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Useful Links

Aigam Search Engine
 A Large Link Directory. Plenty of links & useful research information, some leather sources. Well worth a visit, click the above link to view.

 All the Associations & Companies on this page have links to this site & display the link on their own site. We are in regular contact with most of them. This is an important feature of this site, it expands the coverage & source of information about our ancient & fascinating crafts. We seem to be forging a Leather Network to promote our joint interest & if this results in the general public becoming more informed with regard to leather & leather products it will all be worth while. When Contacting any of the companies in this list Please quote Ref: FB-M 'The Leather Connection'

Grass pavers plastic Product: Grass Grid Item No:MZ-638 | Ground Reinforcement | Driveway Grass Paver Size: 410x430x38mm Material: HDPE (high-density polyethylene) Lawn | Greening Solution | Green Solutions - Green Building Products Supplier - China Leiyuan

: Custom Furniture Mexican furniture, custom furniture and Hacienda furniture by a legend manufacturing furniture in Mexico, Hacienda rustic furniture in solid natural wood since 1946.

  Cowboy Boots and Moccasins
Sterling Leather offers Cowboy and Western boots, Hats, Minnetonka moccasins, handbags, briefcases, cycle wear, luggage and accessories for men, women and children.

 New Associate Site Member
Antler Furniture and Chandeliers - Country Critter has one of the largest selections of rustic furniture, decor and lighting.

The Crewise Portal is a World renowned directory of crew recommended businesses. It provides access to the Worlds most successful retailers, accommodation, restaurants & entertainment venues. They are included as an Associate Member as with the Travel Connection it is a complement to the Leather Connection. Visitors to both sites will find plenty of travel goods to choose from. (As an ex RAF member myself I personally endorse this venture). Don't Miss this one, email: Find them at, Title = Asset identification labels Description = Premium Asset identification labels and fixed asset labels, top quality bar code asset labels and computer asset labels at

 1) London Display Company. Tel: +44 (0)20 8530 3667. Email:
Exhibition Stands, Portable Display Stands. Visit their site to view their extensive range.
2) Nouveau Productions. Shop 1, 51-57 Holt Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010 Tel: 02 9281 2077 Fax: 02 9281 7285. Email: Printing, Signage & Large Format Exhibition Systems, Retail Display & Outdoor Display. View their Range at;
3) Business Printing, Services. Centre Address: Studio 1 55 Holt Street Surry Hills NSW 2010 Toll Free Tel: 1300 994 844 Fax: +61 2 9281 7285 Email: Business Printing Services is dedicated to provide print solutions to its clients nationwide. We make a difference to our clients by always having their best interest in mind. From business cards, flyers, brochures and booklets to large format printing products such as posters and banners we always deliver cost effective and innovative solutions. View this Site Here;

The above three Display & Printing services ranging from the UK to Australia offer the latest "Cutting Edge" Technology. Title = Asset identification labels Description = Premium Asset identification labels and fixed asset labels, top quality bar code asset labels and computer asset labels at

 Site. 1 Dbar Horse & Rider Instruction.
Site . 2 Great Divide Adventure-Hildreth Livestock Guest Stay.
Site. 3 Hildreth Livestock Co. Chiangus.
Direct Mail: Hildreth Livestock, P. O. Box 149, Dillon, MT 59725. USA.
Tel: 406-681-3111. E-mail: Contact: Donna Hildreth. All three web sites relate to different aspects of the Hildreth Livestock Ranch situated in the Medicine Lady Valley 50 miles SW of Dillon Montana USA.
The First Site. Contains some sound information on horse management by a lady who is an authority on the subject. The Second Site. Provides information on this remote area, how to get there, accommodation available & background to the valley. The Third Site. Provides information about the special breed of cattle called ‘Chiangus’ developed to stand climate & altitude in this mountain valley. This truly a great site some magnificent views & definitely one for Schools & libraries. If you ride then the horse information is definitely recommended.

International Internet Leathercrafters Guild. E-mail: Contact: Dave Torix. This Organisation is truly international in scope & there are numerous benefits to joining it. It is the largest guild of it's kind & offers opportunities to exchange ideas, tips & knowledge. In fact there is a large knowledge base for visitors to draw on & indeed many other features to numerous to mention here. Links with Web Rings, (common practice in the States where Artisans & Amateurs form their own groups, not practiced this side of the pond.) Leather Magazines, etc. The emphasis is on the individual Craftsman/Artisan but like this site there are categories for, suppliers, trade organisations, training, manufacturing, etc. Well worth joining as a member & well worth a visit. Find them at,

 Shoe Infonet. One of the largest providers of, Leather, Shoe & leathergoods information. There is so much available that it would not be possible to list it all here. See the following;  extensive lists of shoe & leathergoods manufacturers & suppliers, trade publications & magazines, statistics, news, etc. Information, especially, articles & books, shoe history etc. Find information on all the major Trade Fairs associated with the industry.  E-mail  See also the following categories for further information: ‘Books & Publications’ lists, ‘Education & Training’ lists & ‘Organisations lists. For researchers, students & anyone else involved in the industry a visit to this site should not be missed. Find them at,

 BLC. Leather Technology Centre. The BLC have launched a new Leather Information Site. This is an excellent site & extremely easy to navigate. It provides information on the care, preservation & treatment of all types of leather. There are sections on Footwear, Upholstery, Accessories, Clothing, etc. Articles about, how to treat leather, clean leather, care for leather, identify types of leather, All the information given is factual, based on tried & tested techniques. There is also a submit your problems on-line form for posting requests for help. This site will be a fund of tips & information for both the industry & the visitor seeking information. I thoroughly recommend it. Find them at,

 S.Com  E-mail: Contact: Frank Jones. This Site is a much more commercial site than this one & deals specifically with the Footwear industry. The site supplies information on this large & important industry. Select from the following: Shoe news from around the world, (Including Archives), a huge directory of Shoe Manufacturers, (you can search by company name or  style of shoes or gender as well as country). Shoe Making Basics, this section supplies on-line information on manufacturing techniques. Frank like me was a City & Guilds Moderator for the old Craft Courses & used to tour the colleges offering those courses. He has moved on now & is writing books on his subject, (he is considered a leading expert in his field). He provides training, seminars & lectures world wide regularly visiting America & other parts of the globe. Find him at,

  The 'Knife Web Guide' A research & Reference Site for Knives, & Accessories. Address: Cutlers Cove,P.O. Box 3171, San Angelo, Texas USA. Tel: 325-659-1404. Fax: 325-655-4839. Contact: Byron Rogers. A new & expanded guide with 76 categories & 2,000 links. To; information, magazines, knife manufacturers, knife collecting, swords, sheaths, books, shows, exhibitions, etc.This comprehensive site is a must for dedicated campers, country folk, etc to whom the carrying of a knife is essential. Find them at,

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