather wallets accessories, ladies leather wallets & accessories and a wide range of beautiful handmade leather gifts. Most items can be personalised and exquisitely gift wrapped and boxed in Aspinal signature presentation.

 16/7/06  Note. From Francis. These Craft Guilds Help keep alive The Public interest & awareness in Leather & Leathergoods. Should any of My other Site Members wish to help Please contact Blanche, (You all get added to the Programs that are handed out at the Show. Now that's got to be worth a small donation).
  The International Federation of Leather Guilds
 Dear Fellow Leather Friends,
The International Federation of Leather Guilds 40th annual show “Harvest of Leather” will be held October 11-15, 2006 in Butler, Pa. co-hosted by the Pittpounders Leather Guild and the International Internet Guild. Your donations are needed because of escalating costs: hotel show room, teaching rooms, mailings, printings, ribbons & etc. The only way to defray expenses comes from the sale of raffle items donated by companies and individuals like you.
We hope you will join us for a learning and fun week and to renew friendships.
Donations may be sent to Chris Kearns, 109 Shumaker Lane, Portersville, Pa. 16051
NOTE: Contact me with item(s) you are donating so I can make labels for the containers prior to the show and add your name to the program.
Thank you in advance.
Blanche Byrne, Raffle Chairman
120 Warwick St. Park Forest, IL. 60466

29/4/05 A plea for help from Colin Jarvis in Australia researching his family history. "It would be much appreciated if the message below could be shown. I Am seeking information on my Jarvis Cordwainer ancestors with specific interest in Thomas Jarvis probably born 1723 or 1727 but birthplace not known. Thomas died at Ebrington, Gloucestershire 1785. Most likely areas for results, Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire."

4/1/05  The latest Offers from J Hewit & Sons. Please note the New Paring machine they have on offer, OK it is a simple hand operated machine but these machines do a good job providing a sharp Blade is fitted. The price is nothing like the price of an industrial paring machine either which is a big consideration if you don't make large quantities,
New Source of Skins and Tannage for Repair Calf - As you may be aware the availability of raw calfskins from Scandinavia has diminished greatly over the last few years. This year has been particularly bad for us as we have only being able to obtain 420 skins in the last 5 months. As a result it has been very difficult to fulfil orders in anything approaching a satisfactory time scale. We have therefore taken the decision to change to source of the calf that we use for the production of the Repair Calf. For some time we have been buying calfskins from Bangladesh for the production of cheaper leathers for large production bookbinding. A few months ago we introduced a range of aniline leathers from this source however conservators, because of the lack of archival properties, did not like them. Experiments have therefore been carried out with using an archival tannage as is currently used on our Chieftain Goats to produce a commercial leather suitable for all purposes. This leather has been tested over the last month by several large conservation studios with very satisfactory results. The only comment that has been received is that the customers would prefer whole skins. This matter will hopefully be sorted out in the new year when we obtain smaller calfskins form Bangladesh (5-12 sq.ft.) that hopefully will not have the hump that causes us to have to halve the skins as we are having to do at present.
Our intention is therefore to supply the Repair Calf in this new leather for all orders from now on, keeping the Scandinavian Calf solely for the Aniline Bookcalf production. This will hopefully mean that the long delays that have occurred in the supply of both of these leathers will disappear.

Leather Paring Machine - The P&S Leather Paring Machine is based on the tried and tested Brockman design. It is simple to set up and operate. The leather is pulled between the anvil and fixed blade. By raising the anvil, thin cuts can be taken until the required thickness is achieved. It is an invaluable tool for quickly preparing inlays, onlays, labels and thin leather pieces for repairs or half and quarter bindings. The machine has a large throat area to accommodate the pared leather when preparing larger pieces for full leather bindings. The anvil can also be adjusted to produce a feathered edge if required. The Machine is sold with a pack of blades. The first batch of Paring Machines is being manufactured and will be ready for despatch at the beginning of January. You can place your order now for one of the new Machines.

Paring Machine - £228.00
Spare Blades - £2.10 per pack of 10
The Paring Machine and Spare Blades may be ordered online
(subject to shipping charges and VAT where applicable)

Basic Bookbinding - By A.W. Lewis. Re-published by Dover - Paperback from the 1952 Edition. 144 pages, 261 black & white illustrations. 13.5cm x 20.5cm
Starting from basic principles and assuming no previous experience, this modern exposition of the elements of bookbinding enables both the beginner and the expert to apply the latest and most simplified techniques to rebinding old favourites and binding many new paperback books. A complete list of all necessary materials, including a guide to the proper selection of tools, paper, glue, boards, cloth and leather covering fabrics and lettering inks and pigments, introduces the subject. In surprisingly easy stages, you are shown how to collate a book, sew it, back it, trim it, make boards and attach them to the book. Step-by-step instructions and hundreds of photographs and diagrams of equipment and key operations reduce the process to essentials.  Individual chapters are devoted to single-sectioned, multi-sectioned and case-bound books, hollow-backed and library style binding, the use of end papers and the most practical methods of lettering the finished book. The author includes a valuable appendix which summaries the precise steps followed in each operation in convenient tabular form.  This elementary text is simple enough for the beginner yet contains new material of interest to the expert. Basic Bookbinding avoids intricate techniques and elaborate equipment. Mr. Lewis, twice first prize-winner in national competition, presents the Subject with the clarity born of many years of experience in teaching bookbinding.
Only £6.95
This book may be ordered Online -
(subject to shipping charges where applicable)

Hand Bookbinding, A Manual of Instruction - By Aldren A. Watson. Published by Dover - Paperback 160 pages, 273 black & white illustrations. Before the advent of modern mass-production methods, books were bound by hand to remarkably high standards of quality. Beautiful and durable, they appealed to book lovers who appreciated not only a book's content but also the quality and craftsmanship of its binding.  Unfortunately, the introduction of machine-binding methods, while making books widely available at reasonable prices, also largely curtailed the art and craft of making fine books by hand.
This expert guide offers a solution. In its pages, craftspeople can learn the traditional methods of bookbinding and produce high-quality hand-bound books themselves. Thorough, detailed instructions, with over 270 helpful illustrations by the author, cover materials, tools and equipment (including making your own); fundamental procedures and technical methods; rebinding an old book; making a slipcase and other essentials. Also included are well illustrated, step-by-step directions for eight binding projects: dust jacket; blank book, single signature; folio; blank book, four signatures; manuscript binding; music binding and two more. Clearly written and easy to follow, this manual will be indispensable to anyone wishing to create high-quality handcrafted bindings themselves; it will also serve as a valuable reference for students and professionals in publishing and its allied trades.
Only £11.95
This book may be ordered Online  
(subject to shipping charges where applicable)

David Lanning
J. Hewit & Sons Ltd.
Mobile: 07947 754842
Voice Mail: +44 (0) 1494 435314

17/10/04  Update from Trinity of London.
 We at Trinity are just ending our first year!! (phew) We have picked up some more customers along the way. Our lamb skin collection can now be purchased at Fortnum and Mason and Pickett (not under our own brand). Also our desk accessories are sold in both Harrods and Pickett. Smythson have asked us to make their lizard wallets and we have also just got an order to make the 'Royal purse'. A great end of the year. A number of designers have given us some work which has made some progress, along with us making a sample of a wine list holder for the Ritz Hotel.
Kindest Regards Tim

11/11/04 A Brand New Page. 'Manual Users & Special Sites' We have been selling The 'Leather Craft Instruction Manuals' World Wide for just over 2 years now to existing Artisans, Students & Beginners. Some of them have been kind enough to provide testimonials. Some have their own sites others just an email address. We have now allocated them a page of their own so that their products & services can be vied by site visitors. Francis has also been contacted by some of his Students from his time at the Cordwainers College & we have added them to this page. There are a lot of inquiries regarding the manuals many of which do not become orders. This to some degree is quite understandable, they are purchasing a manual from an individual on the Internet. It may or may not arrive & even if it does it may contain a lot of unhelpful information. The people listed on this page have either got the manuals & use them or have been taught by Francis, some are responsible for the Testimonials provided on the 'Manuals & Books For Sale' page. (Yes people do wonder when Testimonials are provided if the people exist Well ours do & you can contact & purchase goods & services from them).

17/10/04 Emusical Gifts Com  This is supplier of an extensive range of quality Musical Boxes & figurines. for a view of what is on offer, click Here & then click their Banner Add.

11/10/04   The Latest News letter 'Skin Deep' Provides some interesting information from the Bookbinding World. There is for instance a list of Bookbinding Courses & short Training Sessions. Follow the URL below to read it. From J Hewit & Sons To our Customers and Friends. We are pleased to announce the publication of Skin Deep, vol.18, Autumn 2004 at:

10/10/04  A new entry In the 'Organisations' Category. A Livery Company in the City of York. Title: The Company of Cordwainers of The City of York. A very ancient Chartered Company that had been disbanded & was refounded in 1977. To read more about them Click on the above category on our Home Page, then Click the reference to entry No.68 in the left hand scroll area. Note. This is an addition to the other Cordwainers Sites already listed Indeed I worked For The Cordwainers College in London As H.O.D before retirement. Why Cordwainer? What does it mean? Well I have had a brief explanation of it at the top Of the 'Organisations' list since the launch of my site & I suggest you pause there for a look.

9/10/04 A new members site Listed under both the 'Tanners & Leather Suppliers' & the 'Trade Suppliers' Categories. G. L Murphy Ltd. They supply new & reconditioned Tannery Machinery. An old established & reliable company. This is a very useful addition to these extensive lists as it provides a service not previously listed. Go to the above categories to view their entries.

6/10/04 New Associate Site Country Critter Antler Furniture and Chandeliers Country Critter has one of the largest selections of rustic furniture, decor and lighting.
Click Here for Useful Links Page & then click  contact details to visit their site.

6/10/04 A new site is listed under the Category 'Useful Links' This is not a leather site but a new venture by Mike Morcher (Our computer Supplier). Who has been listed on this site since we first launched. Mike is now offering 'Electric Powered Bicycles at fantastic prices. (Up to £200 off normal markup price). (This is one for UK based customers at present). Click Here to see the entry & Live URL of the site. (There is also a picture of the Top of The Range Model).

22/8/04  News Bulletin - No.6 - August 2004 from J. Hewit & Sons. News
L - 4 - Leather - Bookbinding Forum, in association with J. Hewit & Sons Ltd., at the Royal Agricultural College Cirencester, Gloucestershire
Saturday And Sunday 4th and 5th September 2004
A full weekend of demonstrations viewed live and relayed onto large screen
Attractive and accessible venue
Residential or day booking
J. Hewit and Sons will be in attendance to supply your needs
Visit to college library to view its collection of rare antiquarian books
Book surgery/forum- bring problem books for advice from panel of experts
Lester Capon – President of Designer Bookbinders will give a thorough, step-by-step demonstration of full leather covering from selecting skin, cutting out and paring right through to trimming out and laying down endpapers. He will later demonstrate leather joints and doublures
John Jameson – Cotswold Bookbinders, will demonstrate knife and tool sharpening, modification of a spokeshave for leather paring and will hopefully demonstrate the new leather paring machine. In a second demonstration he will show techniques of dying and staining leather mainly with aniline leather dyes and touch upon sprinkling, tree calf, polishing, leather dressing.
Stuart Brockman – A Fellow of Designer Bookbinders will give a demonstration of the traditional techniques and application of leather inlays and onlays and show some examples of his own use of these skills.
David Lanning – I will be giving a presentation of leathers and a talk on the tanning of leather together with a virtual tour of the tannery with the aid of slides and video.
DAY ATTENDANCE - includes morning coffee, lunch, afternoon tea

SATURDAY 10AM – 9PM - £50.00 - Optional Buffet/dinner served before the evening book surgery/forum. £15.50
SUNDAY 10AM - 5PM - £45

FULL WEEKEND RESIDENTIAL BOOKING - £130 Includes all meals, accommodation and complete event programme.
There are just a few places left!!!!
so if you would like to attend, please contact without delay:
John Jameson
Telephone: 01285 770458

The Miniature Book Society
On the 3rd - 6th September, the MBS is holding its annual conclave in Bath, England, 2004 at the Hilton Hotel, Walcot Street, Bath, England BA1 5BJ. J. Hewit & Sons will be in attendance at the fair on Sunday. Further details may be found on the Society's web site by clicking here.

15/8/04  A Fabulous Offer Free Broadband (If you are quick that is).  It will be a monthly charge after the 1st October. It works with Dial-up Analogue Modems, Existing Broadband & Mobile Phones & increases the speed of them all. Go straight to 'Visitors Services' & sign up now.

12/8/04 The Leather Training & Technical Dept. Ltd. A new listing Under 'Education & Training' They offer courses related to the care & treatment of leather furniture. They are also listed under 'Trade Suppliers' as they market a large range of leather treatment products. We get a lot of inquiries from the general public on how to remove stains, clean leather, etc. We will be recommending this company as they offer a large selection of articles on the care of leather as well as a list of UK technicians. For fuller details see the above categories.

5/8/04 A brand new section/page. Title: 'Visitors Services' We are often asked about setting up a site. getting visitors to a site, etc in addition to our normal leather related inquiries. True most of these come from Purchasers of the Craft Instruction Manuals. Well we have been using some of these Services ourselves for some while. Others we are trying out & they are proving remarkably useful. For the benefit of Site Members, Manual Purchasers & all Visitors we have included them in this new section There are a lot of goodies there which we will add to from time to time, some of them you will have noticed are shown on other areas of the site using their 'Banner Adds' Don't miss the two New Craft Related Sites.

29/7/04  'Italian Fashion' Have a large selection of leather for sale at very competitive prices. be quick or you will miss this offer. go to their page above, 'Special Offers-Italian Fashion' or Click Here to go straight to the entry.

11/7/04 New entry under the 'Museums' Category 'Colonial Williamsburg' This is a Living Museum with the whole town preserved as it would have been in the colonial period with the businesses working as they would have done in that period & the Craftsmen & Tradesmen dressed in the historic clothing of the period. There are Leather trades among the crafts on display But you need to visit the site to appreciate all that is available. Don't miss this one it is well worth a visit. Click Here to view the entry.

23/6/04  New edition to the 'Leather Fairs & Shows' Category. Based in Istanbul Turkey This Exhibition Company organises some interesting shows from; Footwear fashion, Footwear industry Suppliers also Leather Fairs. For dates & venue. Check out the above category.

20/5/04  Some outstanding Corporate Gifts made in silver which can be supplied with your company Name/Logo. they also offer a fine range of Quality Leathergoods See the entry under 'Retail Outlets & Shopping Malls' for the Corporate Gift Co. or just Click Here for their entry.

8/3/04  Some Superb & Stunning Art Deco Shagreen Copper Bowls supplied by MPL (Thailand) & available now through 'The Leather Connection' These Bowls are made from Copper with a brilliant plain fimish with the inside of the bowl lined with Ebony Coloured Shagreen with an Art Deco finish to its surface. See the full description, & size as well as the illustrations on the 'Exotic Leathers MPL (Thailand). or Click Here for a quicker look.  

19/2/04  An interesting new addition & a 'Brand New Company' only started this January. We are delighted to introduce, 'Trinity of London Ltd' which has been formed as a partnership by three top flight Craftsmen who were formally the skilled staff of Andrew Soos who ceased trading last year. For further details view the entry under 'Manufacturers of Finished Goods'  

17/1/04  Sturge Conservation Studio. This is the first entry dedicated to profesional Leather Conservation. Theo Sturge is an Accredited Conservator For further information & contact details see entries under: 'Museums' / 'Education & Training' /

16/1/04.  A recent addition. Valerie Michael & Neil MacGregor These two talented Artisans design & produce a wide range of high quality fashion orientated leathergoods (You want find better in the West End & certainly not better made). See there entries under: 'Books & Publications' / 'Education & Training' / 'Manufacturers of Finished Goods' (Yes they even find time to write books & teach).

14/12/03  Francis has now finished the 3rd 'Instruction Manual' & this will be available in early January 20004. We are compiling the information for the 'Manuals & Books For Sale' page & there will unfortunately be a slight increase in the prices due to rising costs of production & shipping. The Manuals still represent the only full collection of leathergoods skills & the only alternative to a full time & expensive Leathergoods course & dare we say it you are unlikely to access the same level of skills related to this ancient craft. (That is assuming you can find a craft course on this subject). Yes there are some very good courses available & we have listed some suitable colleges, unfortunately most are unable to devote the training strictly to craft levels. To obtain funding most colleges these days have to offer an education package which usually includes Design & Management as part of the course. To obtain grants & a place on these courses a Student will need to have acquired certain education qualifications plus evidence of design ability this will unfortunately bar some people with artistic skills but little academic background.

14/12/03 We apologies for the delay in offering 'Instruction Manual No.3' for sale at present but we felt it only fair to offer it to the many Craftsmen (& Ladies) as well as Students who have been patiently waiting for this latest edition. Once they have all been satisfied we will then make it available to all. For those already eagerly awaiting the 4th Manual dealing with 'Bags' Which will cover Handbags as well as what are termed Light Luggage Bags. Yes I have started it & hope to have it ready next year. Those hoping for the following one on 'Cases' please be patient we are getting there.

22/10/03. We have a new Member. The first since our current Re-launch. Welcome to 'Kershaws Tannery' who are renowned for their 'Clothing Leather' which is some of the finest produced. For fuller details & to visit their site View their entry under 'Tanners & Leather Suppliers' or Click Here

22/10/02. We have received the latest Newsletter from J. Hewit there are some interesting articles included The main on of interest to all Craft Workers is headed
'How to Modify a Spokeshave for Paring Leather' The article includes diagrams & instructions on how to do the modification. To view go to

22/10/03. Obenaufs, Leather Treatments. have some winter bargains: 'New supply of Discounted Stock' Great for bargain hunters. 'Boot Kits' These make excellent Gifts. lastly they are now producing 'Furniture Kits' so you can keep that expensive sofa in good nick.
Find then under 'Trade Suppliers'  or Click here

22/10/03. News from Ron Ross of Ross Saddlery. He has just returned from Macon Georgia, having entered their Annual Leather Show. of the items entered by Ron three took a 'Blue Ribbon' they were: a set of Cowboy Wrist Cuffs, A Belt & Writing Pad Cover.  I have a picture of the writing pad & will shortly add it to the site. The interesting thing about this is that Ron undertook to travel 700 miles to participate in this event & then get home. That is staggering when you think of the interest shown here in the UK for this sort of event. To visit his entry or site Click Here To view the writing pad cover Click Here

7/7/03. www.Italian-Fashion.It. e-mail: Have a selection of Sandals for sale at give away prices, 13,000 pairs of Paciotti sandals to be precise. They are an Associated Company & we are offering them on their behalf For further details of this offer see 'For Sale & Wanted' category. Also click to see pictures of the range of sandals on offer. When ordering quote Ref: FB-M.

4/6/03. Boop Leathergoods. This Affiliated Company will make leathergoods to order including one-off's Check out the 'Manufacturers of Finished Goods' Category.

4/6/03. We can now offer Training through our Affiliated Company 'The Leathercraft Workshop' Contact John Temple Tel: 01379-740845. or e-mail him at, (Accommodation can be arranged, why not enjoy a short break in the Norfolk countryside while you learn a worthwhile & absorbing Craft?) See also full details under, 'Education & Training'  

26/5/03. More Leather from the Far East. we can now arrange for delivery of top Quality Pigskin. we have been asked to act as Forwarding agents on this suppliers behalf. The leather is available in a range of colours & finishes for, Bags, Furniture, Clothing, Shoe Linings etc. Contact us for further information.

17/5/03. Also from the Thailand Company. More exotic leathers available, Snake, Shark,Ostrich, etc. Contact us for a full list + prices. A vast range of Handbags & small leathergoods made from all these leathers is also available for import please contact us for illustrations & prices. Again these skins are a by-product of the food industry & no endangered species are involved.

15/5/03. We have been contacted by a supplier in Thailand to act as an agent in the UK for them regarding the supply of 'Shagreen' ( Stingray Skins). These are available in a range of colours (we can supply colour charts). these skins provide one of the hardest wearing skins available as well as producing highly exotic leathergoods.
A Thailand Company Is the supplier. Please route your orders through The Leather Connection Quoting Ref: FB-M Prices & Quantities available on request.
Note Stingray is caught in Asia as a food fish & not for it's skin. If the skins could not be used they would be discarded as waste by the fishing industry in that area

25/2/03. A New Member & Associated site. Rama Goods Inc. Producing Leathergoods using 'Stingray Hide' one of the hardest wearing leathers available. These fish skins are a by-product of the fishing industry in Thailand. The leathergoods have a distinct Oriental look. 'Don't miss visiting this site'

18/2/03. Another New Member & Associated Site. Also with a similar title to this one. 'Leathergoods Connection' Contact Henry Hibbard. Producing a large range of high quality leathergoods "Don't miss this one"

14/2/03. Instruction Manuals No's One & Two are now available for On-line purchase. Just go to 'Manuals & Books For Sale' & use the PayPal facility to get them. If you are not a PayPal user the sign up process is simple & the service is reliable.

26/1/03. We have an interesting new 'Trade Supplier' Talas. Supplying Teflon Bone Folders. Based in New York. These are supplied in two standard sizes. Small, 5. 1/4 inches long x 5/8 wide & 1/4 thick. Large 6.1/4 inches long x 3/4 wide & 3/8 thick. These sizes are adequate for most bookbinding & leathergoods tasks But they are prepared to produce bone folders to customers requirements. I have been supplied with the two standard sizes to test & I am impressed with them. They are far superior to the poor quality bone folders that are available these days. They are much easier to keep clean as the Teflon is resistant to the glue it also slides easily when boning leather which helps avoid discolouring especially on light coloured leather. I can certainly recommend them.

3/1/03. We have Added a New Section 'Questions & Answers' & there are to subjects already dealt with. We hope you enjoy it & welcome your comments.

29/12/02. It has been a busy period & another new member to add. This is a very useful contact. www.Italian-Fashion.It. They are a bulk exporters of shoe components, Leather Sock Lots, Fittings, Machinery, & Finished Goods, Prices & availability on request One not to miss for the bargain hunters. See entries under the following, 'Tanners & Leather Suppliers'  'Trade Suppliers'  'Manufacturers of Finished Goods' & No.6 'Import & Export'

28/12/02. A valuable new connection to the site under the 'Useful Links' category. Crewise Ltd. a world renowned portal & directory of Crew recommended businesses. This link between two large & respected Sites will provide fuller coverage for site members.

22/12/02. For the lovers of quality & craftsmanship visit the latest entry. A top class American saddler ( made the Presidents Saddle). Go to entry the 'Manufacturers of Finished Goods' Category & the 'Trade Suppliers' Category.  "West Bro's Saddlers" & visit their site, I promise you, that you won't be disappointed.

3/12/02. A worthwhile Addition to the 'Books & Publication' Category. A Fashion Magazine from Turkey. 'Turkish Leather Fashion' All the information on the Leather Industry from this region & well worth a visit.

2/12/02. A new & very useful site Added to the 'Education & Training' Category. FLNTO Ltd. The National Training Organisation for the Footwear, Leather Production, Leathergoods, & Shoe Repair Industries. All the Current Info on UK training available.

1/12/02. AFORMA. Leather Training Available in France including funding available from 'The European Social Fund.

5/11/02. Another new Associate Member 'Hought Fine Art & Leather'  featuring Gail Hought a very talented Artisan. We are offering her series of books dealing with the production of Horse Tack & other articles using Braiding which is an art form in itself. For further information go to the following areas: Manuals & Books For Sale, Books & Publications, Education & Training, Tanners & Leather Suppliers, Trade Suppliers, Manufacturers of Finished Goods.

3/10/02. Another new Associate Member From India. 'Indian Shoe Bazaar' A large Site with lots of info from their region. See entries under 'Organisations' & 'Associated Sites'
Defiantly worth a visit.

26/9/02. A new Associate Member from Canada Robert Cochrane produces quality leathergoods & will make to order find him in 'Manufacturers of Finished Goods' &'Associated Sites' (Also an Instruction Manual user).

25/9/02. Some months ago I received samples of leather treatments from Obenauf's. Two different applications were sent, Heavy Duty LP. which is a colourless polish & Leather Oil. This being a colourless thick liquid. Both contain Bees Wax & Propolis (also produced by bees). Having been in the leathergoods industry for a long time & tried most treatments with varying degrees of success. I proceeded to put their product to some hard tests. Firstly I must say that all compounds that I have used do a good job, but there was never anything outstanding about any of them. However these two were different they were very effective & provided excellent protection on all test tried out. The tests are still ongoing & I will report on this again, There is not enough space to explain the tests here but will if requested supply my findings. Suffice to say I fully endorse these leather treatments. See 'Trade Suppliers'

18/9/02. A new Associated Site. S.Com They deal exclusively with the Shoe Industry & can be found  listed under 'Associated Sites' entry No.13. & 'Organisations' No.62.

18/9/02. I am now selling Manuals/Books by Ron Ross They are written by an American Artisan & an expert in the  distinctive Sheridan Style of Leather Carving. Ron has won many awards & prizes at leading Craft Shows with his entries. (See an example on the 'Books & Publications' page). & visit the 'Manuals & Books for Sale' page to order them.

10/8/02.  I am starting to get responses from satisfied customers regarding my first two Manuals. (see Testimonials at the bottom of the 'Manuals & Books for Sale' page.

31/8/02. An Affiliate Site. (New Venture Which will eventually head up a New Category) Fine The Fine Leather Shop Supplying Fine Leather Products From 'Piel' Based in Austen Texas. A vast range of Top Quality Leathergoods available on line 'which have my full recommendation' See 'Retail Outlets & Shopping Malls'

27/8/02. A new Associated site. for leather coats. Mill Valley Shearling, Fur & Leather Coats, Co. Find them under 'Manufacturers of Finished Goods' also 'Retail Outlets & Shopping Malls'

23/8/02. Ross Saddlery & Harness. Ron has expanded his Training facilities & is offering a 24 hr course on the 'Sheridan Style of Carving'. It can be taken as a 2 hrs per week for 12 weeks for local students, or 8 hrs per day for 3 days for local or students from further afield. There will also be a 3 weeks course on 'Western Saddle Making' This comprises of 5 & a half days per week. Lodgings & motels are available in the town of Auburn. For further information see related sections on this site.

16/8/02. Congratulations. To J. Hewit & Sons Ltd. for being selected as a regional finalist for the 'E-Commerce Awards 2002' a great achievement & well done.
The following is an extract from their E-mail: 'We are proud to announce that we were selected as a regional finalist for this year's e-commerce awards. The awards are run by UK online for business, a partnership between industry & Government, which promotes the use of information & communication technologies to small companies, & by InterForum, a not for profit membership organisation that helps British businesses to trade electronically. Sponsored nationally by Cisco Systems & The Royal Bank of Scotland Group, these awards have been designed to recognise & reward those organisations that have demonstrated excellence through the use of the Internet'.

21/7/02. Two new & interesting additions to the 'Tanners & Leather Suppliers' category. Joseph  Clayton & Sons (Chesterfield) Ltd. UK.  & Samual Sharp (Curriers) Ltd. Milton Keynes. UK. Both excellent companies & well worth a visit. Especially the latter which will also interest researchers. Check out it's unique connection with Pennsylvania USA. The other new entry is in the 'Organisations' category, & found directly under the entry for the BLC Leather Technology Centrex. It is a brand new site launched by the BLC It's title 'All About Leather' & it is literally what it says, for companies, shops, researchers & the public at large. Information on caring for & treating leather & much much more, "Don't miss this one"

7/2/02. It is time to review our first year as a leather site, it has exceeded my expectations, to begin with take up was slow but we now have a healthy membership. Site stats: We did not launch with a counter in place so exact figures for the year are not precise, I am informed that the number of visitors prior to the addition of the counter was in excess of 2,000 if that is correct we have had approximate. 4,400 visitors to the site since it's launch. It will be interesting to see what 2003 brings. New features are planned but details will have to wait until we have the necessary software in place. So watch this space. We have been getting inquiries from members & non members for some time but we are now beginning to receive inquiries from the general public on a range of subjects where these relate to services that are offered we pass these on to site members. We are also now in contact with other sites similar to this one & exchanging information this is to the good & can only enhance this ancient & unique collection of Leather Crafts.

I have recently added some new & interesting sites to this database & these should prove of interest to County Council Schools & Libraries. There is a mass of research & reference material which should provide help with projects & provide an understanding or these diverse leather Trades & Industries. Books & Publications: The Koninklyke Bibliotheck: Offers an insight into Bookbinding through the centuries & useful information on book restoration. Still on the subject of Bookbinding J. Hewit & Sons Ltd: Produce a Publication called: 'Skin Deep’ which also covers the subject of Bookbinding & is found under the same category. This company also offers information on Bookbinding Courses, & these are listed in the Education & Training category. Back to Books & Publications. Shoe Trades Publishing Company of America: Provides masses of information on the books & Publications it produces. There are for instance some books on design that should prove invaluable to those anticipating this as a career. Under the Heading Organisations, Hidemarket. Com: Provides extensive information on all aspects of Cattle Hides as well as technical information, Leather Trade Fairs (excellent places to view fashionable leather clothing & accessories). & much much more. All this coupled with the existing sources of information should appeal to all interested visitors.

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