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Posted 20/5/15. ( To read it Scroll down this page).

New Pages have been added; including   "TLC Shopping Cart" Links To Craft Artisans (All Crafts)

New Payment System in place. For the Leather Instruction Manuals You can now get all 4 available Manuals using it, To see the Shopping Cart just Click Here.

Help With Leather Problems  Marked or Damaged Furniture? Unhelpful Supplier? What to do, Where to go/ we get asked on a regular basis. (Contact us for a copy of this information packed e-book).

Make Money on-line, Useful info Site, Click this Link,

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Aspinal of London makers of beautiful handmade books and fine leather goods have launched their new e commerce website where shoppers can browse and purchase 100's of beautiful handmade leather goods and leather gifts . Items can be personalised with names , dates etc and are exquisitely gift wrapped and boxed in Aspinal signature gift presentation.

 Posted 20/5/15 Website designing & Development company in Bhopal, Indore & Delhi, India. To view their site Click Here

Posted 25/4/15  Exhibition Stand Design jelly bean creative Click Here

Posted 6/12/13  "New" Shagreen Bangles from MPL to view them; Click Here

Posted 6/12/13  New Range of Exotic finishes printed on Stingray by MPL to view; Click Here

Posted 28/11/13 The Teaching Studio Prescott & Mackay School of Fashion and Accessory Design: Courses available; Leather Craft, Shoe Making, etc. Centres in London, New York,  San Francisco &  Melbourne. For more info Click Here

Posted 28/7/13  Simon Baker (Casemakers) Parkvilla, Strathdon, Abedeenshire, Traditional Hand Made Cases, Folios, etc. For more info Click Here

Posted 24/4/13  Equusit Ltd. This Company produces traditional high quality hand made Leather Goods. For More Information Click Here

Posted 23/3/13  Xocchi LLC -International Leather Salon: Will manufacture according to client specs, or they have designs to choose from. for more details Click Here

Posted 23/11/12  Leather Tools & Equipment from Hale & Co. (Top quality Sharpening Stones Etc.) In Half Price Sale. Ends, 30/11/12 To Download the List of what's available Go Here

Posted 2/11/12 "Ottely" this small Company to take private orders & can email images of work completed.  For Mre info Click Here

Posted 1/11/12    Manuals 1-2-3 & 4; Endorsements & recommendations from Manual Users. Read the most recent one & the comments about the on-line help provided  & scroll up that page to see the rest Click Here

Posted 30/10/12  Evermove (H.K) Industry Group Co.Ltd; Fashion Handbag Manufacturer For more info Click Here

Posted 24/10/12  TheFinesse Group are world wide exhibition stand designers For more info Click Here

Posted 24/10/12  London Estate Agents, Letting Agents & Property Management For more info Click Here

posted 28/9/12  Description:  ADI are one of the world's leading names in LED screen technology For more info Click Here

Posted 28/9/12  Digital Signage; ADI are one of the world's leading names in LED screen technology. For more info Click Here

Posted 31/8/12  Salecycle gives you the ability to Recover Lost Sales, have access to records of Lost Customers; For more info Click Here

Posted 31/8/12  WorkCast provides Webinars, Webcasting and web conferencing solutions; For more info Click Here

Posted 31/8/12  Cisco Switches; The best variety of IT & communication products for your home and office; For more info Click Here

Posted 30/8/12  Beautiful New Construction Condominiums For Sale in Downtown New Orleans on Canal Street near the famous New Orleans French Quarter. For More info, Go Here

Posted 29/8/12  TAINDI INDUSTRIAL LIMITED; Manufacturer of Leather Handbags, Holdalls & Light luggage. For more deails Click Here

Posted 20/8/12 This Entry is in response to an ongoing discussion on a Linkedin leather Group on "LeatherNaturally!" It relates to a possible Carbon Tax on the Production of Leather! This is a Must Read if you are in the Leather Trade, to read more Click Here

Posted 7/8/12  New!! A PDF file On Global Warming, Fact or Fiction? For more info Click Here

Posted 7/8/12 New!! A PDF Report on a Leather Group discussion on a proposed Carbon Emission Tax on leather Goods For more info Click Here

Posted 30/7/12  Kydo - Handmade Art Jewellery by Jacqui R - Multimedia Art by Lara KYDO For more info Click Here

Posted 29/7/12  Sunshine Works; Lithium Solar Batteries store twice the energy at half the weight of lead acid. For more info Click Here

Posted 16/7/12  A new Tax on Leather Bad News, a Con Trick or just a rumor? (A recent thread started on To read my report & comments Click Here

Posted  1/7/12  Cisco ASA 5505: The best variety of IT & communication products for your home and office For More Info Click Here

Posted  1/7/12 Cart Abandonment Email Description: Salecycle gives you the ability to Recover Lost Sales, For More Info Click Here

Posted  1/7/12  Webinar Software: WorkCast provides Webinars, Webcasting and web conferencing solutions for small, medium and large scale businesses. Click Here

Posted 1/7/12   Title: Flower Girl:  Description: Leading online store for Wedding Gifts, Wedding Decorations, Wedding favors, For  more details  Click Here

Posted 10/6/12  WINMARK INTERNATIONAL Motor cycle ware, Clothing, bag, Belts, gloves, Mats, etc. for more details Click Here

Posted 9/5/12  Three new sites added; Exhibition Stands, Leather Rugs & Laminated Wood Flooring. To learn more Go Here

Posted 6/3/12 The first comments from a Manual User on his copy of  Manual No.4. To get it, Click Here  
Hello Francis, Manual #4 is simply a gem; a key that unlocks individual creativity solidly grounded in manuals 1,2 and 3.  This is as close as one might get to an apprenticeship without the constraints of a school schedule.
Best regards,

Posted 6/2/12  Manual No.4 on the subject of Bags & Holdalls In the series of "Leather Instuction Manuals" is finally available. To get it, Click Here

Posted 10/12/11 Plastic Boxes Plastic pallets manufacturer offering a wide range of storage container systems and freezer spacers, BeeCraft are based in Middlesex, UK. For more information Click Here

Posted 19/10/11 Download Free Colour Charts for Stingray skins (Shagreen) Click Here

Posted 19/10/11 Download the Free report on a Crocodile Farm based on a Nature Reserve in South Africa Click Here

Posted 15/1o/11 "Designer Sunglasses at Better Vision Better Prices" To read their entry & visit their Site Click Here

Posted 14/10/11  To Download MPL's Colour Charts for Stingray (Shagreen) Eel & Exotic Skins Click Here

Posted 18/9/11 Mfuleni Nile Crocodile Ranch, South Africa. For more information about: Wholesale, Nile Crocodile Hides, Nile Crocodile Leather Nile Crocodile Meat. For more info, Click Here

Posted 7/9/11 A link to a "Weather Site" has been added, (see "Weather" just above the Cave Painting on our Home Page). Or click the live URL below to visit the site & view the weather any where in the World.
Use the Script below to add this to your own site.
html code: <a href="">Weather</a>

Posted 14/7/11  "Sewing Machine Needles & Threads Info". A new free e-book is availabe on our Free Download Page To download it Click Here

Posted 9/5/11  A Poted History Of Leather Goodst & an explanation of how the name "Shagreen" originated. Why the vast majority of Leather in use these days is just part of the waste produced by the Worlds populations food chain & if it was not of use it would be incinerated with the rest of the offal that is produced is also explained. Available as a downloadable e-book Click Here

Posted 11/3/11  Gucci Sunglasses Wear the latest fashions from the top designer: To find aviator, oversize, and other sunglasses styles Click Here

Posted 11/12/10 Palmetto Marble & Granite Work Tops have over 75 years combined experience in kitchen design for more info & to visit their site  Click Here

Posted 9/11/10  My letters to the Press regarding a report on the use of exotic skins & fur. To read my comments Click Here

Posted 30/10/10  Styles Creative Ltd. Top Quality leather sofa. To learn more & Visit the Site. Click Here

Posted 4/10/10   Brown Leather Handbags Url:
Description: A collection of quality new and used brown leather handbags to suit you needs, taste and budget. Click Here

Posted 25/9/10 Bay Area Bags, Designer Bags Online, Upper Class Handbags Lower Class Prices, Click Here

Posted 25/9/10, Are selling athletic Sneakers, Nike etc.  ClickHere

Posted 25/9/10 Kareems Kicks.Com, All the top styles of Sneakers on offer Clike Here

Posted 25/9/10, Find all the latest Pool & Billiards equipment & Information. Click Here

Posted 25/9/10 Throw Back Guy.Com  NFL Football, MLB Baseball, NBA Basketball, or NHL Hockey jerseys. Click Here

Posted 12/8/10Water Softener Experts (USA Based) For More Info Click Here

Posted 7/8/10 Some good deals in Leather Workers Tools, (Top Quality), also Sundries & Fittings. Click Here.

Posted 8/7/10 Singer 45K sewing machine wanted or equivlent model (Adler). Click Here.

Posted 7/7/10 A Samco No.2 Hand Operated Wheel Creasing Machine for Sale. Click Here.

Posted 31/3/10 Mil-tek air powered balers are low energy, small
footprint, safe and easy to use and maintain. To find the right waste baling solution for your business. Click Here

Posted 12/10/09 leather NXG. An on-line Leather Clothing Store: Ladies & Gents, Coats, Jackets, Pants, Skirts, etc. For more details Click Here

Posted 7/10/09 A Clear Out Sale by Blanche Byrne. Blanche is an artistic & talented lady from the States with her own unique & delicate style of what we term in the UK Leather Carving. A lot of her stuff has already gone so if you are into this type of Leather Work you had better Hurry & Click Here

Posted 26/9/09 These three Display & Printing Services ranging from the UK to Australia offer the latest "Cutting Edge" Technology. To see what I am on about Click Here

Posted 21/9/09 World Leather Biz A Reference Site with over 6,000+ leather industry contacts For more info: Click Here

Posted 12/8/09 And Another New Page; We Have A New Feature You can now Purchase Direct From an Established & Reliable Manufacturer of Shagreen Leathergods using PayPal Buttons Direct From this Site. For more Info:       Click Here

Posted 11/8/09 A New Page added I hav mentioned Dodgy Sites on my Home Page & where relevant other Pages But Now I have a Page Devoted to them on This Site called Scam Alerts To Jump Strait To It: Click Here

Posted 3/7/09 Wenzhou Taili Leather Co.,Ltd. Tannery Pig Skins, Pig Linings. For more info Click Here

Posted 2/7/09 Cape Seal Skin available for sale: For More Info Click Here.

21/4/09 Octagon Coffee Table, Covered in Stingray (Shagreen) Each segment displays the Jewel. A stunning creation. To view it & read more Click Here.

6/4/09 We now have links with Bond Media which is one of the leading Website Design Companies based in London, UK . If any Site Members or Site Visitors wish to make use of their excellent service Click Here.

7/3/09 A Big Complement has been paid to me & the Leather Instruction Manuals that I write. Robert Cochrane based in Canada was the first Craftsman to purchase my Manuals (that was some years ago now) Robert was a good Craftsman trying to capture the Hand Made Victorian Finish to his work. Robert You are not a Good Craftsman any more!! You are now A Master Craftsman!! To see what I am talking about visit this page on Roberts Site Below & Read His Entry at the Bottom between the Two White Lines!! (While you are there take a look at the rest of the pages on his site to see his Master Pieces, Also Go Here & Here to read his Comment when he first Purchased the Manuals).

NOTE. On the subject of Testimonials Look at This One, come to that why not read them all? These Manual Users with Businesses or Sites are all listed on this Site. They are all Genuine Comments from Real People that can be Contacted.

2/3/09 Common Sea Snake Panels, added to Exotic Leather Page plus Colour Charts for Stingray (Shagreen) & Eel. Click Here for Panels & Click Here & Scroll the Colour Charts.

13/2/09 "NEW" Shagreen paper weight price & spec. Net weight 0.4 to 0.5 kg./pce. approx.
All paper weights are MASTERPIECE. FOB Bangkok US$10/pce.
Minimum order 50 pcs. in assorted colors. Colors available in a range of 20 fashion colors.
Delivery 4-6 weeks after payment being received. "Click Here" For Big Picture.

6/1/09 I forgot to mention That if you Download My "Help With Leather Problems" PDF e-book You can either be a Contributor or have your Company Name Added to the Next Edition. Think what that can do for your sales & customer retention when you give it away with your Name displayed every time some on accesses it on their Computer? Contact me for More Details.

5/1/09 Buy All 3 "Leather Instruction Manuals" & get a Free Piece of Software to help turn "Your Own Sites Visitors" into Sales! Enter your contact details in the Contact Form On the Thank You Page after have Purchased All 3 Manuals To Claim Your Free Gifts & I will send you the Download Link. & Go Here to Purchase The Manuals Oh of Cause You Have Already Downloaded My own 2 Free e-books on this Site? "NO" Then Do it Now!! & get all these Recession Busting Aids While They are Still Free!!

29/11/08 Beautiful fresh Flowers & fine novelty Gifts available Online at discount prices. To Find out more Click Here.

29/11/08 Beautiful fresh Flowers & fine novelty Gifts available Online at discount prices. To Find out more Click Here.

11/11/08  Home have thousands of products in their database. To learn more & visit the site Click Here.

7/11/08 Diesel Generator: Hardy Diesel now sells only clean running EPA certified Diesel Generators. To learn more Click Here.

7/11/08 1st-art-gallery  If you want a hand-made, reproduction of an amazing piece of art, or if youíre looking to turn a photograph into an original painting. To learn more; Click Here.

3/11/08 Thanks to all our visitors, we have just passed the 200,ooo visitors on our Hits Counter. See the bottom of the left scroll area on the Home Page. Thanks too Global Counters for many years of excellent service, we recommend this excellent Free Service.

19/8/08   News Flash: All Tool Prices Quoted in the Hale & Co Tools list have been Slashed by a half. That's right you can take a half off all quoted prices in the tools list, So get your calculators out, use the button below & save money on the best Leather Tools available,

13/6/08  (Gold Member) Custom Cushions, Personalised Embroidered Gifts, For More Details,Click the live Button.

(Gold Member) Phineas Products, Shoe Hanger and display solutions (Retail, Shops). Click the live Button to read more.

12/6/08 Rael Brook Shirts  Welcome to The New Online Store, Click the live Button to read more & open the direct link to this World Famous Brand.

27/5/08  (Gold Member)  S.K.McLauclan Luxury Gifts, Bags, Cushions, Blankets, Name Plates/Samplers For More Details Click the Button Below.

16/5/08 (Gold Member) Briefcase Direct. Leather briefcases, laptop and travel bags For Further Details Click the Button Below.

10/5/08 Info for All Makers, Manufacturers & Individual Craftsmen/Artisans. New Tool Catalogue PDF available for Download. These are Top Quality Tools, (Like my Great Grandfater used) Offered now by Hale & Co & TLC. Get your Free Copy Now, just Click the Button below to read this Acrobat e-book.

22/4/08 (Gold Member) SageBrown, This is a Top Class UK London Leather Goods Shop Offering Top Quality Leather Goods from Top Manufacturers. To see the full entry & contact details use the button below

14/4/08 A Site overhaul is under progress if yo haven't noticed I have changed the Font from Grenoble SF to Georgia. I liked my original choice but according to the experts this is one of the 4 Fonts that are readable in all Btrowsers. More critical changes will take place over the ensuing weeks as I change the Membership Status. This has been unstable for a little while as I have used titles Like Associate Member, Member, etc & distinction has been blurred. I will be reclassifying the Membership lists to read: Platinum Membership Gold Membership, Silver Membership & Bronze Membership.

Platinum Membership is reserved for trading partners or Members paying commission on sales generated. Gold will go to those Site Members that show The Leather Connection in a prominent position on their own site & mention my Manuals, or are a Manual User with a site. Silver will go to Members that just mention the TLC on their site or where it is difficult to find.  Bronze Will go to Companies that can't exchange links or do not have a Site. Basic Listing remains for those members that have requested a listing but are unwilling to exchange links as they feel that it will take business away from their own site. They have completely failed to grasp the ethos of the Internet.

8/4/08  Top Quality Brand new Tools From TLC, Hale & Co & Barnsely. why buy inferior tools when you can purchase the best for just a little more Dosh. We have added more tools to this list which will suit both Saddler & Leather worker. Some are still awaiting pricing while others are in the process of Manufacture. This list will grow & expand, to view it click the button below. P. S. Don't forget to watch for additions & price updates. To View Pictures of some of the Tools in this range click thr second button

27/3/08  Pro Series. Hand Made Leather Carving Tools By Robert Beard. For More Information Click the button below.

27/3/08 Artisan Sewing Supplies Inc: Sewing Machines, Skiving Machines, Clicking Presses, Splitting Machines, Strap Cutters, etc.          To learn more Click the live button below.

3/2/08  An Inquiry can anyone help:
I just got a used landis American shoe stitcher and having some problems with it. Cant figure out exactly how to thread etc. Is there an owners manual somewhere I can get? Thanks a lot Sender:
Question Answered on 3/2/08 by Ron Ross:

20/1/08  Viking Bags. supplier of top Quality Leather Motor Cycle Saddle Bags. For More Details Click the live Button below.

15/1/08 Daily sneaker news and information from various shoe brands at: Bay Area Kicks Trainers & Sports Shoes all the latest.  Just Click the Button

15/1/08 Corporate Gift Baskets, Description: Bluechopsticks carries thousands of gifts for many popular occasions.For More Info Click the Button.

14/1/08 Best4Leather.. On-Line Site for Established Leather Store, Top Quality Products from Top of the Range Manufacturers. For Further Details, Click the live Button below.

7/1/08 More Leather Machinery for sale. Check out the "Leather Trade For Sale & Wanted" Page Now!! Click the Button.

7/12/07 We Have a New Page on this Site!!  Titled "TLC Cloud Page" If you want to have your site or offer found quickly then Have your site link placed there. Please contact us for terms & conditions. Don't miss out the first 16 places are already taken. Click the button now to see this new page. Your current listing may not be attracting enough visitors on it's own. This can provide 3 way linking.

1/12/07  Leather Machinery For Sale Now!! Massive Sale of Machinery!! Don't miss these Offers. Download all the Pictures Now.

10/11/07 Associate Member The Leather Man. Authentic Medieval Leather Bottles, Jugs, Tankards, Bags, etc. For more details click the live button below.

12/10/07 Tanner Clyde Leather Company,  producing fine suedes & pigmented splits & industrial leathers. (No minimum order) For Further Details Clik the Live Button below.

30/8/07  Associate Member: Leather Revive: Leather repair, Leather Treatment. Cars, Furniture, Boats, Aircraft, Pubs,  nightclubs ,  etc.  For more details click the Button below,

29/8/07  Site Member: Unique Home Store.  Specialising in Childrens 7 Baby Shoes.  For Further Details Clik thr Live Button below.

29/8/07  Broadest range of high quality colored tags online with lowest prices assured. Free shipping on tag orders more than $50. to visit this site & view the offer, Click the Button below.

7/7/07 Leather Bags Online. Ladies & Mens Leather Bags, Luggage, Purses & Wallets, Gift Ware. For Further Details click the live button

Leather Clothing Online Com. Leather Tops, Jackets, Kids Jackets, Handbags, Belts, etc. For More Details click the live link below

20/6/07  Associate Member. A.C.A Smith Leathercraft A Father & Son team making Leathergoods with Artistically Tooled Surface Designs. To view their entry & Visit the site Click the button below.

15/6/07 Associate Member Charlotte Home Furnishings. A Tapestries Site that also offers an interesting range of Tapestry Handbags To visit Click the button below.

6/6/07  Associated Site. Mail About Town. To view the vast range of goods available from this virtual Aladdin's Cave Click the button below.

6/6/07  Associate Member Giordana Clothing Indie Bike. An American based Specialist Supplier Of Clothing for the Professional & Dedicated Cyclist.. For more information click the live Button below.

6/6/07 Associate Member Sea Leather Wear. Canadian Tannery Specialising in Fish Skins. To view their entry click the button below. (See also their entries in 'Manufacturers of Finished Leathergoods' & 'Leather Retail & Shopping Malls'

28/4/07  MySolitaire Offers: See TLC Links, This sitesell fFine Jewlery Diamond Rings, etc. Click the button to get their link.

26/4/07  A Massive Update to Hale & Co Leather Tools & Fittings. Together with this company The Leather Connection is offering a Starters Tool Kit (Heavily Discounted) to go with my Leather Instruction Manuals as well as a List of individual tools & Sundries. Please watch this page as we will add extra tools & supplies as they come on-board. To view all the offers, click on the link at the top of this page, or just click the Button Below.

17/4/07 Associate Company Maxwell Scott Bags. Extensive range of fine quality luxury leather handbags, briefcases, luggage and accessories. This is a leading Fashion Store & all items are Made from top quality Italian Leather. For Further Details Click the button below.

13/4/07  Associate Site FARHAN SPORTS Manufacturers & Exporters of Leather Gloves, Leather Garments & Leather Accessories. To view thwir full listing Under the Manufacturers Category click the first button. To view their Export Category click the Second Button.

2/4/07 A Sale of some very old Leather Workers & Saddlery Tools, a lot of them are very old & in excellent condition. They are for sale in 13 lots on the;  'Leather Trade For Sale & Wanted' Page, (see three examples opposite in the left hand scroll area). But be quick some have already been sold, However there are still some great bargains left. Click the button below to see more details.

2/3/07  Associate Site: Winmark International Supplier/Maker of Gift Ware; A new supplier & Manufacturer added to our extensive Membership Categories. For further details click the button.

13/2/07   A new on-line store selling a range of leathergoods made from Exotic Leathers like (Shagreen) stingray, some jewelry as well Click the button for more info & contact details.

11/2/07  4 Leather sites That lead to Leather on-line Shops & Malls with a range of highly Fashionable Leathergoods just Click the Button.

4/2/07  Profesional Leather Tool Kit available From Hale & Co. for use with The Leather Instruction Manuals on sale from this site.  These tools are in short supply so download the list now. Also available, a downlad info sheet on Making Temporary Stitching Clamps.

28/1/07  New Range of Exotics from MPL Thailand. Indo Bull Frog Skins. (Nice range of colours, good cutting area. Click the Button to view.

26/11/06  Wanted Urgently, Singer 45K Heavy Duty Sewing Machine, for more info click the button below. (This request has now been answered & the client now has his sewing machine. 5/12/06.

22/11/o6 Robert Steinke Master Saddler, Author & Artist. For the museum entry click the first box. For his Saddlery books click the second box, For the Saddlery Tack click the third box.

20/11/06  We have added another new page. See 'Blogs Links & Leather Search'  Our current Google Blog link is displayed & will be joined by our Search Big Daddy Blog. We also have the new Google search box, this is a new google Search Engine created for The Leather Connection & will only display dedicated leather type searches. for more info.

28/10/06  Associate Site. leather shoe solutions. Handcrafted Leather Shoes Manufacturer and supplier of the finest leather shoes and
boots. Handmade by craftsmen. (A Special Offer Running at the moment). For more info.

14/10/06  (Ministry Of Defense) Contractor has 35 rolls of white Synthetic Leather for sale. (Surplus to requirements). For More Info.

5/9/06  A Leather Splitter & Singer Leather Sewing Machine for sale. (Open to Offers).

5/9/06  From MPL Thailand A new range of Exotic Leather available in whole skins or Panels.

30/8/06  Associated Site, Seek Ostrich Goods. An excellent supplier of high quality Leathergoods made from Ostrich Skins. They also supply top quality Ostrich skins in a range of colours. (Clck the first Button for Skins). (Click the second Button for Leathergoods).

20/8/06 Associate Member. Franelli Ltd. Upholsterers. The first Courses we can offer by a Master Upholsterer to view what is available.

29/7/06 KRAMA'S INTERNATIONAL. A new addition to The 'Leather Importers & Exporters' Category. Supplying Leathergoods. To see full entry & visit their site.

16/7/06  The International Federation of Leather Guilds. (These Craft Guilds Help keep alive The Public interest & awareness in Leather & Leathergoods. Should any of My other Site Members wish to contribute to their show (October 11-15, 2006). Please contact Blanche. For further info & details of the show.

10/7/06  MPL (Thailand) Have added to their range of Stingray (Shagreen) & it is now available with Leopard & Tiger markings. Take a look & see how realistic this looks.

1/7/06   M&W Leathers LTD.  A New leather Supplier Can supply small quantities, Specialty, Schools, Art & Design Colleges, etc.

26/6/06  ADLER 105-25 Sewing Machine (cylinder arm, walking foot), on table with 220V motor FOR SALE. Asking £550.

27/4/06 Hale & Co. Quality, Leather & Leather Tools. (page under Construction) To view the page & visit their site,

27/4/06 New Company Added:  M. L. ENGINEERING WORKS. Makers of Leather Skiving Knife & Machine Spares. To view the entry.

27/4/06 New Company Added : V-CREATION EXPORT. (Small Leathergoods) to view their entry,

10/4/06  Cordwainers Trained Craftsman looking for new challenge or advancement. See 'Leather Trade For Sale & wanted'

13/2/06  A 45K Singer Sewing Machine for Sale. A real Heavy Weight Machine Ideal for Saddlery type work & Heavy Leathergoods at a give away price. for more information Click the button Below. Wow It has sold already Sorry about that, But why not advertise your surplus items On this Site?

1/2/06  Leather Wise Ltd. A Company offering an Arbitration Service To industry experiencing Leather problems They also provide Courses on the Subject of Leather & it's Construction, Identification, Characteristics, etc. For Retail, Buyers & Management. For More Information Click the button below.

6/1/06  MPL has such an extensive range of Exotic Leathers now that their range of Leather Furniture, Leathergoods, Bowls, & Silver Bracelets, etc. that were also included made their page long & difficult to navigate. We have Split it into two pages (See Top Of this Page).
You can now view the range of Skins on the 'Exotic Leathers From TLC & MPL (Thailand)' & view the range of finished Leathergoods on 'Leathergoods From MPL & TLC Made from Shagreen & Other Exotic Skins' Or click the Buttons to go Directly to the pages.

24/12/05  A New Saddlery Entry. Geoffrey H Gibson. Classical Riding Instructor & Saddle Maker. (Including Side Saddles). See Entry in 'Leather Craft & Industry Education & Training' & 'Manufactures of Finished Leathergoods' To access both click both buttons below.

22/12/05  New from MPL Thailand, Solid Silver Bangles with a Shagreen Insert. (Can be any colour Shagreen or two tone. A great fashion line & ideal gifts for that special occasion. For more details click the button below.

10/11/05 Associate Site, Robert Cochrane. Robert has recently Updated his site & the latest version is well worth a visit. There are some super pictures of his rang of Leathergoods Which demonstrate the quality of his products. To read the full report on this skilled Craftsman.

9/11/05 Associated Site. Affordable Leather Goods. email: A well designed site offering a wide selection of affordable leathergoods. To read more & view this fine collection.

14/10/05  Knife Sheaths & Gun Holster making Video's are now available see the entry in the 'Leather Craft & Industry Education & Training' category. Click below to go straight to these entries.

14/10/05  Another Useful Service from  'Italian Fashion Leather'
ADVERTISE AT LINEAPELLE FAIR FOR ONLY 90 EUR! To see the offer go to the: 'Leather Fairs & Shows' Page. Or click below.

10/10/05  Some interesting additions to the 'Visitors Services' page & plenty of existing ones. I won't name each one as that will take a page in itself. Select from: Broadband Provision  Traffic Generators,  Useful Sites, Newsletters,  Webmasters Resources, Computer Supplies, On-line Payment Providers. Search Engines, etc.

9/10/05  Associate Member, if you are Looking for Textiles Or Descriptions of Textiles this is the site to visit. every type of material is listed & described.

8/10/05 An interesting development & a Joint Venture between Francis, Ben Staerch of Furniture Clinic, David May (Saddler) of The Cumbria School of Saddlery & Hazel Morley (Executive Secretary), of  The Society of Master Saddlers Ltd. This started with a request for help from Clem Oxby a volunteer worker for Earby Lead Mining Museum with an old Pit Pony Harness they want to display.
To read the story.     

7/10/05 Nearly new Top of the Range Skiving Machine for sale. One of our contacts has the following hardly used machine surplus to requirements. See 'Leather Trade For Sale & Wanted' page.

24/9/05 SPECIAL!!!!
Have you ever bought Italian cow leather at 0.65, or 0.35, or even 0.15 EUR/sqft ?????
(Note. From Francis). Don't Miss this one it wont last long There are videos of the 3 Warehouses full of leather to download. Sit back & view what's on offer but don't leave ordering to long. (Copy & Paste Links to view each Video Download) They are to big to set up on this site). PS Make sure you get the 'Encoder' as well

17/9/05  FREE video downloads with the complements of 'Italian Fashion Leather' & The Leather Connection. To register & find out how to get them go to the top of this page & click on the 'Leather, For Sale & Wanted' heading.

16/9/05   Sea Leather Wear.  Basic entry under: Leather Tanners & Leather Suppliers & Leather Retail Outlets & Shopping Malls.
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Useful Contact Tanning Fish Skins, & Selling finished Leathergoods

16/9/05   Online Leather UK.
Description: Charm Leather UK provides online leather including gents leather jackets, ladies leather jackets, leather handbags, leather luggage and other accessories. 10% off on all items for a limited time. Basic entry under Leather Retail Outlets & Shopping Malls.

13/9/05  Wow take a look at MPL Thailand's new Furniture Offer. From 1 Sep.,05., onward MPL will open a new shagreen furniture line which enable to take custom order for any type of shagreen furniture.
 Hemmaraja leg (swan leg) with shagreen table top in forest color coffee table.
Note From Francis. If you want to be one up on the Joneses then get one of these exquisite Coffee tables with tops covered in (Shagreen) Don't miss the Shagreen lined Copper Bowls either they are unique for pictures.

31/8/05  Associated Site. Mephisto Place.Com. Selling the World Famous Mephisto Wallking Shoes. To view these top Quality shoes.

22/8/05  A new Associated Site. Hats By The Hundred. Australian Bush Hats, Ladies Hats, Oilskin Leather Coats, Ugg Boots. To read this entry,

10/8/05   A new Associate Company. Tyneside Leathercraft. Producing: Gun Cases & Fishing Cases & Equipment, Musical Instrument Cases, etc. To read their entry,

28/7/05  We can now offer all 3 finished Leather Craft Instruction Manuals for sale as downloads from this site. See the Sales Page above 'Leather Instruction Manuals as Downloads' We have linked up with who are providing the payment & marketing service although the actual payments are still taken by PayPal. Visit our Sales Page & get one or all 3 e-books, you wont be disappointed.

1/7/05  A Request for a source of white tawed foal skin (See 'Leather For Sale & Wanted'

30/6/05  'A new page' Roje (pronounced "roj-shay") Provide a large line of fine stingray leather goods. Based in the USA, Roje wholesales and retails elegant stingray goods internationally. To view their range of high quality Stingray products. For further information regarding this superb range of quality leathergoods check the following page above. 'Roje Stingray (Shagreen) Leathergoods' or click the link below. (Don't miss the discount offer).

30/6/05 A New page With more Research Information. Title, History of 'Stingray Leather'  This very information entry was provided by Roje who market an exclusive range of Stingray Leathergoods. (this is also classified as 'Shagreen). For further entries related to this company see entries under, 'Manufacturers of Finished Leathergoods' Leather Importers & Exporters' & 'Leather Retail Outlets & Shopping Malls' For their full page click the link in the above entry.  

26/6/05  A large update to MPL Thailand's Page. See extended range of exotic leathers, consisting of Sea Fish & Snakes Plus Farmed Animals & Reptiles from the Far East. They are all part of the food chain in that area & are not killed for their skins.

16'6/05 Request for skilled Staff: From Chris Childs. Company. Contrado. London. Tel: 020-8960-4567. Email:
Comments: we are looking for Leather Craftworkers / bags machinists. See 'Leather For Sale & Wanted' Page.

12/6/05 Furniture Clinic. For Furniture Care. This new site member can be found under 'Leather Trade Suppliers'  For more specific information & details of their product range see ' Furniture Clinic For Furniture Care' Full in-depth information visit their site using their live URL. To go straight to their page on this site.

MPL Thailand Has added some more exotic skins to their range. Cobia is a farmed sea fish in Thailand and S.E. Bullfrog is a farmed amphibian in Thailand and S.E. Asia by hugh agricultural companies. Russell's viper. is also available from MPL These are also farmed for meat & the skins are a by-product of the far east food chain. To see picture & current prices. Use the Click Here & scroll the first 3 entries.

3/5/05 The latest Exhibition Info from: Asia Pacific Leather Fair Limited. Contact: Priscilla Chan at the email address at the bottom of this list. (see also their Web Site URL). See 'Leather Fairs & Shows'

29/4/05 A heart felt plea from Colin Jarvis in Australia Researching Family History. See entry under 'Leather News & Press Releases'

22/3/05 List Inferno. This is a new traffic exchange & traffic generator we have joined, we have high hopes for this one it is one of the few that allows you to advertise your own site without the time wasted by physically visiting other sites. Go to 'Visitors Services' page for more details or Click Here.

26/2/05 Corium Solutions Ltd. suppliers 0f leather lacquers, dressings, repair products and ancillaries such as spray guns, For further details Click Here. (Also see: Entry No.42 Leather Craft & Industry, Education & Training. No.71 Leather Organisations).

23/2/05 Obenauf's Leather Preservatives (Comment by Francis.) I have used many leather treatments over the years & this is definitely the best Leather Treatment available, I have tested it thoroughly on old & dry leather & definitely recommend it.
Click Here to visit there special page
You can't make any money from your web business if you don't have targetted traffic. Up until now, it's been a little on the expensive side. But guess what... now you can get a whole bunch of traffic to your site right away for free. There's no catch. It's just my way of saying thanks for subscribing. Click the above link right now to see what this is all about.

16/2/05 I have an 'Affiliate Site' at Amazon with a good selection of books, & other bargains such as, videos, electronic equipment, apparel, jewelry, watches, etc. Amazon is well known for it's books & reliability. To visit the store click on this URL See also 'Visitors Services'  

15/2/05  Free Web Submissions. com A very useful free service for all our site members. One of the main problems is getting your site visited by all the many free Search Engines ' It is very simple to enter your details & site URL. There is also a nifty search facility on this site which allows you to select a search engine, then enter your own URL to check on your rating. A Tip. We are highly rated with some of the larger search engines like 'Google' & so are the sites with a return link to this site. If you need to produce more visitors or sales then display a prominent link to The Leather Connection & also have your site listed free in one of our categories. See visitors Services page.

30/1/05 HERALDIC INDUSTRIES  Tannery & Producer Plus Exporter of Leather Clothing & Gloves. An old Established Company In Parkistan. See entries under 'Leather Tanners & Leather Suppliers' 'Manufacturers of Finished Leather Goods' 'Leather Importers & Exporters' & 'Leather Retail Outlets & Shopping Malls'

30/1/05 Luxury Leather Goods. A UK based on-line Shop Offering a quality range of designer Bags & Jewelry Boxes. Some innovative designs on show, one for the ladies. See 'Leather Retail Outlets & Shopping Malls.

22/1/05 Fine Traditional English Rocking Horses. (By Appointment to HRH The Queen). Made By a very Talented Craftsman in the Traditional Victorian Style. A restoration service is also available for genuine Antique Rocking Horses. This site is definitely not one to miss. For more info visit 'Leather Museums & Collections' & 'Manufacturers of Finished Leathergoods'

17/1/05  Two new books added See 'Leather Books & Publications' entry No. 34 & 35. These are available from: Hewit & Sons Ltd. Both books are comprehensive books dealing with the art of Bookbinding. Contact details & prices are given.

10/1/05  Associated Site. Breeze Outlet. A massive Shopping Mall, with a good selection of Leathergoods & other goods too numerous to list here. Great Site, check it out yourself, See 'Leather Retail Outlets & Shopping Malls'

4/1/05  Reprint from J Hewit & Son. News Letter. Some new Bookbinding Leathers offered, Two new books on the subject of Bookbinding. But more important a low cost Paring Machine which is ideal for the individual Bookbinder & Leather Worker. To see the full report go to 'Leather News & Press Releases'

3/1/05  Associated Site. Arrow Gift Shop. Shoes, Moccasins, Gifts, Hats, Toys. etc. A great site with something for everyone including the children. Based in Wisconsin USA. see their entry under 'Leather Retail Outlets & Shopping Malls'

3/1/05 Associated Site. Pampas Trading. Horse Tack, Shoes, Clothing, etc. Another excellent site, they have a shop & export Native Crafts From Argentina. for more info see entries in 'Leather Retail Outlets & Shopping Malls' & No.8 under 'Leather Importers & Exporters.'

2/1/05  Associated Site. The 'Knife Web Guide' A research & Reference Site for Knives, & Accessories.  Contact: Byron Rogers. A new & expanded guide with 76 categories & 2,000 links. a must visit site for dedicated campers & country folk. See entry No.70 in the 'Leather Organisations' Category. For a quick access use the left scroll area & click the link. See also; Leather Retail Outlets & Shopping Malls & Useful Links

30/12/04   International Trade Centre UNCTAD/WTO. Leather Line.  International Trade Centre, This organisation has recently launched a section relating to all aspects of the leather industry find them at No.69 Under 'Leather Organisations.

12/12/04  Somic Threads, A new edition to the large list of 'Trade Suppliers' This company offers a large range of Sewing Machine as well as Hand sewing Threads. (but don't request them to supply in ones & twos Bulk order will be expected).

4/12/04  Bachelor Furniture. See the High Quality space saving innovative Furniture, lighting, home office, etc. offers from America. If you have a bachelor pad or are looking for something different or special then don't miss this new entry listed under 'Retail Outlets & Shopping Malls'

4/12/04 Global (Dream Site) A great new Traffic Counter 'We have got one' See bottom of left hand scroll area. Don't loose all those hard earned visitor statistics when your counter reaches 99,999 & have to start again from zero. get a bargain priced yearly subscription & just keep counting. For more info see (Counters on the 'Visitors Services' page or click on my counter to see this great offer.

17/11/04 Business Update From: Trinity of London. See 'News & Press Releases' for their report on recent activities. Also see their listing under 'Manual Users & Special Sites' & 'Manufacturers of Finished Goods'

11/11/04 A Brand New Page. 'Manual Users & Special Sites' We have been selling The 'Leather Craft Instruction Manuals World Wide for just over 2 years now to existing Artisans, Students & Beginners. Some of them have been kind enough to provide testimonials. Some have their own sites others just an email address. We have now allocated them a page of their own so that their products & services can be vied by site visitors. Francis has also been contacted by some of his Students from his time at the Cordwainers College & we have also added them to this page.

17/10/04 Emusical Gifts Com  This is supplier of an extensive range of quality Musical Boxes & figurines. for a view of what is on offer, click Here & then click their Banner Add.

10/10/04  A new entry In the 'Organisations' Category. A Livery Company in the City of York. Title: The Company of Cordwainers of The City of York. A very ancient Chartered Company that had been disbanded & was refounded in 1977. To read more about them Click on the above category on our Home Page, then Click the reference to entry No.68 in the left hand scroll area.

9/10/04 A new members site Listed under both the 'Tanners & Leather Suppliers' & the 'Trade Suppliers' Categories. G. L Murphy Ltd. They supply new & reconditioned Tannery Machinery. An old established & reliable company. This is a very useful addition to these extensive lists as it provides a service not previously listed. Go to the above categories to view their entries.

6/10/04 New Associate Site Country Critter Antler Furniture and Chandeliers Country Critter has one of the largest selections of rustic furniture, decor and lighting. See Useful Links Page for contact details. or Click Here  to view them.

6/10/04 A new site is listed under the Category 'Useful Links' This is not a leather site but a new venture by Mike Morcher (Our computer Supplier). Who has been listed on this site since we first launched. Mike is now offering 'Electric Powered Bicycles at fantastic prices. (Up to £200 off normal markup price). (This is one for UK based customers at present). Click Here to see the entry & Live URL of the site. (There is also a picture of the Top of The Range Model).

31/8/04  The latest page added to the site 'A History of Leathergoods' is part of my Lecture on this subject & I have included it for the benefit of visitors. I hope you all find it interesting If anyone has anything to add or comments to make please don't hesitate to contact me.

27/8/04  Special Offers From Obenauf's Leather Care & Treatment. Special offers. Don't miss this one, see the 'For Sale & Wanted Page.

22/8/04  GDS - THE PREMIER SHOE EVENT - Dusseldorf 16th to 19th September 2004. For more information on this event, see 'Leather Fairs & Shows'

22/8/04  MPL can now supply worldclass fresh water crocodile. for further Details see 'Exotic Leathers-MPL Thailand. Note. they are also a By-product of the food chain in that area. They are Farmed & Not killed in the wild.

22/8/04 News Bulletin - No.6 - August 2004 from J. Hewit & Sons. See 'For Sale & Wanted' for their latest Bookbinding, Tools, Offers. Also see 'News & Press Releases' & 'Leather Fairs & Shows' for forthcoming events.  

15/8/04  'Eureka' We have done it. We have for a long time been looking for something special to benefit our Site Members & Regular Visitors. We have a 'Unique Offer' for you all: Free Broadband Yes Free if you are quick. See News & Press Releases or just go straight to 'Visitors Services,

12/8/04 A new entry under 'Education & Training' The Leather Training & Technical Dept. Ltd. They provide training for Technicians in the treatment of leather furniture & upholstery. They also distribute a large range of leather care products. See entries under 'Education & Training' & 'Trade Suppliers' There is also more information under 'News & Press Releases on this Company.

5/8/04  We have included a brand new page & it is chock full of goodies for our visitors. Need more visitors to your site? Web tools for Web Site Building? Web Sites? Marketing Information? It is all here under 'Visitors Services' See also 'News & Press Releases' or go straight to the new section.

29/7/04  A Stocklot Leather Offer from 'Italian Fashion' For full details of what is available plus full technical details. See 'News & Press Releases' & 'Special Offers- Italian Fashion'

11/7/04  New entry under Museums: 'Colonial Williamsburg' This is truly a 'Living Museum' based on a Colonial Town with everything in the settlement as it was at the period depicted with all the people dressed in period costume. for more information see 'News & Press Releases as well as the entry under Museums.

23/6/04  New leather & Footwear Exhibition & Fairs Venue. Istanbul Turkey. For further information & dates for your diary see: 'Leather Fairs & Shows' Category.

20/5/04  Corporate Gifts Co. High Quality Company Gifts With your Company Name or Logo. See 'News & Press Releases' & 'Retail Outlets & Shopping Malls'

8/4/04  Brand New unopened Saddlery making (Western) books for sale three in total for further details see category 'For Sale & Wanted' (be quick they wont be available for long.

8/3/04  A Brand New Line on offer through The Leather Connection. We are delighted to offer on behalf of MPL Thailand some beautiful crafted 'Art Deco Shagreen Copper Bowls' They are of excellent quality & will enhance any Home, Office, Hotel or Conference Center. They are at present only available by shipping order with a minimum order of 5 pcs. but we are hoping to make them available to UK stores in the near future. To view these Bowls Click Here. For more information also view 'News & Press Releases & 'Exotic Leathers MPL Thailand.

19/2/04  Trinity of London Ltd. A brand new company in January 04. It is operated by three Master Craftsmen who Launched it. The company may be new but these are the same craftsmen responsible for the high quality leathergoods produced by the company Andrew Soos who ceased trading last year. They have got off to a good start producing Gold Blocked Leather Boxes for The House of Lords. (See 'News & Press Releases & also 'Manufacturers of Finished Goods').

17/1/04  Sturge Conservation Service. Theo Sturge is an Accredited Conservator. He also provides courses on this specialised subject. See entries in the following categories: 'Museums' / 'Education & Training' / Also view the entry in ' News & Press Releases.

16/1/04  Valerie Michael & Neil MacGregor Two very talented people, Designers & Artisans. Don't miss their entries in the following categories: 'Books & Publications' / 'Education & Training' / 'Manufacturers of Finished Goods'  See also 'News & Press Releases.

14/12/03  'It is ready at last' The third 'Instruction Manual in the series is now finished & will be available for sale in January. For further details watch the 'Manuals & Books for Sale' Page This is still the only remaining collection of Leathergoods Skills available anywhere.

22/10/03. The first new member since our Re-launch. 'Kershaws Tannery' Producing some of the Worlds finest Clothing Leather. See their write up under 'News & Press Releases & their entry under 'Tanners & Leather Suppliers,

 Yes we have re-launched the site with a fresher background. Some new categories have been added (see 'Special Offers'  'Exotic Leather' & 'Craft Tips'  The 'Associated Sites' Has been renamed 'Useful Links' The Associated Members are still listed in their appropriate categories but much more prominently, together with Full site Members. The research & reference type categories retain the previous numbered layout & inclusion there is free, as once added there is seldom any site maintenance required. These sections are: Museums, Books & Publications, Education & Training & Organisations.  4 Of the 5 business categories have had their layout altered. Tanners & Leather Suppliers, Trade Suppliers, Manufacturers of Finished Goods & Retail Outlets & Shopping Malls, these now have Full Members & Associate Members listed first with links to a full description plus a direct link to their sites. All other companies that were listed previously are still included but only brief details about them are given under Basic Listings. The 5th Category Import & Export, has not yet been changed it is small & possibly provides information for the other business sites.

We had to make the above changes as an unfair situation had begun to develop in the business categories. with Members who had joined offering to pay commission on sales, or wanting to pay for inclusion, together with associated sites who promote this site & the Instruction Manuals & the purchasers of the Manuals further down the lists than companies that had just been added on request. The companies now listed under 'Basic Listings' can update to a full listing should they wish to, in the mean time we will provide further information about them on request if site visitors require it.

We hope that you like the new layout it should be easier to use as there are now links & cross links on all pages & categories which should help reduce scrolling. For terms & conditions of membership or an upgrade please contact us.

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