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Writing Case with blotter. Difficult to tell from the angle but it looks like a Shut Flush lid rather than a Shut Over lid. We call them Executive cases these days but they were originally called Attaché Cases.

Traveling Writing Case not unlike the Executive Folios produced these days but by the look of it far more elaborate. It would have been interesting to see the lock engagement a hasp is visible on the flap but the lock plate if under the blotter would stop it Laying flat & scratch any polished desk. I would also expect it to be top heavy. Again all from the Victorian catalogue.

A fairly standard Cartridge Bag. The picture was taken from an old Victorian catalogue & they have not changed much over the years. With a slight modification they make excellent Handbags. (Note. The above is not what I would call a well made or top of the range Cartridge Bag).
A Leg of Mutton Gun Case. (it refers to its shape). Not so popular these days as the Gun had to be dismantled. Made from Bridle Leather & molded on a block.
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